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"Bellingham Native"

Bellingham Native - 6/3/2007
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Bothell, WA

I'm a born and raised, 6th generation, resident of Bellingham. I've seen a lot of places and Bellingham still ranks near the to, esp during Bellingham summers. The geography is a bay rapped around by a hill or two. These hills have many beautiful view homes, nothing built after 1950, and most built before the Depression. At opposite ends of town are two more ports, one with the Alaskan Ferry Terminal sports a tiny, real, 19th cent town. On the other a bluff with even more victorian mansions.

Great place to live, unless you NEED the sun or if you are too ambitious. Bellingham is Northwest at it's core. Until 1950 or so most citizens felt that Western Washington was their country. We received news about New York and Peking with equal disinterest. The world forgot us, and we forgot it. There is a gut disbelief in success. Developments and new stores are viewed with suspicion. They secretly believe that the university there belongs to them, like a lake or something, ("doesn't every town have a college?").

People come here expecting action, and wonder why no one is smart enough to have thought of this before. This attitude wears newcomers out. Yes, they are crazy. Life is slower. They accept the poor as people, but are less sure about the rich.

Recently, retirees hoping to "house-up" again, discovered Bellingham. Their friends who inherited the big bucks discovered Port Townsend. The town lacks business, housing is cheap, soo retirees come; some locals feed, the rest complain about the impossible housing situaition.

Last point. Most people here aren't here by accident; most chose to come, many work to stay. There are a few special towns around the Sound; Seattle, Tacoma etc, and Bellingham is one of them.

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Lynden, WA

Spokane - 2/15/2014

i'm just trying to reply to a comment on the blessings of segregated communities. Bellingham later.[read more...]

Mike and Carrie
Lynden, WA

retirement community - 9/7/2013

This city is quickly becomming a retirement community for the rich. There are so many retirees moving here and paying cash for everything, that it is driving the local cost of living up, yet the local wages and job opportunities can't keep up. The traffic is horrible due to all of the canadians comming down to shop, and if you have something you need to get from the store on a weekend you had better plan on spending at least an hour at the store because of crowds and lines. The local Costco has even had to hire police officers to monitor the parking lot due to fights over parking spots.[read more...]

Bellingham, WA

weather/climate - 2/13/2013

Love this area, especially in Summer and parts of Spring/Autumn. But to be honest it rains alot here. Then when it isn't raining, there will be clouds and cold. I've endured for 22 years, but looking for more sunshine and warmth.[read more...]

Bellingham, WA

the weather - 9/18/2012

I love the weather in Bellingham. If you don't like cloudy cool days, then feel free to live elsewhere. I hike, bike and sail, and the weather never stops me from being outside. Dress for it and go. There is nothing like a hike in the mountains with water dripping off of the trees, the shadowy forest dripping with moss and ferns with a million shades of green. I love it. The sunny days are much appreciated due to all the overcast days, but I think the climate is perfect. [read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Life in Bellingham - 8/14/2012

Bellingham is a wonderful place to live with an active outdoor community, with lots of different options for recreation in both salt and fresh water, trails and hiking and a diverse cultural experience. Due to the proximity of Vancouver B.C., and Seattle, WA, Bellingham offers lots of variations on the Arts and culinary excursions!! If you can handle the wet months, the summers and fall are worth the wait! [read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Never Get Used to the Weather - 4/24/2012

I was born in Bellingham, and I've lived here for about 30 years of my life. It's a beautiful city- lots of parks, mountains, BEAUTIFUL scenery. You're close to the bay, you're close to mountains. You're within 2 hours of Canada AND Seattle. The traffic is pretty good- you can get all over town in just a short amount of time. It's idyllic! Except it's not. Because the weather is terrible. And I say that with 30+ years of experience. The rain isn't so bad- you get used to the rain. I have never owned an umbrella, and I don't mind getting rained on. It's the OVERCAST that's terrible. It feels like an oppressive blanket over you, always bearing down. I miss the sun so much in the winter. And the summers are all-too-short. You get maybe 3 months of summer if you're lucky. Last summer lasted about 3 weeks. And that was "summer". It never got very warm, and then the clouds were back. I love snow, but we don't get much of that. It gets cold, yes- and freezing- but rarely snows at the same time. We'll get random sunny weather in the winter, and it will be 17 degrees outside, so you still can't go out and enjoy the sun. Honestly, I can't wait to get out. I'm an outdoors person. I love hiking. I love camping. I walk for exercise. I love swimming. It's very beautiful here when it's sunny- you just don't get sun enough to make it worthwhile. I have kids, and I want them to grow up healthy and active. I don't want them to deal with the debilitating Seasonal Affective Disorder I've had to deal with for years. You never know how much sunshine means to you until you've lived without it for years. Bellingham is a beautiful city. I bet it's one of the prettiest cities in the country. But you can't get out and enjoy it- or even enjoy it through a blanket of clouds- enough to make it worth living here. [read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Hard to make it work - 10/17/2011

