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"Florida WARNING! Only half that move to Florida st"

Florida WARNING! Only half that move to Florida st - 7/30/2011
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Easton, PA

The other half leave, usually a lot poorer and emotionally exhausted. Florida is one of the most traveled to destinations in the world. Because of that, many assume that living there will be similar to vacationing there. That's not always the case.

Moving there, especially if you are selling a home where you live now to buy a home in Florida can cost you a fortune. I have seen people move to FL, buy their dream home then decide they can't stand it there and want to sell, selling for far less than they paid. So couldn't sell at all because the value dropped below what they owed on the mortgage, and that was before the credit crisis. Add in moving cost and a nest egg can get wiped out.

Half the people who move to FL love it. Florida has no income personal income tax and provides it's citizens with asset protection just for being a resident, best in the US! If you are thinking of moving there, you just need to get info to help you decide which group you are likely to be in, BEFORE you move.

Ron Stack, Author

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re: Florida WARNING! Only half that move to Florid - 11/17/2012
his is for suzanne, did you finally move to florida and if so how is the job market, am also a nurse looking to move to florida, just alil worried with all the negative remarks. Write something if you can, thanks

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Saint Petersburg, FL

Living in Florida - 3/8/2015

Well, mixed emotions about moving back to St. Pete. Lived their many years when my parents moved us from Mass. Loved it at the time, jobs can be tough, but retired now. I ended up in Ontario and moved back in 80's complained about how jobs were again, and health care and moved back to Ontario. Now thinking of being a snowbird in the St. Pete area. I have some great memories growing up in St. Pete, but it's not the same as it once was, and no family left, and rather expensive as well. So undecided again and don't think the wife is all that keen on it especially when we would lose a lot of money on the exchange rate. Maybe mexico, but still Florida is in my blood.

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jacqueline k
Palmetto, FL

Growing too Fast - 1/25/2015

I moved here almost 6 years ago, and Florida is really growing in population. There seems to be so much happening with the wildlife, water, fishing. It is not what it used to be. I love going over to the Ocean, but so much is happening there also. My husband wants to move elsewhere. Too many people,traffic is terrible,especially in the winter months. I have enjoyed being here, but Florida has changed......Medicine is outrageous,I am an asthmatic, that is why we moved here,It has helped me,but I guess I have adapted to the weather, because I am having problems again.Others may enjoy it, but Florida is NOT what it used to be.

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Pinellas Park, FL

Quality of life - 1/9/2015

Great beaches warm climate warm to mild winters Population constantly growing

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Pinellas Park, FL

florida - 1/6/2015

Great beaches, sunshine and mild to warm winters lots of people are migrating to the Tampa Bay Area. This is not a retirment state anymore. Younger generations are moving in swooping up the metropolitan workforce. Florida has always been a great place to live.

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Humidity, insects and tourists - 1/2/2015

Florida is an absolutely great place to visit, but living in the world's playground is less than desirable. Tourists, snowbirds, northerners who paid their dues in other states all contribute to the total lack of community here. Come visit Mickey Mouse and Shamu and the beaches, but I would advise you to research thoroughly before moving here. Most folks who relocate here are running away from something or someone elsewhere, only to boast about how things were in N.Y. or Michigan or Ontario.

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Humidity, insects and tourists - 1/2/2015

Florida is an absolutely great place to visit, but living in the world's playground is less than desirable. Tourists, snowbirds, northerners who paid their dues in other states all contribute to the total lack of community here. Come visit Mickey Mouse and Shamu and the beaches, but I would advise you to research thoroughly before moving here. Most folks who relocate here are running away from something or someone elsewhere, only to boast about how things were in N.Y. or Michigan or Ontario.

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Bradenton, FL

Perfect - 12/22/2014

South Florida has consistently good weather.

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Saint Petersburg, FL

best place to live in florida - 11/20/2014

I am attempting to find the place that I would like to live in Florida

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Bradenton, FL

Cost of Groceries - 11/11/2014

Produce is much cheaper than it is in Northeastern States, but the milk is $1 more per gallon.

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San Tan Valley, AZ

Coming home to FL! - 8/22/2014

We are looking at moving back " home " to Fl. We are originally from Tampa and while we were there started to see the downhill it was headed in:( Sadly we are scared to go back there. We are a young Christian family and would love other opinions on other areas to look into. It seems everything I search on here is over 2 yrs old and a lot can change in 2 yrs. So we are open to areas that are conservative ( I know hard to find in Fl) but with that said not opposed to maybe Orlando or Jacksonville ( but I have read some older bad posts re this two ) AHHHH help lol. Our kids are 13, 7 and 2 and would want good public or charter schools. I work in the medical field and don't think I will have an issue finding work no matter where we chose but we will be renting for a couple years and are hoping to find good, safe and clean neighborhoods to raise our family. We would like to be no more than 45 min to the beach. Thank you so much in advance! :)

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Lakeland, FL

Awful! - 7/30/2014

I spent two appalling years in this state (which BTW, is just a giant trailer park built on a swampful of drugs by Civil war throwbacks..don't let Disney fool you!). This isn't God's Waiting Room, it's God's Compost Pile. There is nothing here to recommend itself to any form of intelligent life - Beam me up Scotty! I'm back to Maine (for good) next week.

