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"Happy camper"

Happy camper - 12/13/2011
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Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is really a good place to settle and raise a family, housing is getting very expensive compared to most part of the country, but good schools, very few crimes, proximity to Washington DC, and all the political attractions, lots of museums, home of George Washington, populated with a mix of all countries and continents, cannot get bored, and I love it,

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Cali Girl

re: Happy camper - 12/13/2011 - 11/27/2012
Looking to re-locate to the DC Metro Area from Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area). Are there any areas you would suggest for a young family with school-aged children? I'm used to living in affluent areas with great public schools and low crime. Thanks!

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Alexandria, VA

Get over your selves - 6/6/2013

The area has its upside, but the traffic and the overall rudiness of everyone here is enough for me to leave. I've never lived anywhere where if you are polite enough to let someone into your lane when driving, the car behind you will always honk like a mad person and probably shoot you the finger. Happens every time. Plus the area I live in is a nice area, but the people think that because they live there they are above everyone else. Everywhere you go here people talk down to everyone else, and always try and work in their neighborhood in conversation, as if it somehow makes them better. Hate to break it to you Alexandria, the community is not that exclusive, after all I live there (but I'm moving out!!!)[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Climate - 3/8/2013

Mid-Atlantic climate is balance. Experiences four seasons w/o any one season being overbearing[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Happy camper - 12/13/2011

Alexandria is really a good place to settle and raise a family, housing is getting very expensive compared to most part of the country, but good schools, very few crimes, proximity to Washington DC, and all the political attractions, lots of museums, home of George Washington, populated with a mix of all countries and continents, cannot get bored, and I love it, [read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Alexandria - 9/27/2011

Alexandria is a great city. Close to washington Dc but far enough away that you are out of the city. I live near a wild life preserve and get to see the deer every day while walking the dogs. There's Old Town Alexandria with e plethura of restaurants and lots to do.[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Always exciting Alexandria - 9/18/2011

Alexandria, Virginia is a highly educated and culturally diverse city in the Southwestern Region of the National Capital Area of Washington, DC. Here you are living in a melting pot of culture, numerous ethnic restaurants, popular bars, clubs, and activities from local museums, artsy shops, sightseeing, biking, hiking, kayaking, boating and more within reasonable drives. The Old Towne Alexandria section of the city is a gem for those enthralled with Colonial points of interest, historic architecture, highly rated restaurants and romantic getaway hotspots. There is something for everyone; you would be hard pressed to be bored in a city so eclectic. [read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Great Parks and Recreation but congestion is bad - 9/1/2011

I'm referring to Alexandria in Fairfax County, not the City of Alexandria (although that is a great place too). I've lived here for 2 years. I've really been inmpressed with the amount of offerings in the County Parks and Recreation Dept. So these comments could also be for other towns in our county. Summer calendars are filled with free concerts in the parks (many parks!) a free water park for little kids, and lots of other free events for adults, kids, and families alike. Alexandria has a great schools, a farmers market, great parks with playgrounds, indoor "soft playground" for young kids, parks with hiking. HOWEVER with the great community there are trade-offs , there seems to be competition for everything; parking spaces, dinner reservations, doctors appts, pre-school/daycare slots, you name it. I love the area, close to so many great culture/historical/art locations, but the congestion makes daily living tough.[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Attention: GLBT - home buyer$ - Alexandria - 4/11/2011

If your looking to buy a home in NoVa. There is a very lovely older suburban community thats " Gay Friendly " called Lincolnia Park. It's a very warm, welcoming community in which several of US live ( particularly in proximity of Braddock Rd. / Cherokee Ave. / Chowan Ave. ). The homes are reasonably priced! The area is very beautiful with tree lined streets and larger lots. It 's easily commutable into the city as its located off of Little River turnpike on a bus line, and of course is ideally located for shopping : ) Please remember in your search - who our neighbors are has a huge impact on the way we as a community live. FYI... I'm not a realtor, just a very HAPPY resident[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Great place to live, if money is no object - 2/1/2011

Alexandria has much to offer, if you can afford it. Housing is very high - a modest one bedroom apt will set you back at least $1,000 a month, and a decent house can't be had for less than $300,000, with commensurately high real estate taxes. There has been a tremendous amount of infill building on former industrial land, with a consequent rise in traffic. It is getting more difficult every day to get anywhere anytime. (The DC area just won the dubious honor of having the worst traffic in the country.) Alexandria has charming neighborhoods, great dining and shopping, easy access to rail and air transport, and is a stone's throw from DC and all it has to offer. We liked living here but, like many of our friends, hope to move in a few years to a place less congested and expensive. [read more...]

