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"I am Asian American - there is a lot racism here "

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 6/1/2011
I had a question for anyone with feedback. I am a multiracial minority married to a European white male and he would like to move to Charlotte. He is not from the states and I grew up and still live in upstate NY. I am used to cultural diversity and am used to being in inter-racial relationships that appear to have been overall accepted by others (I guess). I am a professional female and my quality of life is important and especially diversity. I was wondering how things would be for me if I moved to NC and how I will be treated, any feedback...?

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 7/26/2009
You're saying a city of 492,000 people only has restaurants of American cusine?

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 7/26/2009
I have been researching different cities on this site for about 3 months, trying to find the perfect place for me to relocate. Every city has someone complaining about racism. There are Asian people who are rude to other Asians and they don't call each other raciest. There are African Americans who are rude to other African Americans and they don't call each other raciest. There are White Caucasians who are rude to other White Caucasians and they don't call each other raciest. Get my point? Just because you are of a different race or nationality does not mean if someone is rude to you, it means it is "racism". It is people who constantly rant racism who keep it alive and well.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 10/25/2011
You must have been gagged and blind folded when in Charlotte. Charlotte is just like any other larger city in respect to race relations, but Charlotte's is likely much better since a black mayor, city manager, and many other positions have been voted in by a majority white population. Charlotte consist of a citizenry that is 65 percent from other places than N.C. including many newcomer overseas people. There is a great diversity of restaurants in Charlotte. I prefer Indian for which there are 27 Indian restaurants in the city. There are literally hundreds of restaurants from all other countries including Ethiopia. Why would one from Charlotte wnt to move to California? They haver race riots out there. We have never had one here. Looks to me that someone has stolen your girlfriend or boyfriend and he was white and from Charlotte. HEHE. Get over it.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 10/5/2008
I can tell you this, Darling. I am a white caucasian living in South Korea. This is the most racist place I have ever lived. You should be happy living anywhere in the states because atleast there are communities of different diverse races but when you live in a xenphobic country like South Korea, the people almost never smile, they run into you, never say excuse me or Shilehamnida ion Korean as well. They hate Americans and for that matter foreigeners and the ones whop seem to like you really don't like you at all, they just want to gain some benefit from you and that's it. Hard to find someone that will invite you for a cup of coffee unless there are strings attached or if they want something. Trust me, I live here and see it everyday. Koreans have basically Koreanized me so now I just run into them now, never speak to them. I never say excuse me. I jump in front of them like they do and I just do to them what they do to me everyday. It is actually nice to not have to be nice. I guess that is why Korea is one of the rudest places on earth to visit and tourist that come here don't usually have good things to say about it except the food. It is good. There are good people here but you have to jump through hoops to get one to like you and trust you. Stay in Charlotte, your asian country of your origin is probably more racist than in Charlotte. Don't play games and play victim. Be smart.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 3/6/2011
I am African American and I grew up in Charlotte, but I think you're going to find racism wherever you go. And it most likely depends on which part of Charlotte you live in. I grew up on the North side/ University area. Growing up there I was surrounded by an abundance of people from all races and nationalities. There are large groups of Indians, Koreans, Liberians, Latinos and many others there. And to the Steve guy, I don't think Jennifer said anything about being Korean, only that she was asian. Maybe it's her family's country of origin...maybe not.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 11/15/2010
Trust Your instinct... You can probably guess that the person whom wrote you called Steve is defending the racism that you are inquiring about. You see, what I have come to understand is that the lines between intelligent and the unintelligent is covered up by the unintelligent with the use of racism. it is the way that dumb people fit in here. Just look at the history of this country. The fake classes of folk here have been told for years that what distinguishes them from one another is wealth. That is why racism is such a presence here. you have political wealth from good ol days. This is wealth that good ol boys still maintain by use of local and state politics. This is why politics and race has such a hand-in-hand relationship. This is how kkk can sustain itself here in Charlotte. The political side has been hidden and the physical presence is only the by-product of the sick and unintelligent here whom constantly tug on political parties for influence...And as we know...the south has a loooong history of grounded academia even present day North and South Carolina ate very close to the number 50 in terms of educated states of the united states with number 1 being the most educated... like 48th and 48th. Most of the whites here and in local and state gov are racist and if not are just as responsible for turning attention away from the mistreatment that you will receive (if you move here) just in tradition of satisfying their friends and family whom they call political constituents. The politicians here are mostly from dumb and uneducated, unintelligent and lazy whites whom have a previous slave enriched history and they do not have what it takes to keep their wealth other than through regenerating racism through government. That is southern tradition. You heard the steve guy... he is ready to burn your house down now. Did you not feel it???

