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re: Just outside Redmond - 11/15/2008 - 3/4/2012
Hi. I actually grew up and live in Honolulu, HI. I am planning to relocate to the Seattle area. Some people say Seattle is more expensive and some people will tell me its cheaper than Hawaii. As for groceries, Yes I agree Seattle is much cheaper but only by a dollar or fifty cents per item. As for dinning out people told me its the same price and portion as Hawaii. I am not sure about rent because I live with my family and my living expenses are covered but I have friends who rent and they tell me the price range is around 1200-1500 for a 1 bedroom in Honolulu. I am not sure what their standard of living is like so its really hard for me to compare rental between Seattle and Honolulu. I live in Kahala so I am aware its really expensive and I want to relocate to Bellevue. People say Bellevue is still cheaper than Kahala even if it was ranked one of the top 5 affluent places in America. Thing is I don't live on the beach front homes in Kahala, I am more inland closer to the mall which makes a huge difference. Reason why I would move to Seattle is better business opportunities compared to Hawaii. I am aware there is no state income tax but property taxes are triple the amount in Seattle. I think Redmond is a fairly place to start up my business but my main goal is Bellevue.

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Denver, CO

Great place to live - 2/4/2015

We highly recommend Redmond and the whole Eastside of Seattle. It is further from Puget Sound and the ferries, but the quality of life is so great. The Pacific NW is beyond beautiful. After living here 1.5 years, the everyday drives still take our breath away. Redmond is beautiful, just like a perfect town. The homes are gorgeous; shopping is wonderful (nice outdoor mall, nice downtown, many health food and grocery stores); a large variety of parks and walking trails; not far from the foothills and farms; friendly people; low crime; very wooded with the famous WA evergreens, etc. We could go on; it really is the nicest place we have ever lived. That being said, if you are planning to work in the area, do not ever move here without first securing a permanent job. We are still working temp jobs, for over a year, and we have excellent office skills. Up here, the average number of applicants is 200-600 per job (yes, really). And, the job competition is fierce here. You have people from all over the world, and many of them are simply brilliant. Couple that with the education system in the State of WA, and you have a metro area with the most intelligent people we have ever seen. If you 'need' the sun everyday, this is not the place for you. We rarely have snow, but, during the winters, it is cloudy quite a bit. It does rain, but, most times, it is a light drizzle, so you don't even need an umbrella. The Seattle area has gotten a bad reputation for constant rain, but it is not true--people are confusing cloudiness with rain. Many other cities get more rain than we do. When the sun does come out, it is glorious, and all your neighbors will be out walking and taking advantage of the parks and the many outdoor activities in the region. You can still take part in them with the weather most times, too. To us, that is still better than shoveling and driving in snow all winter long--clouds and a little rain vs. snow--you choose for your winter. We love living here and immediately felt at home. That has not changed. We hope that we can stay in this gorgeous NW area.

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Salt Lake City, UT

Traffic - 5/27/2014

Not only is traffic a problem in Redmond, but if you look at your phone while at a red light it is a $124 ticket. I can understand not using your phone while driving, but while stopped? I guess picking up a dropped French fry from your seat at a red light should be illegal as well. This is in a state where smoking weed is legal.

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Redmond, WA

Quality of Life - 7/24/2013

Redmond is a good place to raise a family and you are close to major highways to get to Seattle.

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Redmond, WA

Redmond weather - 6/10/2012

The average summer high is 76. The average winter high is 45. 90% of the rainfall is between October and April. Summer is mid July through mid October