My wife and I have lived here for over six years now and we both have really struggled with it. We are outdoors people and moved up here from Southern California to experience a more outdoors style of life. The fact is, is that we have done considerably less outdoors activities since moving here, than we did when living in Socal. That includes rock climbing, hiking,biking, just being in the outdoors. Seem counter intuitive? It's the weather. The constant drizzly weather just makes you want to sit on the couch. We have both gained considerable weight-even though we are health nuts-and are totally out of shape. We were both pretty ripped before coming up here and were always active. We would do more in a month than we do in about two years here. The paradox is that we love the town, very like minded people, love the culture here, but on an average day off, there isn't jack squat I am motivated to do as far as outdoors stuff. Sure they have beautiful greenbelts and such but it just doesn't do much for us. I am so dreading another winter here. If you are from just about anywhere else you will have a very difficult time here. This summer we only had 4 weeks of decent weather. Spring always sucks here, summers are cool and very short; don't expect to wear shorts very often in summer. Winter is miserable and fall is fall, windy, overcast and wet like it is 10 months of the year here. I call it permanent winter here. We are generally very sociable people and tend to be liked, but I have yet to acquire one good friend. That has never happened to me. Seriously, if you are worried about the weather than don't move up here. If you like sociable outgoing people, don't move up here. We love most of what Bellingham has to offer; but the weather and lack of social life is driving us off. [read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Beauty is only skin deep - 7/7/2011

Wonderful scenery, if you happen to be into hiking, although the pictures you will see on travel sites or Google Images are somewhat misleading, because it is overcast and/or raining here a good portion of the time. But the social vibe is aloof (including the college one), and you will run completely out of things to do in about a month. Don't plan on making a ton of friends if you move here. That's actually true of most of the northwest, but seems more true in a smaller-but-not-small city like Bham.[read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Bellingham Drivers. - 9/24/2010

What can I say? They suck. I thought people drove like crap in Arkansas & Oklahoma. Really, if Bellingham drivers were driving for shit, they wouldn't even get a wiff. Nice people...intelligent people as far as it goes...they just don't know how to drive. If you ever come here to visit, you will find out. When lights turn green, VERY often, people will sit there for 8-10 seconds before accelerating. Same thing with 4 way stop signs when its their turn to go. People here routinely drive less than 20 mph in a 25 mph zone...all the time. Constantly. Old and young drivers alike. I have difficulty doing only 25 mph. I've always thought driving under the speed limit in good weather is extremely rude and inconsiderate. Another favorite antic of B'ham drivers is waiting at a stop sign for 5-10 minutes waiting to turn. They won't go until the closest oncoming car is a half of a mile down the street. Freaking nerve racking. My favorite is when B'ham drivers slam on their brakes when the light turns yellow, and they will be 5 feet from the intersection. Nice. Some advice Bellingham, LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!!![read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Bellingham, WA Traffic Lights - 12/5/2009

Bellingham, WA has some of the dumbest traffic lights EVER! If you enjoy spending most of the time you are in your car idling at stop lights, then Bellingham is the place for you. Other than the their stupid dumb ass traffic light situation, Bellingham is a lovely community with decent people.[read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Beautiful, moderate climate, expensive but might b - 9/5/2009