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 10/14/2009
Well I can kinda understand what your saying. But on the same token. It is the dirty south. I think Cathy has some really good outlook's at your point of view. I'm white and have been discriminated against here mainly by black, and hispanic, but hey it happen's to everyone in the south...Life sux man...get use to it...

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 12/22/2008
I'm African American and yes diversity is good, but it doesn't make a place suitable. It's all about what you are looking for in a livable community. I'm sorry, but Atlanta is not that diverse it's a city where the population is majority African Americans but it's somewhat diverse, but not that diverse. Mostly California, Florida, and New York State is pretty much diverse. Georgia is mainly Blacks and whites pretty much of the Deep South is not diverse but blacks and whites

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 6/30/2014
There is no place you can go in the entire US to escape racism against non-white people except Hawaii, the only state where 75% of the population is non-white. The USA is the only "civilized," "industrial" country in which hate speech is still legal. Hate speech is considered free speech in the USA, even after a member of a white supremacy group decided to go to a Sikh temple and open fire with assault riffles. The Attorney General went there and said, "There is nothing I can do about these groups because they are exercising free speech and freedom of assembly." Also, politicians use racism and hate speech to polarize, frighten, and con people into voting a certain way. Fear is the primary tool the US government. Consequently, non-white male people can be suddenly killed just because of how they look. The racism varies by state and city. If you have to pick a city in NC, pick Charlotte. I have lived in every major city in the state and I found Charlotte to be the least racist as far as job discrimination, housing discrimination, and I suffered no physical racist attacks there. That being said, I talk to some black people there and found out where not to go. Black people survive in racist places by identifying where not to go. So, segregation is still in effect. One of the most racist places I have ever seen in the United States is Harrisburg PA. That is one of the few places where people will actually physically attack your house with fire bombs, acid, and physical violence. All you have have to do is have a job and not be white and they will come. People say the south is racist, but the North is more racist than the south with the exception of very small and specific towns. The north of the US is violently and openly racist. However, no matter where you are, most white people will claim that there is no racism simply because racist people are also self-righteous. In North Carolina, outside of Charlotte, non-white people may experience far more job discrimination. That puts them into effectively segregated housing and subjects them to police tyranny. Each county will then spend over 200 million / year busing the children around to desegregate schools. Racism is far more dangerous in NC when you have to interact with anything government related. Do not expect justice. (See innocence project NC section). There have been cases where the DA has knowingly lied and withheld evidence in order to execute someone for the sole purpose of advancing their career. I once worked for the NC Department of Justice and found it to be the most racist organization in the state. Ironically, I was hired to secure their data which was being stolen and sold on the black market. The state is losing about 2 million / year due to lawsuits over identity theft of police officers. However, because I was not white, all the cops did not want me to handle their data, they went to extraordinary lengths to remove me from the job. The irony was that I discovered that the security leak and obstacle to providing real data security was a group of white guys. The best way to strike back was to do nothing and find another job. That was years ago and they still have not found a white guy who can match my IT skills. Sometimes the racism is there because they don't trust non-white people to help them cover up their covert illegal actions.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 2/7/2008
Hi Jennifer...I will have to disagree with you a bit on a couple of things. For the comment about no diverse restaurants, I live 10 minutes or less from several of the ethnic eating places that you said are not here. And yes, there are quite a few white people here, but I have met just as many people of other races, and I personally haven't seen much of the racism. Don't get me wrong, there are some rednecks around here, but aren't they a little bit of everywhere? If I were you, I wouldn't pay attention to half of the people ranting and raving on Craigslist...not a source I would recommend to get good info on the area...but this is all just my 2 cents worth.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 10/23/2008
I recently went to Charlotte to visit and find out if this is a place where I would like to live. We did the "Queen City" tour and got a feel of the history of Charlotte and went to a ton of restaraunts, shopping malls, etc. and what I found is that (and this is MY opinion) that it wasn't welcoming. Charlotte has ALOT of growing up to do in terms of being labeled as a diverse and "booming" city. I did see alot of construction which could mean more jobs and a better economy, I also noticed that there aren't many restaraunts and/or clubs or just plain out recreation for different races and cultures. Yes, there is racism everywhere so I don't understand why people are getting so upset about Charlotte being called a racist city, IT IS. I noticed this from how my friend and I were starred down when walking into businesses as well as hotels and restaraunts. I mean to stay on "Queen Blvd" you have to do like three 90 degree angles to stay on that street because the guy who designed it that way didn't want certain "people" on that street (check your history)!In some form of fashion, EVERY CITY is. And the Bank of America stadium sits right in the middle of downtown Charlotte which is like asking for congestion and there isn't much to see or much that grabs your eye. Its really boring to me. But, I think for minorities, you probably should try Raleigh if you MUST relocate to North Carolina.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 2/23/2008
Jennifer I would have to somewhat disagree with you on some points. I think Charlotte is what you make it for the most part and you just have research a little bit to find the interesting aspects of the city. There definitely are areas of the city that fit the stereotypical white color feel associated with banking city, but I've met some really great people from all ethnic groups and even went to a few diverse restaurants. The main problem is that the City is so decentralized, which makes it harder to find the hidden gems. I happen to think some of the other places you mentioned have there own issues with race as well!