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Redmond, WA

Just outside Redmond - 11/15/2008

Actually, I live outside Redmond Proper in the 98053 zip code. I am a Seattle native who has lived in Hawaii and California. Since I am a retired boomer, I thought I'd add what I think of my little niche neighborhood. *** "I live in Trilogy (over 50-ish) community. It's beautiful and I like having a clubhouse and like the ability to walk to the grocery store and restaurants (though I usually drive like a REAL American). Pros: We have trees, ponds, and walking trails (actually, they are horse trails). We can drive into Seattle in about 20 minutes, unless it's rush hour. People are friendly. Our area and the multi-age housing (family houses) nearby are an oasis of new development surrounded by farms. The green space is zoned to remain farmland, so the 98053 area is almost rural. Half of the people in our neighborhood have a child who works at Microsoft (down into Redmond Proper and up a hill). My neighbors have come from all over the country to be near kids and grandchildren. We have a lot of clubs, like bridge, pottery, Mah Jhong, Red Hat, Travel Club, Trilogy for Kids (a charity for children) and we have a gym (which I never use...haha). This is a really safe place. The cons: The whole area including the family/all-age housing is brand new and uniform and it's a planned community like Irvine CA, so the houses all look about the same. I moved here from downtown Seattle and I feel like I'm out in the sticks (which can be good or bad depending on the day.) We have no diversity...I like to be around truly "artsy" types...and I have finally found a group of artists but it took a while. You have to have a car, well, actually I sold my car and we are down to one, because a car is the only reasonable way to get to most restaurants and museums. It is cloudy much of the time (duh) and most of us need to go on a cruise to Mexico once or twice during the winter. The good thing is that neighbors have keys and we watch each other's houses and water each other's houseplants. Redmond, in general, is a good place for kids (grandkids) to grow up." *** And, I really need to say that the traffic is nothing, though it can back up during rush hour (plan accordingly). I've lived in Orange County and LA County. I suppose that our traffic is bad if you are from Kansas.

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Redmond, WA

Cost of Living Too High - 10/15/2008

My family and I rent in Redmond so I can retain the ability to share in family dinners. The availability of affordable housing close in to the tech-sectors economic cores of Redmond, Bellevue and Seattle is low and requires families with incomes even 50% or more above median to live 40-60 minutes away from work if they choose to buy. Even there the decision to buy requires one to accept greater risk (read buy more than I think is affordable). In the up market people rationalized that pretty heavily. Because we returned to the area after the market appeared to be peaking we sat it out, and that is one financial decision I feel fortunate for making.

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Redmond, WA

Cost of water and sewer system - 9/16/2008

I am very impress of how much the cost of water is in Redmond. I spoke with the utilities on the phone after getting a $55 for one month of water, and she told me that the averague water for the place I am renting at the moment could be about $100 a month. Be aware to look for ways of saving on water compsumption, because you could be surprised by it.

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Redmond, WA

family - 7/27/2007

great place to raise kids

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Redmond, WA

Happy hours, traffic, coffee shops, small town fee - 3/8/2007

I have lived here for 2 years, where I moved from Kirkland/Juanita bay area. I miss Kirkland dearly, but my commute, even though it is on 520 to downtown Bellevue is a breeze...say 12 minutes. Going home is much the same. I would recommend Redmond, for sure, but I live on the border of Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland, so I am much closer to Bellevue than living out on Avondale. If you have to commute to the END of 520, expect delays and traffic build up. NOT FUN! I don't like long commutes, so a short one is a must for me. Redmond has a small-town, mom and pop shop type feel to it. There really isn't anywhere great where all of the cool people hang out...if you know what I mean. I love Happy Hours and have found that the local restaurants have some pretty good ones around here. There is a pretty good coffee shop downtown (Victor's). I am not a Starbuck's fan, so I like boutique cafes. Kirkland is 10 minutes away, which I love, because it is on the water. Anywhere on the Eastside is good, just be sure to do your homework about commute patterns, if you don't like to sit in traffic!

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Redmond, WA

Mild climate with just enough variety - 6/25/2006

Having moved from the Boston area, I would never complain about a climate where you can enjoy outdoor walks with just a sweater at Christmastime and live without AC in the summer! So what if there are lots of cloudy days nine months of the year? July, August and September more than make up for all the greyness!

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Yuba City, CA

Redmond - 3/12/2006

Trying to locate information about Redmond.

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Redmond, WA

traffic - 3/1/2006

it is a horrible problem here.

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