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Miami, FL

People - 6/23/2014

Excellent information. However,I need to know how many people or percentage are unmarried couples with and without children living together in Florida, or in Miami-Dade County, or in the United States. Thank you, Elsa Pardo

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Hollywood, FL

Tropical Weather - 4/15/2014

Florida really have the best climate for South American people, just tropical! The sunshine State is radiant, attractive.

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West Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach County real estate - 4/15/2014

It is a nice web site and easy to understand and negotiate. I look forward to seeing more in the time to come.

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Jenison, MI

crime - 2/17/2014

Need to know

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Bridgeport, CT

Moving from CT to FL - 2/5/2014

Hello, we are in need of some advise! We want to move from CT to FL. Don't knowhow to go about it! Have to rent our house out, maybe get a moving truck to move all out staff and 1 car. Have to make a trip there to check out jobs and houses. Don't have much $$ at all in savings.What's it like in Deltona/Kissimmee areas? We are scared! How do people do it!! kittee in CT

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Saint Augustine, FL

Moving/Living in Florida - 1/26/2014

I've been visiting Florida since 1980 (All over). I am 63 and retired here in 2009. The Black areas are the problem, just as in any other state. If you come here to live, you better bring your own money, or wait until you have money before relocating (Low wages). Biker Gangs.... I never had a problem with Bikers, I have ridden Harleys for years and been all around Florida, never a problem. There are some Clubs that are questionable but they "Never" bother non- bikers or independent bikers. There are many Biker clubs here, military affiliated and just the average working guy, type of Biker. If you ever have a worry about being robbed in public, stand next to a Biker (Or Biker club)... You will be safe! It happened to my 84 year old Mom & my 16 year old cousin.... They are good people!

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Rocky Hill, CT

Moving To Tampa, Florida - 1/8/2014

My husband and I are thinking of relocating to Tampa, Florida from Connecticut. Can someone please give us their findings in how the economy is in Tampa?

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Melbourne, FL

One foot in the grave and the other on banana peel - 12/4/2013

Melbourne Florida. My husbands' idea of utopia. We have been here five long years and it has not improved one bit. My husband is an experienced heavy equipment operator coming from a job making 30 plus an hour. After two years of searching he landed a job working in the swamps in a machine with no AC for eleven dollars an hour. Half of the time he worked there he got rained out. He worked for bosses that couldn't put a sentence together. He gave up on construction and now works at a minimum wage job in the service industry which relies on tips. As for me, I worked for a couple of years for a holier than thou right-wing boss who thought women were second class citizens and would only hire those whose husbands had jobs that provided healthcare so he didn't have to feel guilty about not offering it. I have since left that position and gave up on finding a job because the wages are so low that it is insulting. I spend my time traveling to see my family who live way far from here in lands where the seasons actually change. I am away from drunks and druggies and trash in general. I can have conversations with people that have had an education enough to converse. I know in my heart that we have made a huge mistake. People will say that we should just move away, but my husband loves it here and I love him. So I do the best with the hand I have been dealt, or at least I try.

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Saint Cloud, FL

High cost of Homeowners Insurance in Florida - 11/30/2013

I am a life time resident of Florida except for my time in the U.S. Army. I am a disabled veteran and a homeowner in Central Florida. I bought my home 5 years ago and this year I got the shock of my life. My homeowners insurance sent me my renewal notice. My insurance went up to over 100% increase. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I called the right away and asked what's up with the increase. The agent said well your home is getting older, I said yea it 1 year older from last year but that's no excuse for the high increase. No, I don't live in a $200.000 home. It a modest 2 bed 2 bath on 2 and 1/2 acres in the county. The homeowners insurance in Florida is pricing a lot of people out of their homes. I called the Florida State Insurance Commission to find out what up with the insurance in Florida. They looked up my company and said they were given permission from the state to increase all homeowners insurance 9.4% increase. Then they State Insurance Commission said some county's were granted 20 to 25% increase. As I said I bought my home 5 years ago and I have never had a claim on my insurance, nor can I find any permits pulled to repair the home from the 2006 hurricanes that hit Florida or my county of Osceola Florida. I do know the shingles were replaced about 8 or 9 years ago. The homeowners are not saying their is something wrong with my place other it getting older. Yes the home is 20 years old but it is in excellent shape. I have done a lot of work in up grades, I have gone through this every year or two and being 65 disabled, I can't keep going on this this. The homeowners insurance is pricing me out of my home. I have decided to walk on my home. The increase takes effect January 11 2014, I can pay a small increase in the insurance which will raise my house payment to high for me. I had 2 family members move out of Florida to Georgia, so I'll go buy a small place in Georgia and walk out of my Florida home. I have known a lot of other family's in Florida pace up and leave to Georgia. My sister and her husband and family up their and when I went to visit them I found out there are a lot of Floridians that moved to Georgia. The moral of this story is don't buy a home in Florida unless your wealthy!

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