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re: - 11/16/2009
Charlotte has Cajun, Chinese, Japanese, Ethiopian,Indian, Mexican, Salvadoran, Japanese, Thai, German, Italian, French, Korean, etc. restaurants and I've eaten at many of them. I suppose what you experience in this city depends very much on what you expect to find.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 7/2/2008
I was born and raised in Charlotte, and have seen much of what you are talking about and then some. I agree with you 100% with what you said about this town in regards to racism.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 4/22/2010
I am originally from Boston, MA but raised in Charlotte. All cities have there share of racism and of course Charlotte was one of those cities. I have seen the population boom to about 33% with people coming from all walks of life and slowly I see the southern mentally that I hated start to fade. The city still has alot of growing to do but it is heading towards the right direction. Of course Charlotte is primarily a white and African American city. Recently Mexicans has state their claim and of course west indians are starting to move in as well. Charlotte now has many different cultural events yearly that enables someone who like to venture and experience new cultures to go to. Unlike Boston and your major cities you cannot walk everywhere except for uptown so definitely the restaurants and venues are not going to be visible from one visit. For the most part in my opinion the cities racism is decreasing with the population that is migrating from everywhere else.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 1/12/2008
Hi Jennifer, Sounds like you need to venture outside your perimenter a little. There are numerouse ethnic restaurants in the Charlotte area. The news stations report NEWS. I don't really think they pick and choose what groups to target. If a white collar banker is caught driving drunk, the wrong way on 485, hits and kills an innocent victim I'm sure it will make the news.

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re: - 3/10/2008
Jennifer, go just for one day to Southwest Florida. You'll learn it means really racism. It's like all the racist, bigot and rednecks of America, move along over there. I moved to Charlotte just 3 weeks ago, after living in Florida during 28 years. I ask myself everyday why I didn't take this step 2 decades ago. BTW, I'm a professional Latino and I strongly recommend you a Colombian Restaurant Los Paisas, in South Blvd. Delicious latin food and very nice people!!

