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"Always on the verge of improvement"

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Oroville, CA

Always on the verge of improvement - 9/1/2011

Can be a tough little town for some. Highway 70 improvements may help to bring this town up in terms of economy, culture, lifestyle. When the skilled workers left after completing the Oroville Dam in the late 60s, unskilled laborers were left behind. The town is still trying to recover from this poor demographic which pervades the town to this day. Few jobs so young people leave. The Feather River does pass right through Oroville. The irony is that 30 miles north is the excellent town of Chico, CA.

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Oroville, CA

Little town Big Adventures - 1/19/2010

If you like to Hike, Bike, Fish or Swim, maybe just lazy around some breath taking veiws, then this place is for you! Lake Oroville boasts some of the best bass fishing holes in the state! We also have unmatched salmon and steelhead fishing in the Feather River. If Fishing is not you're thing, Forbes Town is known for producing some big white tailes! All around the town you could find that secret spot to call ur own! Maybe a trail that hasn't been walk in some time? Or a waterfall that hasn't been explored? For being such a small town this place has a ton to do when it comes to the outdoors.

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Oroville, CA

Tired - 7/19/2008

I have lived here most of my life it is a ok little town beutiful lake wages are horrible rent is to high welfare capital of the US crime rate is high for such a small town

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Oroville, CA

Oroville is on a good roll. - 2/21/2008

Oroville is on an incredible roll in the midst of the national housing crisis. Here is just a short list of what is going on. The free brand new Riverbend Park with boat ramp to the world famous Feather River (goes to the ocean!) lots of fun stuff for the kids including swimming, frisbee, soccer field (plan) rock climbing, sprinklers, picnic areas, pavillions, on and on. The historic downtown is being revitalized (State Theatre is being remodeled, new walking trails along the river, historic homes being remodeled, new hip looking shops are opening. There is now a newly widen and straightened road to world famous Bucks Lake. World famous Lake Oroville is getting new campgrounds and boat docs. A white water park is being planned and they already do white water on the occassional weekends on the Feather River. New 4 land hiway to the wonderful University town of Chico (20 miles away). New road work to make the commute to Sacramento easier. Bay area is only 3 hours away. We have 2 large modeern casinos (I don't gamble) that brings world known musical talent in weekly. Fun to take your guests there. Each casino is expanding having purchased lots of land around their casino (koa, swimming, hotels, etc). Walking trails (near water) are everywhere in the greater Oroville area. New Home Depot, new Applebees (this week!). Weather is overall excellent (occassional hot days then cools off again) and you can grow anything here. To summarize, affordable land/homes, growing culturally and close to culture (Chico, Sacramento, Bay Area). Negative: education could be improved but my daughter seems to be enjoying herself in high school and I feel like she will be fine in the "real world".

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Oroville, CA

Housing still reasonable by Northern California st - 4/20/2006

I moved to Oroville in summer of '98. Nice, smaller community at the edge of foothills of northern Sierra Nevadas. Even though housing costs have increased dramatically over the last few years, it is still a good value by comparison to nearby metros of Sacramento and San Francisco. Also an excellent area to invest in residential income properties which don't linger on the market as long as single family homes. Lake Oroville and the Feather River offer excellent recreational opportunities for residents and visitors and visitors alike.

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