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"In Cortez you must be one with yourself"

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re: In Cortez you must be one with yourself - 8/2/ - 2/12/2016
Still sounds better than Los Angeles.

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Cortez, CO

In Cortez you must be one with yourself - 8/2/2011

Cortez is a beautiful area and if you live out in the country its nice not having a neighbor right out your kitchen window. However, my experience with the neighbors in the country have not been well received. They have no respect for your animals or your life. They love to shoot their guns everywhere including on your property whether you are standing there or not. Enjoy those wild animals, coyotes or foxes well not for long they love to kill them too. If you are looking for a guardian state for animals, this is NOT the place. As for the town there is barley enough to keep one entertained. The only activities are the outdoor ones. So you got to love snow and water, all the time. I think if you move here you need to have a large amount of money. There are no jobs and if you do get one it doesn’t pay well. As for the people, I have heard that small towns are so connected but not this one. The people are not friendly and do not welcome you willingly. It’s between the farmer and the rich and neither one is very personalable. It becomes very lonely at times. I don’t have children so I only hear that the schools are not the best and only go 4 days a week. The biggest town is 70 miles away. So if you like the shopping that’s were you have to go. If you’re used to a big city and all the perks that come with that this isn’t a place for you. The culture shock takes about 2 years to wear off. By then you see that you don’t need all that stuff. Which is good, but it always makes you feel less worthy and dirty. When you dress up to go to Wal-Mart at the beginning and then finally no longer care what you look like you have reached the bottom. I got my country feel of moving here and after 6 years I’m ready to leave. I found that I had fewer problems in the big city. The only thing nice about this place is the beauty and lack of people close to you.

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Cortez, CO

Cortez.... - 3/3/2009

I guest what makes Cortez so great is the tourist we get nearly every summer. I'm not sure about the education though. I also like the quietness rather than hearing helicopters, cop car chases, and everyday mishaps. I'd like to start my own garden to supply myself and also be resourceful. The animals too are wonderful ecspecially the horses. Finally I'm somewhere I won't disturb anyone from a Native American gathering going on all night. We sing, pray and we're loud after getting out of our teepee in the morning to meet'n'greet our relatives, and new family members.

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