Valdosta, GA

Lots to do - 1/3/2011

Close to DC, national and state parks.[read more...]

Arlington, VA

Nice but Expensive - 8/1/2010

Alexandria is a nice place to live but it's very expensive. In my opinion the price is not entirely justified. I can understand why places like San Francisco and New York are expensive, but Washington to me doesn't justify it's price tag. [read more...]

Alexandria, VA

climate - 7/12/2010

Summers can be hot and sticky, but Fall and Spring are wonderful. On average, winter months are not as cold as one is lead to believe with the exception of February which can be really cold with lots of snow. All in all, a mix that one can live with.[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Expensive - 5/28/2010

Two lobster sliders = 13 bucks[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Washington Metro Area is exactly what you think. - 1/25/2010

There is more history than you can shake a stick at. Spending time at museums, visiting monuments, taking a tour of the Capitol, all the things citizens of this great country should do at least once. If you live and work in the area those great things seem to fall by the wayside. In 2009 the Capitol Beltway was rated was second worst commute in the nation by the Texas Traffic Institute. Having lived here for 9 years I can attest to the tremendous traffic volume, the Beltway is backed up, bumper-to-bumper, at almost any time day or night. The area tries hard to accommodate commuters with commuter trains coming from VA and MD, and MetroRail for those closer in. Primary driving routes in from north, south, and west (I270, I66, I95) are interstates that contain HOV lanes so if you ride a motorcycle (as I do) the HOV lane is an option. Also, housing prices are really crazy! Your dollar will certainly get you more if you live farther out, which exacerbates the commuting numbers. But as historically significant an area as it is, I can't wait to retire and get away. It's just too crowded![read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Beautiful city - 11/22/2009

Alexandria, VA is a beautiful city in every season. Old Town is a great place to explore and shop. History abounds in every corner of this city. A very pet friendly area where you will find water bowls in most stores and restaurants waiting for your four-legged friends. If you can't find anything to do in this city, you won't find it anywhere else![read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Northern Virginia is a great place for living - 10/8/2009

We have lived in Alexandria, VA for over 10 years. We have 2 boys and one girl. In general the DC area is a great place for living but the cost of living is relatively high compared to most of other areas in the US. There always so much to do and places to go including museums, parks, artistic and cultural events, so many international restaurants, shopping places, sports, etc. However, traffic is something that is getting worse and worse so it is taking longer to get to any place especially during rush hours and weekends. We are pretty happy living here but we are considering moving to Austin or Fort Worth because of the cost of livng. We know that we would miss so much culture and recration in this area. [read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Great dog parks! - 8/8/2009

I've lived in Alexandria for the last six years and I must say that the dog-friendly nature of this area, especially Del Ray, is a major plus. My commute is horrible and the housing prices are steep. People are a little distant and hard to get to know, but having a dog is great! Tons of dog parks and many of the stores are dog-friendly, etc.[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

I love the location! - 7/16/2009

I have lived in northern VA for the past ten years. Moving to Alexandria three years ago has been the best decision I could have ever made. I initially moved to Alexandria so that my daughter could start school in Fairfax County school district versus Prince William County- wonderful choice. Also, because I work in Springfield I no longer have to sit in traffic everyday going to and from work. My commute is against the flow of traffic so no matter what time or day I leave work my travel time is the same. A big plus is the Metro. Using the Metro to travel to and from DC is so much easier than the hassle of traffic and parking (not to mention a whole lot cheaper). The cost of living in Alexandria, VA versus say Stafford, Dumfries, Woodbridge/Prince William County (where I lived previously) is worth it.[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

quality of life - 5/30/2009

Fine place to live, but expensive[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Biking and hiking trails - 4/14/2009

This area has the most biking and hiking trails of any city I've ever lived in.[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Alexandria - 4/6/2009

Hi, I came to the U.S. 3 years ago and i setteled my living here in alexandria. I have a job that pays me $10 an hr. but i couldn't afford the living. I have room mates but i pay $500 rent (with out the grocery expence). I wanted to go to college but i have to work full time to cover my expense. Life here is expensive. Now i am planning to move to Raliegh,NC. What do you suggest me?[read more...]

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