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"NYC is a gigantic shit hole!"

NYC is a gigantic shit hole! - 4/7/2013
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NYC is horrible place to live. Higher income stapled with higher cost of living, rude people living in a bubble, parking regulations everywhere, $7.50 each way on bridge/tunnels, harsh winters, high crime rate, terrible place to meet singles, and etc...Overall an overrated, high priced, low quality of life shit hole/ghetto city...Stay away! Stay away! stay away!

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re: NYC is a gigantic shit hole! - 4/7/2013 - 11/1/2013
lol, we used to live in NY. My husbands kids keep pressuring us to move back (they live in Suffolk County). We have been in Colorado since 1990 and we love it here. I do not mind visiting NY but we have such a better quality of life in Colorado. My husband is disabled, I do not make a ton of money but we are able to have a good life. Every time one of his kids says "you should move back" i take a look at the property taxes and i am falling off my chair (8-10k a year???). When i visit NY i see a lot of grouchy people. I think the stress, commute, cost of living makes you that way. Sad, I used to love NY when i was younger (born in Queens). Not anymore.

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Brooklyn, NY

Never Need - 11/27/2013

In New York you never need a car, within the city at least. It's easy to find zip cars if you need to and now Citi bikes as well. The best and cheapest way to get around is the Subway which is active 24/7 and it $2.50 per ride as of right now. It can take you just about anywhere.[read more...]

Moraga, CA

cost of living index vs national average - 11/21/2013

What is the CoL index for New York City[read more...]

New York Educator
New York, NY

Cultural Opportunities in the City - 10/19/2013

There are a number of venues through which one can manage the expenses of New York theater. One is the Theater Development Fund (TDF), an organization that allows teachers, recent graduates, retirees, etc., to purchase discount tickets to shows performances on and off Broadway. Another venue is the Playbill Club which also offers bargain prices for theater and other types of entertainment. [read more...]

New York, NY

Life in NYC - 9/8/2013

Not for everyone, however what is offered in the way of museums, plays, sports restaurants is enourmous. You can get around with mass transit and many events are within walking distance, so driving is optional.[read more...]

New York, NY

Montclare Children's School - 5/7/2013

Montclare Children’s School is a preschool for children aged 2 to 5. The school is located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and currently serves 200 children. The school is an enriched, teacher directed program and provides children with ample opportunities to engage in a variety of activities, including music, art, library, technology and gymnastics. The school also provides a warm and rich setting for exploration, socialization and free play.[read more...]


NYC is a gigantic shit hole! - 4/7/2013

NYC is horrible place to live. Higher income stapled with higher cost of living, rude people living in a bubble, parking regulations everywhere, $7.50 each way on bridge/tunnels, harsh winters, high crime rate, terrible place to meet singles, and etc...Overall an overrated, high priced, low quality of life shit hole/ghetto city...Stay away! Stay away! stay away! [read more...]

New York, NY

gotham city - 4/5/2013

gotham city[read more...]

Bayside, NY

Need to move - 4/4/2013

I love New York. It's the city where I was born and raised and lived most of my life. And I'd be happy to stay, but I can't afford to. I've been on disability since late 1995, and I don't seem to be getting better, just worse. I've been staying with my mom in her one bedroom coop for more than a year now, when I had expected to be out within the first month. But it became clear that I would have to move out of state, to an area which meets ALL of my criteria, because they're all equally important. E.g. It doesn't help if I can find an apartment I can afford and even a doctor capable and willing to treat me if the town doesn't have a reliable public transport. system. Or moving to what looks like a great place without having set up a doctor. I did that once before and nearly died. But because I went on disability before my office was wired for the internet, I'm just now learning. And added to that is the headache pain from spending too much time on the computer, because I am legally blind without corrective lenses, and because I can no longer tolerate my contacts, I'm limited to glasses. In my opthalmologist's own words, "We can't correct your vision any clearer with the glasses, or your head will explode." Well, you know what? If I have to spend much more time living with my verbally and emotionally vicious mother who it seems is gaslighting me, I'd rather my head exploded. I have no one to help me, I just got out of the hospital with what I was told was the worst case of pneumonia they'd seen in a long time, along with the fact that altho I don't look my age of 52, I now have the lungs of an 80-year-old, despite never having smoked. The NYC I remember is gone. Yes, it's true that we've always been a city of immigrants. My own grandparents were. But in the past, each group arriving had to assimilate to survive. Now they make no effort to speak the language, learn the laws, or even act with basic courtesy to customers who are American! And yet the federal government gives these new immigrants grants to start businesses, while Americans born here are lucky to get minimum wage jobs, especially as we grow older. We even thank our returning military and our firefighters, who place their lives on the line regularly, by removing benefits and withholding wage increases. New York has turned into a city for the newly arrived, and for the Yuppie rich. It's sad but true. Even the Brooklyn Heights area, where I lived in the 90s, has lost its unique charm and has been turned into a cookie-cutter version of the upper East Side, despite the fact that the landmark laws should have prevented that. We have a lot to thank Mayor Bloomberg for. No, actually we don't![read more...]

