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"Leesburg is growing but still a nice place to live"

Leesburg is growing but still a nice place to live - 8/26/2009
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Leesburg, VA

We've had substantial growth over the last 5 years but the outlook is still positive. Housing has taken a beating as of late, but should rebound in the next 2-3 years. A good time to buy.

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Leesburg, VA

Quality of Life - 4/22/2012

The Best.[read more...]

Leesburg, VA

Town of Leesburg - 7/29/2010

Love the proximity to farm and countryside. The historic town and areas are wonderful. Very comfortable and accessible to all.[read more...]

Ashburn, VA

Family oriented area - 4/10/2010

This is a great area to raise kids - - good schools, lots of activities centered around families and children. If you are single, you're not going to find a lot going on here. [read more...]

Leesburg, VA

Leesburg is growing but still a nice place to live - 8/26/2009

We've had substantial growth over the last 5 years but the outlook is still positive. Housing has taken a beating as of late, but should rebound in the next 2-3 years. A good time to buy.[read more...]

Leesburg, VA

Leesburg VA (Northern Virginia) - 9/8/2007

Leesburg is a very nice place to live. People are friendly, the community has events running all summer long. I would say it is a very kid-friendly place to live. The biggest drawback from much of Northern Virginia is affordability. The real estate prices have increased dramatically over the past few years and if you were not fortunate to get into the market early, then your salary may need to exceed the national average by 2-3 times in order to live in a single family home. There is one other significant issue to recognize in Leesburg. The traffic travelling east for work (McLean - DC) is terrible. During the school year one needs to be on the road by 6:30AM or face long delays. [read more...]

Leesburg, VA

culture and recreation - 8/10/2007

wide variety of events and venues within one hours drive, from farm activities to outdoor theatre and Civil War historical sites.[read more...]

Ashburn, VA

Top 10 - 6/13/2007

I believe my home in Loudoun County deserves serious consideration as one of the top 10 places to live in the United States. Proximity to DC and an international airport, an outstanding economy, and top-notch education combine with comfortable suburban settings, quaint traditional Virginia towns, and a beautiful rural landscape to make Loudoun County the ideal setting to live and work.[read more...]

Sterling, VA

seasons - 5/19/2007

we have a nice flow of the 4 seasons[read more...]

Leesburg, VA

Best rural and urban combo - 4/30/2007

Fast growing but still maintains the rustic nature.[read more...]

Leesburg, VA

Great Quality of Life - But Expensive - 9/27/2006

My wife and I have lived in Leesburg for about 3 years now. Moving in from a dry western US location, it took a while to get used to the high humidity. There is a large variety of housing; one can find anything from historic buildings to new construction. There are lots of places to shop and eat - quaint restaurants and shops downtown, large department stores, and an outlet center with chain restaurants near the intersection of routes 7 and 15. There are lots of things to do in and around town. Shenandoah NP is about an hour away, the Potomac River is 5 miles away, and there are several wineries, farms, playgrounds, and historical sites around the area. Now the negative. Traffic congestion is a real problem and getting worse each day; it can take more than 15 minutes to cross town. Housing prices are very high. Townhomes with 1,500 sq ft start at about $350,000 and single family detached homes start at over $450,000. Our property taxes have increased substantially over the past two years. Also, Virginia charges personal property tax on automobiles. Finally, the downtown restaurants, although attractive, are overpriced and overrated. Overall, Leesburg is a nice place to live - if you can afford it and can deal with some traffic.[read more...]

Leesburg, VA

quick thoughts - 7/8/2006

Expensive real estate, terrible traffic. Otherwise, great place.[read more...]

Leesburg, VA

Costs too much for too little - 6/2/2006

Sure the houses are big, but they are stacked right up next to eachother and back up to other houses - no privacy or open space. Houses are way overpriced, but it seems that a surge of new homes on the market is causing a glut of inventory so we may see prices fall.[read more...]

Leesburg, VA

Costly - 3/1/2006

Difficult for a family to have one stay at home parent. Cost of housing is astronomical.[read more...]