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re: Quality of Life - 4/2/2008 - 2/3/2015
We are thinking about moving back to FLA. I grew up in the Orlando area and knew Port Orange as a laid back coastal town. Is it still like that, if so are there any areas I should avoid for housing?

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Port Orange, FL

Quality of Life - 4/2/2008

I've lived in Port Orange over ten years. It's a growing city with good restaurants, parks, lots of trees, 15 minutes or less to the beach over the bridge, not far from I-95 + 7 miles from Daytona Int'l Speedway, the large mall, & Airport. Crime is everywhere & also gangs but being a smaller city our police are on top of most of what happens. Housing anywhere isn't cheap anymore. Taxes & insurance are out of sight in FL however..retirees do get a break with property taxes if income is lower. Everyone has $25,000 Homestead exemption also in our State if you live in your home. Port Orange is the best area I think in the Daytona Beach area to live. Smaller, cleaner, good people all around. NO slums. Main hospital is in Daytona about 5-6 miles north of here. Urgent Care is in Port Orange.

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Port Orange, FL

Sweet - 9/1/2007

I have been all over the U.S. and lived in allot of the Major Cities. If your looking to stay close to all the action & not have to live in it. Then Port Orange is the place. Good Schools for the Kids, great fishing for Dad, and let's don't forget that afternoon getaway for Mom at the Beach & tons of good deals on shopping. Don't let Bike Week scare you off, I've walked into 7elevens that had more trash & gang bangers then Bike Week. So in other words It's pretty laided back. Now Spring Break get's pretty wild, but what do you expect out of thousand's of teenagers. The Police & Beach patrol do a good job of keeping it in line. Now (BCR) Black Collage Reunion. Is a different story. Let's just say, I have some Black friends who stay at home, during that event. The race track is always hopping & is a cool event to see. And as always the best thing about Florida. Know more Snow!!!! I was getting a Tan on Christmas & New Years. Shorts all year long. Draw Backs. Too many old drivers on the road & let me tell ya, they make sure you know it's not you who has the right away. There is allot of drunks, but for the most part, they stay at home. If you think you have rights when you get arrested...LOL. Think again. We all know the saying (Innocent Until Proven Guilty) Not in Florida. It's the other way around. Let's say you go out & get drunk & get caught & go to jail. Big deal you got a Public Drunk Fine. Guess what, as soon as you get out of jail & even before you enter a plea of guilty, you got to go & see a PO (They call it a Pre-Trial Release Officer) And you could be peeing in front of a Man, at a Forensic center for the next 30 to 60 days until you hire a ( Better make sure he's good & you have lot's of money) Lawyer. (YES IM FOR REAL) So just remember, the next time you go out and get FUBAR. Have a friend with you, so they can say your having a seizure. Just maybe, you can go free ;-) Oh and one more thing. If you plan on getting anything from the State. Like a Business Lic, Pro Lic, ect. Plan on waiting 6 Months or even a Year. Play there game, trust me on this. If you call the State of Fl & there telling you it's in the mail or it got filed, and you get know mail or you call back & talk to someone else & they don't know what your talking about, or who you spoke with. Go out and buy a Tape Recorder & don't call with out it. Tell them like they tell you, This call is being monitored, so when they say. Well I ju

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