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 3/30/2008
Wow, I am a 31-year old Black American male. Wow, really! Your points are extremely constructive. You have written from your Soul and that is impressive. I was planning on relocating to Charlotte, NC for a few months beginning May 2008. Uhmmm! You've place another spin on the entire landscape. America is one if not the most RACIST countries in the world. Feel me honie? I've been almost all around the world and the racism in this country is still lethal; PATHETIC! Where can one go as a miniority and live among people who are ethnically colorblind in this country??? Where darlin? I was born in San Francisco, CA and it is now racist too because the Chinese have taken over and the white gay community in San Francisco is extremely RACIST too! So where does one go... Amsterdam? That's ok! :)! Thanks for your feedback. As I only have to be there for four (4) months... it should be ok. Where are you now... still in Charlotte???

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 8/16/2011
Oh my gosh! North carolina where do I start? I was born here and my parents were from Ohio. So of course I developed their accent. I went through school with the torture of teachers calling me over, kids not picking me to play with them because I had a "weird accent"(my parents Ohio accent), girls running around calling everyone Bs and saying I said it, kids dissing teachers in high school, saying my dad was a yankee in front of me when I was 13, teachers constantly saying I was too fast in assignments when I was smart, my getting almost no help in school while teachers cuddle up to their "favorite" little "babies.",guys totally ignoring me for the fatter more ugly girls, me being in the cafeteria with a bunch of teachers talking to the kids and not me, Southern moms never talking to my mom, Girls talking about getting pregnant and wanting to murder their cousin, dozens of racial lumbees(I live in lumberton, nc), teachers never getting back to my replys on assignments, the list goes on and on.......... The way I see it is the parents raise their kids to straight up hate northerners. They become smart allecky , jealous, and hot headed. The southern hospitality is only seen unless you want to live there. Then people will start saying, " You think your all smart... bla bla bla bla." ITS CRAZY. You know what the funny thing is? Most of the time you dont say a word. If you smile or try to make friends in about 4 months they are gone. They swing in and out. A lady said from upstate new york that the cool thing about the north is once your friends your friends for life. In south its partial. I have met a few friendly people... but there's always a pause between friendship and 'what am I going to get from this?" Some ratial teacher talked about northerners in my class and told the students to not wear bright colored clothes like in the north, and to wear closed in shoes.' She also said that smart people from north are taking jobs others are fighting to get. Thats a bunch of bunk. Southerners get a grip. If you came to the north I'm sure you'd find plenty of people who are friendly. My moms mom was southern and the people just adored her and her unique accent. So yeah its been torture... I have to tell you growing up here has been like hell. I have not had one genuine friend. I'm outgoing smart, and friendly. I might consider moving to boone when I get my degree. As for now wish me good prayers my fellow people.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 9/19/2008
Im plannig to move their but if it is rascist problems like you said. I dont want to move their any more.

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re: I am Asian American - there is a lot racism h - 10/4/2008
I wonder anyone who "just returned" from Charlotte feels justified in commenting on what it's like to live here based solely on a visit? Interesting...

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re: - 11/17/2008
I currently live in NY and plan to move down to Charlotte in May. While I know little about Charlotte, I do know much about NY. Is NY very diverse? Yes. Is it the worst place i've ever lived? Yes... The two don't go hand in hand, obviously, but diversity doesn't mean a good place to live. Houses are 3-4times the amount of Charlotte and Indianapolis(where I grew up). Property taxes are over 4 times as expensive in NY. Yet the salary compensation is only approx. 40% higher. There is a reason the population in smaller cities like Charlotte are growing, because places like NY are stagnant because no one can afford to live here. Its great to have diversity in a city but there are far more important things to the quality of life. As for restaurants, well you can't go to any mid-major city and expect the same diversity as New York. Apparently you have never been to very many cities, because any city that is not a major city, seriously lacks in a wide range of restaurants. I actually read an article the other day saying Charlotte was the best place for food in the south, while that may not meet your NY criteria, it probably means something. Let's not forget, every city has its problems, especially when they are growing fast, but NY is done growing and its way overpriced, you have traffic from 6am-11pm everyday. It is a disaster area, and I personally would rather live anywhere else. One mans junk is another man's treasure.

