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Cape Coral, FL

about moving to Florida - 10/28/2013

I love Florida but will move to Houston to be closer to grandchildren. Try Cape Coral since many German people move here. My home which is a Gulf access water home is for sale under mls #201315031 in Cape Coral. I also have an attorney who can help you as well. What specifically do you need? Kelly Reid [read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, FL Food Prices are NOT higher than Nat - 8/17/2013

I have lived in Cape Coral, FL for many years and traveled a great deal through the US. Now staying in Kanab, UT for 3 months. According to Sperling the food index in Cape Coral is 107 and in Kanab 87. All I can tell you is food in Kanab is about 30% more expensive than Cape Coral, FL. In Kanab, UT there are only two small grocery stores. You must drive two hours to Costco in St. George or 90 minutes to a Walmart. What gives? Can I believe what is said about other areas I don't know?[read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral Living - 6/12/2013

I've lived here for 9 years and have seen some ups and downs. Cape Coral has great potential, but faces many challenges. The potential is based on it's undervalued land and cost of living. The downside is an overeaching and overtaxing City Council. They just don't get it. They think people will come because of our canals. Only thing is, 90% of our citizens don't live on and can't afford a canal property. With the impact fees and water and sewer assessments (double dipping) it is not feasible to build a new home. So not to City Council. Despite our massive sales of existing homes, they are not coming. We might as well have 2 million miles of canals. With 30 permits pulled for new single family homes (off 96% from the peek) growth is comatose. Jobs are scarce and services are limited. Schools for the most part are as bad as it gets in the US. When I first came here govt made up about 24% of our industry and construction made up about 27%. Today govt is 27% and construction is 7%. What's wrong with that picture. With the massive house flipping that has occurred in the last 5 years, Cape Coral is poised for another bubble burst. My advice, don't walk run. Get on the other side of the Caloosahatchee as fast as you can. [read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Living is Easy? - 4/6/2013

Cape Coral is a large town ( 125,000 pop) n the Gulf Coast of Fl, near Fort Myers. Largest city between Tampa and Miami in SW Florida. Mostly Retired, but growing young working class, married with children, excellent schools, particularly the City run Charter schools. Fantastic Parks and Recreation Dept ( One of the best in State of Florida offering sports, culture and entertainment for the adults and kids. Housing is a bargain right now, employment available, but like rest of south, wages are lower than up north. Only bad point in my opinion is the city council and mayor. It seems like we have had a run of idiots the past few years and city spending and budgeting is out of wack as well as some city rules and regs. Overall though a great place to live, retire or raise a family. [read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Job market just SUCKS in Cape Coral, FL - 10/7/2012

I just moved here, bought & paid cash for a repo, really great deal but took all of my savings to buy a house so @ age 60 I won't have to be responsible for rent. I moved from a rural area in western Kentucky, but strangely enough I found that I moved from limited jobs to NO jobs! I have applied to numerous "seasonal positions" since it is now October but I have yet to receive any response. Strange thing is, the people I talk to regarding any prospective jobs are young, RUDE & insolent. Why do the companies hire these type of personalities knowing they represent their companies on a daily basis? These huge corporations should @ least know better, their stupid "personality tests" are definitely NOT doing them justice. I have a history of professional sales and have had a successful career for many years as a Realtor but apparently this is NOT a plus to any retail position in THIS area, I definitely know it's my age that is hindering me, but how the devil can I work around this?? Anyway, my advice is to steer clear of this area unless you are retired, even if you are retired but have to supplement your income then you best look for a city that will be more "senior-friendly" in job opportunities. I'm hoping I am a candidate for unemployment benefits, otherwise I'm seriously for the first time in my life very, very worried about my welfare, how will I even be able to eat???? Never would I have thought that my life would come to this @ age 60. [read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Lokkign for good middle school and high in port sa - 12/5/2011

I am relocating from cape coral to the port saint lucie area and i just want to know whats the best school in the area for kids that will be attending middle and high school.. Thanks for housing and school[read more...]

Miami, FL

not at the moment - 3/11/2011

no comment now[read more...]

