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"Nice clean small town, yet a little bit dull..."

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Oxford, MS

want to move to another state - 8/16/2015

How is the cost of living and employment opportunities in the area?

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Collierville, TN

Best small town - 3/9/2015

Collierville is "The Best Small Town" in America, according to Parade Magazine 2014. It really is great. A lot of green space, walking trails, parks, etc. Everything you could possibly need is close by including a great variety of restaurants, shops, grocery. The weather here is not extreme in summer or winter.

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Collierville, TN

collierville - 9/5/2012

a great place to live.

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Collierville, TN

Life in Collierville - 1/12/2008

I have lived here for 15 years and whatched a small town of 18000 go to around 43000 in that time period. Collierville is a safe place to raise a family and the crime rate is low. We have a wonderful school system and many families move here because of that. The town government has made sure we have lots of well maintained parks for the residents. The original old downtown square is still a gathering place with concerts in the summer and other events held there throughout the year. The square is full of restaurants, antique shops, and an assortment of many others. Friends frequently meet for lunch and stroll through the park.

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Carlsbad, CA

This is actually about Cordova, couldn't find it i - 8/8/2007

I lived in Cordova for 2006, I'm originally from Memphis proper, Midtown Memphis that is. Collierville was the closest city they had listed on this site to Cordova. Cordova is hot, sweltering in the summers, and crime is creeping in little by little. You see thug-looking guys walking through even so-called 'nice' neighborhoods now. The racial tension can definitely be felt. And the thunderstorms and tornado warnings drive you nuts. I lived in an apartment RIGHT next to a blood-curdling loud warning siren that would go off almost daily in storm season - scared us half to death! And the bugs and mosquitos and hornets and wasps drive you crazy buzzing around your windows. The 'water bugs' are BIG and ugly and get into even a third story apartment unit - it's horrible having a stand-off at 3 am with a big huge gross ugly waterbug that you spot in the kitchen on your way to the bathroom - yuck! They look like 3" long 2" high ugly black cock roaches! ick!

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Collierville, TN

The south's best kept secret - 12/21/2006

Collierville is suburbia with a small town feel. For example you get all the great shopping and amenities coupled with small towm parades and family activites that promote community. The church is the hub of many activities -they almost compete for the best fairs, children's activities and family events. I like being part of a place that wants to support me and my family, not trying to support their business or political bent. These are rare combinations for a fantastic area for raising kids.

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Plainsboro, NJ

Nice clean small town, yet a little bit dull... - 9/19/2006

Hi, I spent 7 months in Collierville, TN as a contractor at FedEx in Spring and Summer 2006. In general I like this small town, coz it's pretty quite and clean, and much safer than the nearby Memphis. You can find several decent apartments around, which are mainly inhibited by FedEx employees and their families. People are generally nice and educated, and you have no problem finding places to buy the things you need. This town is growing very very fast. According to my friends at FedEx, the town expanded both in size and content amazingly in the last ten years. It used to be pretty covered by woods, which is being cut away to make space for commercial and residential plans. I guess the main reason is the prospering FedEx and the people who work there. Yet this town itself is still a little bit dull. For activities I usually go to the nearby Germantown, which has more restaurants and fun. If you live there, get yourself some friends from the FedEx workforce. They have activities going on all the time if you really get into their circle. :)

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