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte "The Best" - 10/20/2016

I can count 10 people I know who have moved away from Charlotte and has moved back. Hmmmm. That says a lot!

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC - 10/9/2016

Beautiful place,nice polite,people in general but not even close to NYC or Long Island as far as fun and excitement goes. Much cheaper to live but can be very slow,ass backwards and just plain boring and stupid compared to most of NY.It is a lot cheaper to live though. As long as you like to watch TV, then everything will be fine.

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Moving from the UK - 9/1/2016

Hi, I'm moving to Charlotte in early 2017 with my husband and our two sons (age 1 and 6) my husband is an American citizen so already has his social security no. Etc and I'll be coming over on a Visa. We are visiting Charlotte in a couple of weeks as my husband has a couple of job leads (he's s dental technician) and I'd like to view some schools. We are interested in the Huntersville area as it was recommended by friends, but are more than open to other suggestions. We are just looking for a better quality of life, we are fortunate enough to live in quite a nice area in the uk and are only 20 mins from central London but I like the feel of being part of the community. Up until 2014 we attended church regularly and had our eldest son baptised but after the loss of my daughter I have lost my faith and haven't been back to church since. We was never overly religious but I like the Christian values but cannot see myself as part of a church group. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on places to visit or things to do to give us a feel for Charlotte. I plan on visiting the mountains and opening up a bank account but other than that our week is clear. Would love some feed back in family life. Thanks

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Gaithersburg, MD

Single 27 female - thinking of moving to Charlotte - 8/25/2016

Hi! So I've decided to move to Charlotte, NC from MD. I don't have family or friends there. But I know my church family here has connections with a church in Charlotte. I'm not worried about making friends as its not difficult for me. What I would like to know is what is the cost of living for a single person? I don't really have a career but will be applying for admin - marketing assistant positions. I also want to work on my degree at some point. Are the apartments nice there and what is the price difference compared to MD? I do want to save money as well. I have a dog and don't want to rent out a room like I do here in MD. I heard some things about racism and being a brown girl, I wana make sure I don't come across that. Cuz that won't be pretty. Are the prices of gas, grocery any different from MD? I love the fact that the mountains and beach is only 2 hrs away which is a dream come true for me. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

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Charlotte, NC

The Beginning of University Citys Boon Years - 3/2/2016

We in commercial real estate have always know that the University City area of Charlotte has been a soft but stable market, meaning that lease rates are lower and more consistent than other areas of Charlotte. This area has however seen a slide in the condition of properties until now. Now, with the Lynx BLue Line Extension due to open in August of 2017, we are seeing property owners our millions into existing property improvements aiming for a higher, even a Class A, status. add to this the momentum in knowing that nearly 550 acres of land were purchased in 2015 posed to being on a new level of development. Tough surprising to some we are pleased to note that this submarket, University City, is definitely on the rise! Greg Hardee Charlotte Commercial Properties 704.491.7563

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Montclair, NJ

high schools in charlotte area HELP - 2/1/2016

single mom planning on relocating to the CLT area (from NJ) in the fall 2016 son will be in 9th grade. I've been reading about all the problems with the school system and am really worried. He currently has an IEP for a slight Auditory Process Disorder. Am hoping to find a small/mid school with an International Affairs/Global Studies program (like Independence High School has-but too big of a school) as well as one that supports students with an IEP. If anyone has any suggestions, web sights or resorces, PLEASE share with me. Thank you

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Arlington, WA


I am interested in moving to Charlotte NC from outside of Seattle WA. I am Accountant/Human Resource Generalist. I would appreciate any information on living in this city , are people generally friendly in Charlotte? Interestd in middle class to upper middle class neighborhoods I don't have family in Charlotte NC so I need all the help and information I can get :) Thanking you in advance Antonia :)