Fort Myers, FL

Great Place to Find Affordable Housing - 12/20/2010

For people considering moving to this area, there is an upside of the depressed real estate market. Prices have gone WAY down and are probably will$ not recover for a number of years. As an example, one beautiful waterfront home that was listed at $300,000 sold last year for $70,000.[read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

BUY NOW!!!! - 9/6/2010

Although the economy stumbles along it is a great time for the boomers to sell their northern homes and migrate to the Cape.Stop waiting for 700K from your 1941 cape cod and take the 500K offers!!! Geeze you only paid 17K for it!!! The prices for a 3/2/pool are hovering in the low 100's. We have oodles of doctors, a great health system, plenty of shopping, 15 minutes to gulf beaches and restaurants a plenty. From pizza NY style to soakies Wisconsin style. Services abound from pool service, lawn service, maintenence agreements for appliance all now at BARGAIN BASEMENT prices due to the competition. Like golf? One local course offers $15.00 rounds in summer. Do you boat? hundred miles of access homes with docks in the back yard. Minutes to the river and the Gulf. Something magical about taking our deck boat out, 7 minutes to river and 20 minutes past the Sanibel Lighthouse for a picnic on the beach!!! LIVE HERE, WORK HERE, PLAY HERE, R E T I R E HERE!!![read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Extremely Dissapointed - 7/28/2010

I am new to the Cape Coral, coming from Myrtle Beach S.C. I moved here because my husband has been here working for about 2 years,and his work remains consistant here. Not in Myrtle beach. So I decided to re-unite our family. I couldn't be more dissapointed in living here. I live in Nw, definitely not the prettiest area. More like a ghost town with tons of abandon homes, no beautful landscaping,no children playin about outside,and you'll never see neighbors outside talking. A trend I have noticed throught all of Cape Coral.This "Florida Lifestyle" couldn't be more opposite of what I've come from or even close to what I was looking for.And in a typical day here, you rarely see people smiling,if you go to a store your lucky if the cashier even looks up at you, let alone say Hi. Though I have chose to maintain my southern hospitality rather than convert to this. As for driving, I'd rather stay home, just a bunch of people in a hurry and just about slamming you out of the way. I'm definitely not feeling any type of paradise here. And outside of restaurants there's not much else to do. Coming from a resort town with 100's of things to do, I did anticipate this hurdle. But I never anticipated the rudeness from people or the "my face will break if I smile attitude". So as I said, I have chosen to remain polite and not become any part of this way of life I consistantly see.And hopefully I will make it back to my true paradise,sooner than later! As we say in South Carolina, we have smiling faces and beautiful places!!! Oh I so miss my home sweet home![read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Re-locating to Cape Coral, Florida - 5/22/2010

My husband and I recently moved to Cape Coral, Florida from New Hampshire. My husband was laid off from his job at IBM in 2006. He tried to find another job but had no luck, probably because of his age (60) and the bad economy. We had a large mortgage on our house in New Hamphsire and my income was not enough to support us. We decided to re-locate to Florida. We found a bargain 3/2 pool home in a stable neighborhood near the bridges to Ft. Myers. I found a job right away with a higher salary (I am an Occupational Therapist) and my husband decided to retire. The unemployment rate is higher here than in New England but we have a mucher lower mortgage now and our quality of life is better than it was in New Hampshire. We are near the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva and go there alot. We have met new friends from the Cape Coral New Residents Club. There is some crime here but not nearly as much as in Ft. Myers. I feel safe and would definately recommend Cape Coral as a place to consider moving to if you like a warmer climate. The summers are hot but we are either at the beach, in the pool or inside in the air conditioning, so it isn't that bad. Also, if you are 50 or older, you are considered a senior and there are alot of discounts for seniors here. Some of the department stores give discounts every week.[read more...]