New York, NY

How do you get numbers - 2/1/2013

Cost of living is according to where you live. Even high cost area of city, there is some people living with minimum wedge. Some people willing to pay double to live safety area. It is very difficult to avarage them. i am just wondering how you do that?[read more...]

New York, NY

Housing - 12/27/2012

The rental market in Manhattan is as varied as you can ever imagine. Washington Heights and Inwood are comparably the most affordable rental markets in Manhattan. Many of the buildings are pre-war (WWII), and as such, feature high ceilings, offer the best prices per square foot (generally) anywhere in the borough.[read more...]

New York, NY

If you live in NYC there are thousands of New York - 11/20/2012

Depending on who you are, you can really create your own New York. There is everything here. The one issue though is, and you have heard it a thousand times, it is expensive. The cost of housing is really going to cut into your budget. Young people are sharing more than ever, 2 in a studio now. Unheard of 5 years ago. I have spoken to many young professionals to have told me they are sharing 4 in a one bedroom! There are plenty of young people though who have affluent parents who have bought them apartments and fund their life here. You have heard it before and I will say it again, NYC can be the best and worst of all worlds. To enjoy the best of it you need to be strong willed; have a lot of energy, be adventurous, have a thick skin, and be street smart; be very independent, have some base of support because making those connections and friendships is sadly difficult once you are here (unless you are under 25). That subject is a book in itself. I have lived in SFran, Milan Italy, Colorado, Delaware, Japan, South America and now NYC for 14 years so thats my basis of comparison. Moving forward, it is the most open minded society of all. Culturally it has everything. If you are culturally curious and into the arts..this is the place. Weekends I'll hit 2 museums, go to an opening of a film festival, walk thru Central Park, go to a great organic market and pick up some fabric in one of hundreds of fabric shops to make a dress. There is something new, exciting every day. I get excited just going to Whole Foods to buy toilet paper. You will always see interesting people. Also I am over 40 and single so forget about just the young set. am not rich but...a clever survialist. I bought a coop 10 years ago cheap so that saved me. I work, I am very healthy and every weekend feels so exciting as I go online to see whats going on. NYC is for the curious, the inspired, the adventurous. There are people who want lots of their own personal space around them. This is NOT for them obviously. I love how I can start chatting with anyone here and they know what I am talking about. It's like a tribe here. You share a lot of the same experiences. The subway for example. Since 2008.... life has gotten tougher. HEre's the catch....hate to admit it everywhere it is harder in these years no doubt. Getting a job....ugh!!! Painful. You are one of many. The reality of this economy is really the deal breaker. So I end my piece by saying we are in different times. As exciting and inspiring as NYC is, though I am set up here and will stay... in these times, it may not be the best choice. One has to be practical in life unless you have plenty of money. Opportunity is NOT everywhere in NYC as it was even 8 years ago. These are different times, and following your passion is not the motto in these years. You have to weigh was is going on in the economy, you personal situation and common sense. Best to everyone.[read more...]

Elmwood Park, NJ

ewwwwwwwww - 10/18/2012

NYC sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that stinky city!!!!!! The worst in the whole country!!!!!!!!!!! yuk [read more...]

New York, NY

high cost of living - 10/16/2012

NYC has been a great place to live during the single years. But the cost of raising a family with small children, especially in the last few years, has been prohibitive. Time to move to suburbia. :-([read more...]

New Fairfield, CT

NYC Here I Cooome!!! - 9/20/2012

I don't care what everyone says. My whole family came from New York and they moved up to the country to get away from all the hustle and bustle and danger of New York City, but listen,now I've grown up my whole life in boring Connecticut. I've lived my whole life in a boring small town looking for something to do all the time, and I've made up my mind that I wanna go and work and live in the city with some of my friends. Does anyone have any advice for a couple of college age kids who want to go to live in the city for a while? i. e. where to live and HOW TO STAY SAFE TOO!!![read more...]

New York, NY

NYC - 9/20/2012

People are dying to come here, but I am ready to leave.[read more...]

Brooklyn, NY

New York!!! New York!!! - 8/31/2012

The New York City visitors see is not the NYC where most live. There are 4 other boroughs, and the demographic is changing for each one. I could talk more about the rise and fall of NYC, some other time.[read more...]

Rego Park, NY

NYC transportation - 8/23/2012

getting around on the NYC subway is a priviledge. I can go anywhere in the 5 boroughs in under 1 hour and for only $2.25.[read more...]

Scarsdale, NY

NYC - 8/14/2012

Fine...[read more...]

Bronx, NY

Weather - 8/10/2012

Constantly hot, humid and extreme weather: when it's sunny, it's very warm and humid; when it rains, we get wind gusts, rain storms that can cause floodings[read more...]

Inwood, NY

My home - 8/8/2012

My city has it all.[read more...]

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