Bellingham is a very nice town in a beautiful area. There are numerous city parks and many things to do nearby. For sports recreationists, it is paradise! Skiing, kayaking, fishing, biking, it does'nt get better. But it comes at a cost, cost of living is very-very high and wages are low! During the winter it rains and rains and rains and on rare occasion it snows. During the summer it rains, and sometimes is sunny and may have a few days in the high 80's and is sunny in the low 70's but only for a month or so, then rain and 55-60 degrees pretty much the rest of the year. The coldest it gets is about 15-20 above for a rare day or two. People in the area are generally friendly and very quite diverse and liberal. Definitely a melting pot of differing beliefs and types of people. If your a conservative, fellow cohorts might be hard to find. Shopping, theatre and other amenities are very good, concerts are slim to none however as there is no event center (insert whine here). It is a short drive to Seattle or Vancouver BC for just about any shopping or cultural ammenity. If you can stand the rain and like cool temperatures, are liberal you will like it here, if you don't keep looking. (Just an opinion)[read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Beautiful Views....Nice Folks! - 8/14/2009

Bellingham WA. is really beautiful. With it's great waterfront, mountain views, lush forests, etc. Bike riding, hiking, kayaking, sailing, all sorts of recreational activities! Nice people everywhere you go. Great shopping, tons of interesting local stores, and all the big box stores as well. But bring your wallet, and you better be wealthy, if you want to live here! High rental rates, higher home costs! But you pay for what you get! And once you pay, you get quite a lot! Great medical services and a really high quality hospital and other local doctors! The climate is great warm summers from June to September, But lots of rain too from October to May. Only about 2 weeks of snow fall with not too much accumulation. All in all a great place to live, if you can afford it![read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Nice Weather - 4/1/2009

It rains often but the rain is usually a mist rather than a downpour. The downside (for me) is no thunderstorms. Being from the midwest I really miss them. Weather is cool and comfortable almost year round. There are very few bugs.[read more...]

Orange, CA

how is it? - 2/26/2009

I am born and raised in southern California but a few things have just gotten out of control: traffic, smog, cost of living and the harsh temperatures in the summer. I was just wondering if anyone up there could give me a little info on your neck of the woods. I would really appreciate any info as I know no one up there. I would like to be in a medium sized town. Not out in the “boonies” but also not downtown. Perhaps close enough to drive into Seattle to catch a game or musical or whatever. Since we just had a kid I’d like him to have a safe yard to play in. Don’t mind the rain but don’t want a lot of snow in winter. My concerns would be: How are the people? I find So. Cal people to be superficial and not very friendly. How often does it rain? Is it really that bad? Thanks a ton! [read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Crimes and Jobs - 1/31/2009

Crime is up in Bellingham, WA and jobs are dropping like fly's. Your Job report on Bellingham is way off how old is this report? Since early 2008 the area has been on a steady losing skid. at least 3 major furniture retailer's closed their doors in 2007 along with two other major retailer's saying good bye to Bellingham, even the Restaurant chain that had been in Bellingham for decades, the "Black Angus Restaurant" closed it's door's late 2007 or early 2008 saying the business climate was not getting any better in Bellingham, a lot of long time employees were stunned. Let's see, oh yea, Bob says the local Burger King on the south side of town closed two years ago and the Popeyes Fried Chicken place closed... it had only been opened a year...the long tome centerally located KFC closed over a year ago..the owner Bob says gave a "B.S." reason for closing saying something that is rent was going up, the building still sits empty over a year later. A retail business mall they started planning for 3 1/2 years ago and finished last year..a beautiful looking set of buildings my freind says...have no announced tentants to this very day and apparently none in the near future to be announced. Ther list goes on and on over proced housing higher utilities costly food, marginalized healthcare due to lack of competiton, University students announcing they will be leaving the local school because they want the "Full University Experience" which means attending a cllege football game on a crisp fall day to cheer on their school...a truly American experience..I've ben there to cheer on my team on those fall days. The local University which a month or so ago won a Division 1 football Bowl game and has played football for at least 100 Years hascut the discontinued the program and layed off all the staff. The local Aluminum Plant continues to layoff it's employees and independent retailer's are falling by the wayside. My friend Bob say's he believes that Bellingham's slow decline actually began back in the 80's when it seemed that ever highly placed elected official, i.e. mayor... who after leaving office took a job with a major developer in the region that they interfaced with while in office...sort of like all the high ranking retired generals who become consultants (for what Eisenhower called the "industrial military complex") selling over priced weapon systems to their buddies still in the armed services where the cycle just seems to repeating itself. But back to the point, the job market in Bellingham is is not growing. [read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Cost of living much HIGHER in Bellingham than you - 1/31/2009

