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"Why does anyone live in Goshen, NY?"

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Goshen, NY

Why does anyone live in Goshen, NY? - 10/30/2010

My family moved to Goshen, NY a few years ago due to an employment change. There is nothing to do here. The only mall is in Middletown, NY. The tax on clothing in NY is high so my husband will not shop here. The only other place to shop is in New Jersey (40 minutes away)and the malls are closed on Sundays; the day I like to shop. People in Goshen are NOT friendly; they either have long time intimate friends or family in the area. The village does not even have a supermarket! The nearest market is 15 minutes away. The only store is a very beat up CVS; the parking lot is so bad that I have twisted my ankle several times. Why do people move to Goshen?

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Goshen, NY

Cost of living - 3/24/2010

As a retired person, the cost of living is high here, and the town of Goshen is still without a major grocery store. For someone with a fixed income, this is a pretty expensive place to live.

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Goshen, NY

Alittle about Goshen NY - 5/11/2009

A comfortable place to live close to all major shopping in the area (middletown, monroe).

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