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Matthews, NC

Disappointing..... - 12/12/2015

Look at this thread. The ones who say Charlotte is a good place consistently mention things like "banking" and "sports teams". Other than this yuppie-suburbanite sheep-chanting, the others who comment more negative reviews of this city focus on the lack of diversity, culture, and overall lack of access to enlightened ideals. Such are the true ingredients to a real cosmopolitan city. So yeah, basically this city is just a massive suburban Dark Age village. I went to one of the top 5 most conservative university's in the US: Texas A&M, and College Station was better than Charlotte. Face it Charlotte, other growing cities progress better than you. Take Austin and San Antonio, for instance. Heck, if we Texans end up with a better reputation for progressive growing cities than North Carolina, then that's saying something.....:/

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Charlotte, NC

Twenty Year racism of Novant Hospital in Charlotte - 9/24/2015

I have been in Charlotte for 25 years as a physician. Born in India, I did my entire medical education and training in the US. In 1995, Novant Hospital (formerly Presbyterian) kicked me off the staff on bogus charges and destroyed my life. I lost my career of delivering babies. My family too suffered immensely. Read my following website for an expose that will shock your conscience and you will ask if well educated and well dressed people who are considered the pillars of society are capable of such behavior.

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Irving, TX

Finding the Crime Index - 9/22/2015

For some reason after you all tweeked the website, it takes double time to obtain the Crime Index. I use this feature daily and wondered why since it worked perfectly before. Now I have to hit the word Crime two to three times before it takes me to the screen showing the numbers. Also once at the results screen, the field to add another city, state, zip is gone and I have to go back to the Home page. I'm wondering if there's another site available aside from Sperling. Thank you, Marianne

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Schools - 8/6/2015

If you're looking for a good school system, stay away from Charlotte. Teachers are leaving Charlotte to teach across the border in Fort Mill, SC (which does have good schools). The school system in Charlotte has a lot of problems. They are currently looking for a new superintendent (there's a high turnover rate) and are having difficulty attracting someone. I'm from NYC and have lived in Charlotte nearly 40 years. The school system has been in steady decline for a number of years now.

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New York, NY

How is Charlotte for Retirees? - 5/29/2015

My husband and I retired to the Charlotte area (Huntersville) from the San Francisco baby area in 2007. We are both from New York but left NY for the bay area in 1974. We loved Huntersville/Charlotte. We found our way to a gym where we made a great number of friends (like family). Charlotte is only about 15 minutes away and we found enough museums and jazz to keep us as busy as we wanted. I like to scrapbook and do yoga and I found both in the Huntersville area. My husband liked the outdoors and we made a lot of trips to Asheville (2 hours away) and various outdoor areas closer by. There's a great senior center in Huntersville and we took many day trips with them. We are an African American couple and found lots of friends (African American and not). We felt very welcomed and really liked the small-town feel. Huntersville is very near (one freeway exit away) a place called Birkdale Village which is a residential/commercial development--lots of high end stores, movie theatre, Barnes & Noble, family music on the weekends. I cannot say enough about the area. We loved it there. I am currently in New York due to the fact that my husband passed away but am moving back to Huntersville in 4 months.

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Jamaica, NY

Thinking of moving - 4/9/2015

Hi, I am a n RN and divorced mom with a 6 yr old son looking to move from NYC. My son is on IEP program in school, my three question are: 1) Does Charlotte's school system have a good IEP school program in place. 2) Is it a good place to raise a young african american boy, and 3) which hospitals are best for nurses.

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte's Great only if...... - 3/19/2015