You are way off on your cost of utilities being low in Bellingham, I lived in another town in another part of Washington and for 1630KWH a month my bill there was $56.50 in Bellingham where the power company is mainly owned by foreign investors according to Puget Energy my power bill for a home in bellingham using 1230KWH A MONTH(that's 400 KWH less than where I live now. The bill would "aprx. $120.00 a month" that using 400 KWH than I use now and I am still paying $43.50 less in the same State and believe me it's going to caost B'hamer's much more the investment Power company just a short tome ago got approval for a rate your cost of living for utilities is off the mark...also for the same level ofcable/phone service/internet service provided by the same company I use, B'hamer's pay $105.92 a month, I pay $74.95 a month...that's well over 30% more than I pay...also because of the way over inflated housing prices bellingham experienced in their greedy period od what people tell me was 1999 til 2008. rentals have gone way up...of course it being a University town the college students just bring in a extra roommate to defer costs the worker bees are the ones left having to downsize. A long time friend of mine who leaves in B'ham says poorer choice of housing as lead to problems in the community has laed to all sorts of problems...he told me that the local housing authority has been overwhelmed with people on their waiting list the past 3 to 5 years. Bob (my friend) said to tell you that housing in Bellingham is way over the 106 mark you gave it. I gave him your site to look up for himself so he could see I was not kidding him. Has a Home owmer inthe greater B'ham area for nearly twenty years the glory years of reasonably rent and housing "left the house years ago". Bobb says get on line with his local newspaper th "Bellingham Herald" and go through their business secton archives and front page section for the past two years if you want the real scope on the cost of living in Bellingham, WA. [read more...]

Bellingham, WA

Rain in western Washington and Bellingham - 12/14/2008

I've lived in Bellingham most of the last 30 years, but I grew up in Aberdeen, Washington. It rains twice as much as Bellingham and has a sea fog at night so you rarely see the stars. Bellingham is beautiful, but very cold on this blustery, snowy December day.[read more...]

Richmond Hill, GA

Weather - 9/7/2008

If you move to Bellingham, be sure that you like months of cold rain and wind. The area is so beautiful in summer, one can be seduced by it. Sometimes it doesn't get nice and warm until JUNE. One year we had 8 weeks of fair weather and then the rain started again. After 5 years we had to leave - it just got too depressing in winter. Wonderful people though, great food, and very scenic. Great jobs for those in healthcare.[read more...]

Bellingham, WA

life in bellingham - 9/7/2008

great for kids and college student - high cost of living.[read more...]

Boise, ID

44 year old single guy wants your opionions if I s - 7/13/2008

Okay, 44 years old - not yet married but would love to meet someone special. Degree in Business, work for a large health insurer. I moved from Boise, Idaho BACK to S. California about 4 months ago - and it is just not the same. Family is here (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, aunts, etc), but there are just too many negatives about this place and I need to leave. Crazy people on the roads and freeways (seriously), way too crowded, way too intense, unnecessary, and way too expensive. Yes, weather is good but doesn't matter. I am a "late starter" and need to get my career going, I need to work full time. I'm making about $41,000 here now, which is not much here, and I can only afford about $800/mo maximum in rent somewhere (such as Boise or Bellingham). I am a democrate but middle of the road. Athletic and an avid cyclist (mountain and road). But #1 will be my ability to get a good job and/or one with growth in my field (marketing, health information technology or customer service). I am willing to switch fields to get there, i.e. take a job at T-Mobile call center for a while, or similar. I am into community service as well, from trail building and maintenance, to charitable work, charitable fund raising rides through my own or corporate efforts. In addition, I think I'd be a good "addition" to a community such as yours, or Boise (again). Job market is terrible in Boise.......still.... So, in your opinions (which are valued, give me the 411, please), would Bellingham be good for me? Thank you so much for your opinions. [read more...]

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