Panama City, FL

I'm from Missour, I agree, Florida rocks! for cli - 3/21/2010

I don't live in Cape Coral. I am investigating different cities in South Florida and am trying to get an idea of what Cape Coral is like. I live in the Panhandle currently, and it is still colder than I thought it would be in Florida. My aunt lives in the Sarasota area, and it is warmer in the winter there. The panhandle is ummm, shall we say, behind the times. I am hoping that by going further south in Florida I can get more of a open-minded area that has more acceptance of diverse races/cultures. I am white, but I have friends who are different races, who are great, nice people. Anyway, where is a good place with pop of 100-300 thous with beaches nearby and decent cost of living? : )[read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Lots of Family / Outdoor Activities - 2/20/2010

Cape Coral is a clean, safe place to raise a family with many activities for children. Bring your Fishing Pole.[read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral - 1/2/2010

One mans "Bore" is another mans "Adore". I just Adore the Cape. Would not move anywhere else in USA and I have lived on East Coast and West Coast. Everyone is below freezing this weekend...except Cape Coral and that makes me pretty happy. I can not stand the cold. Something about taking a shower and not having to worry about shivering that makes me love this place. I love to fish and there are so many things to do here year round that if you cna not find will not find it elsewhere. I do get some people wanting to move back to be closer to the family but besides that, I can see no reason to move. If the family from up North is not visiting you while you live in Cape Coral, they probably won't visit you when you move North either. As far as shopping is concerned.....Miromar outlets (150 stores), Edison Mall, Coconut Point Mall (Huge), Bell Towers etc. As far as the places to eat....endless. Cape Coral....Paradise![read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

A Piece of Paradise - 11/22/2009

My husband and I moved from New Hampshire to Cape Coral in May 2009. We love it here. The housing prices have dropped dramatically, so we got a great deal on a 3 bed, 2 bath house with a pool and a lanai. We live in a nice, quiet neighborhood which is near shopping and restaurants. Crime is not a problem here. My husband retired in January 2009 so we needed to think about our expenses. The beaches of Ft. Myers, Sanibel and Captiva are nearby and are beautiful and not crowded and the water is warm and swimable. We could never go swimming in the ocean water in New Hampshire. Too cold! The heat takes some getting used to, but we have central air. It is nice this time of year in November. The landscape is not as pretty as New Hampshire, but the palm trees are nice and we have an orange tree and grapefruit tree in our yard.[read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Quitet Living - 11/14/2009

The populations has steadily grown from 1957 from just a handful of residents to about 200,00. Mostly comprised of families made up of moms and dad and their children. Lots of children live in the Cape, which is evident with all the schools that have been built over the years to educate them. The roads are constantly being improved upon and changed over the years to support the growing population.Growth has also been shown in commerce with regards to growth in retail and restaurants. The Cape has a reputation of being a very quiet and safe place to live and raise a family. More churches than bars. sometimes that can be a little boring.[read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Real Estate is Depressed! - 9/28/2009

I have lost all of my equity in the past two years and will never be able to sell my home for what I paid for it.[read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

Not all it is cracked up to be... - 4/3/2009

We've now been here five years, moved from MA. At first it was great, the life without snow and cold. After a few years of the same weather it gets kind of boring. Christmas is just weird! I don't think I could ever get use to that. Although I would never want to deal with the harsh New England weather again, I would like a climate somewhere in between the two extremes. Also the traffic and drivers down here are crazy, as well as the snowbirds. Not exactly a safe place to raise kids as there are 138 registered offenders within miles of my house. Some things to consider before coming.I wish I had thought of these things before we moved but it was kind of we had to move and this sounded like a great place on the computer. Of coarse every cities web page tells you how great they are. Hopefully we will find the right place for us soon![read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

2000 waterfront homes for sale - 12/22/2008

Cape Coral is one of the Florida cities hardest hit by the foreclosure mess. As a result, property values have fallen to the level where you can now buy a home on a saltwater canal for roughly the same price it formerly cost to buy a condo-slip for your boat. The Cape is a very nice place to live, but especially if you have a boat. There are properties available from condos to palaces in gated communities. I recently bought a canal side duplex for 80K.[read more...]

Cape Coral, FL

index - 6/18/2008

The median house price has changed dramatically since '07 It is now 135,000[read more...]

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