Wanted to write this review hopefully to give someone looking to move here an idea of what to expect.I have mixed feelings about this place and would unfortunately not recommend this place personally. About me, I am a recent transplant from NY/NJ area, early 30's, Asian Indian, extremely well educated banking professional. Had to move here, due to husband's transfer (also works in banking) and also having worked in NY for a while wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while: This place does have some pro's like many have said: * especially if you are in banking, half og charlotte uptown is occupied by BoA and Wells with many of their divisions here * cost of living is relatively low, obviously compared to NYC/NJ living * Weather's a lot milder, hardly any snow * if you choose to live near your work, mainly closer from uptown you might pay higher rents but commute's hardly anything * decent options to hang out and restaurants and such... * close to visit mountains if u're into hiking/trains biking and what not Con's * what really has been a disappointment has been lack of diversity for me, although some people's claims about the city with southern hospitality and whatever I definitely have a different experience esp. since I look different, people almost look at you like an outside wherever you go unless you *match* and fit into the crowd * I was hardly even aware of my asian-ness while NY esp having lived practically half my life in US and having studied here (nobody really cares) which is not the case here * It's really really hard to meet new people unless you have some sort of circle within your work or friends otherwise. I had a few friends/collegues from before but that's pretty much it, although if you have family here you might end up with a different experiece...but this is for me * Lack of public transportation and *sprawl*.....people here don't belive in outsiders being able easily access their neighborhoods so they are not very *for" transport: these are words of one of my collegues who has lived here for a very long time.....and it sucks, the highways are now hardly able to tolerate the traffic during rush hours, there is a light rail but it's practically a joke to call it "public transport" * Way too much Religion into everything, as you drive further from main city, I just found it so odd that you hardly spot a pharmacy but churches are's almost like you are only good of you belive in *god"....i am a spiritual person but completely of the attitude that you don't have to believe in God to be *good*...and the execssive religiousness in not for me * Lastly, we are going to have a baby and definitely don't want my child to grow into an environment where he/she might be made to feel *different* because of the color of the skin and the narrow attitudes o people is just not for me It's probably a great place for you however if you fit the mould so good luck to you if you are moving however we'll good by very soon!

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Castaic, CA

Our view point - 3/15/2015

We are from Los Angeles. I'm a Georgia Tech grad. We came here looking to get away from the big, big, city, yet retain most elements of a large city. We have found that. Charlotte is a very clean city, you have all the benefits of a large city, yet the peace of a much smaller city. It rains here monthly, not so in LA. I am only a half day from Bobby Dodd Stadium, and I love that. The people here are very friendly and easy to get along with. Housings can be affordable, homes close to Southpark can run $600k to well over $1m. However, do as we have and you can discover Ballantyne, 6 to 10 miles south of Southpark. Here you can find a great home $350k to $550k. Infrastructure was very important to us. In LA it was 2 to 10 miles for everything. We were not looking to give that up. We have the same infrastructure here.

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Charlotte, NC

Pardon Our Dust! - 1/25/2015

Uptown Charlotte, Midtown, and South End is one big construction zone with thousands of new apartments and townhome condos under construction, as well as the first new office tower since the recession with two others slated to begin construction in 2015. Still a great place to live and will be even better once the dust settles. Come see for yourself!

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Louisville, KY

Wanting to Relocate from Louisville KY - 1/4/2015

Need information on career jobs, have a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Psychology and a Master's Degree in Human Behavior. My daughter is 14 and a straight A Honor Student with a plus and very manageable attitude. She wants to go to college somewhere other than Louisville, Ky. We're trying to find out what is the take for Charolott, NC to relocate too.

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Charlotte, NC

What makes Charlotte Great! - 12/22/2014

Here are just a few of the reasons Charlotte is such a fast growing city: Quality of Life Cleanliness Overall Appearance Schools Great place to raise children Great place to work The Neighborhoods Economic Health Ease of Getting Around

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New York, NY

What is life in Charlotte like for people from the - 11/22/2014

I live in New York City and I am thinking about moving to Charlotte mainly to buy a home. I am concerned that the culture shock and lifestyle will be very difficult to live on a daily basis. I would like to hear from Northeast transplants from the New York/New Jersey area who are living in Charlotte. How do you like living in this city? What are the things that you have trouble living with? How are northerners received? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Indiana, PA

poliical question - 10/30/2014

Hi! I had a question about the general political climate in Charlotte. Politically, I'm a conservative. I don't really know if Charlotte is marjority liberal, majority conservative, or somewhere in-between. How well would I get along in the political enviornment. I'm just asking so I know where I stand if I decide to move there. It would be great if it's a purple state then I know either party would be ok there. Thanks!

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