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nice - 1/30/2012
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Port Washington, NY


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Canton, NY

hi - 2/16/2015

looking to move to tennessee

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Selden, NY

New York - 2/4/2015

Grew up here all my life and I like that i can travel out to the hamtpons or the city in a short travel time. No complaints just sometimes curious for a change.

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Troy, NY

Varied - 1/29/2015

Widely varied climate. Cold and snowy in winter, warm and pleasant in summer. Experience all four seasons.

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New York, NY

Economy - 12/25/2014

Still good.

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Oxford, NY

Retirement expense - 12/17/2014

New York State has higher taxes than many states and that effects ones ability to retire comfortably. The long winter creates an additional cost for heating as well.

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Banner, WY

Long Island, all in all, STINKS! - 2/2/2014

Long Island is absolutely by far the worst place I've ever lived in my life & I'm going on 60 years old. The summers are unbearably hot & humid, it's nothing but a hideous conglomeration of malls, stores, & urban wasteland, the traffic is absolutely insane, & all the people are nasty, paranoid, shallow, neurotic, money-oriented jerks! It is grossly overcrowded at 5,402 people per square mile. The rich kids are spoiled rotten & disrespectful, & the poor kids are belligerent, dangerous, & disrespectful. It's ridiculously expensive & unless you're a high-level professional it's almost impossible to make ends meet. I lived there for 18 years & let me tell you, when I moved away, I shook the dust from my feet & swore I'd never go back again. I haven't, either.

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Kingston, NY

Taxes, taxes, taxes - 11/23/2013

It just keeps getting worse. I make 20% more than the average for the area and still struggle. State and local taxes go up every year. No surprise people are leaving NY in droves.

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East Islip, NY

Long Island weather - 9/11/2013

Living on the South Shore of Long Island we are the first -in line to get hit with the hurricanes etc that our fall weather is notorious for. On avg I would say there are about 30 nice enough days out of the year to enjoy. Winter-cold windy-n'easters-snow and tons of moisture all year round! Summer 85 avg with 80pct humidity-it may look nice outside but you'll regret stepping out the front door-unbearable! For every 2 days of decent weather-rain -humidity-always a chance of thunderstorms and should you enjoy that type weather-get ready for hi risk of west Nile Virus from the 20 mosquito bites you'll get in an hour-love all the pesticides they spray over us!! Oh-Spring-if we are lucky to have one (every few years we are!) don't even think about opening a window coz you-everything you own and every pet will be green from Pollen!! Looks real pretty in pics tho!! Ever wonder why NYers are stereotypically known as unfriendly? Every other day and every single is a battle of extremes-Good Riddance-Southern Calif bound!!

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Cragsmoor, NY

In the Mountains - 5/6/2013

New York can be very beautiful north and west of NYC. We have low crime and beautiful weather in summer. Winter can be too long for seniors, but the medical care is very good.

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Endicott, NY

binghamton NY - you have to find your community - 1/31/2013

And its not easy, it took me over a year. Binghamton is kind of depressed but it is looking up. At least it's headed in the right direction. No trains. Bus to NYC is about 3 hours. Beware of student housing. Land lords take advantage of the student community. Consult a crime map before moving into a neighborhood.

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West Hempstead, NY

Love New York - 10/25/2012

We have lived in New York all our lives, my partner is a born New Yorker who has travelled to many countries. We love New York, but can't stand the winter cold anymore and the cost of living is getting out of hand. So we are both looking to retire out of New York.

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Centerport, NY

High Cost is driving me out!! - 9/27/2012

I've lived on Long Island, NY for all my life and now at 46 are looking to get out because of the high cost and unemployment levels. LI used to be a great place with friendly people but now it's more competitive in everything from homes to cars, not very friendly people anymore and many clicks. Need that friendly feeling and genuine goodness and NY is not the place for that anymore.

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NY Big City of Dreams - 9/10/2012

NY is getting a makeover, apertments and homes. Unfortunatly they are too expensive for newyorkers in this current economy. The future doesn't look bright for the middle class family in NY.

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Sunnyside, NY

cost of living - 7/17/2012

high cost of living in new york city

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Hamburg, NY

NYS has beautiful scenery - all 4 seasons are enjo - 6/11/2012

I will miss the change of seasons terribly but we are looking to move out of state because it is just too costly to live here. The Buffalo area has so much to do during the summer months - so many festivals - I am hoping to find the same where ever we end up. Also, the pro sport teams does create a great deal of excitement for the area. Being so close the Canadian border is a plus - if you have a passport.

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Smithtown, NY

Housing Statistics in NY - 5/28/2012

Thank you

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Mahopac, NY

Everything - 5/27/2012

New York is extremely diverse, but like any other state , its a big state with different areas, and big differences in those areas. Manhattan, everything you can imagine to see, eat, shop etc. expensive to live, the boroughs outside,queens is the most nationally diverse area, there is and are areas where you can meet anyone from anywhere in the world that lives here,brooklyn has wonderful areas, bronx, staten is= but every town/borough/neighborhood has some crime ridden areas, need to check out. There are beaches all around the coast lines (Rockaway is great from 100 street up), but you have upstate as well, beautiful catskill mountains, hiking,skiing,boating,kayaking etc, view points from people will change in every county=buffalo is a dead or dying city, most industry closed down long ago, the "hood" is very bad with crime, people tend to be friendly tho, but the races seem to be divided when i was there. I am white and date black woman, I didnt see that there at all, not saying it does not exist, but not as much as in The nyc area. Taxes are avg. to holey moley....1 acre in westchester on a 300 thous. dollar house can be 15g a year or more, kingston area alot less and the further north the homework on whats important, again crime around and in NYC is bad=depending on neighborhood (can be real bad for 20 square blocks then fine outside of that....better the further you go), schools overcrowded in city areas, subways dirty some stations clean(er), its a place you can find anything to do (within 100 miles of NYC), and quieter and country(er) outside that radius, with beauty and 4 seasons, and a great balance of weather- winter nov-end of mar. Oh, and NY'ers are perceived as rude by out of state people, not so, if you ask for directions, we give with a smile and an update on local news, if your broke down, we help-and try to fix it if possible, if your from the south...we don't care, we love your accent and are friendly, and nothing more. everyone for the majority of the people here accepts everyone. But you do have the individual here or there that may not agree, like anywhere else.

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Mamaroneck, NY

Escape from New York - 3/31/2012

The fundamental problem with New York is that its rulers believe that its citizens exist only to pay taxes that they can then redistribute to those who vote them into power.

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Do not move to Long Island, NY unless you are whit - 3/2/2012

If you happen to be Black, Asian, or Arabic origin, you will constantly be looked down upon and treated as less than human to your "white counterparts"... The racism here is preposterous; embarrassing nonetheless. Not to mention how the authorities view you, especially if you're Arabic or Black. You’ll be lucky not to be arrested for jaywalking, or running a stop sign. I cringe every time I see a police officer, just hoping I do not have a broken taillight or else I may be arrested for reckless driving… haha! Moving on; the best communities with the best schools, beautiful scenery, and low criminal activity (excluding sexual predators since they are a low priority) are 100% white, and that this how they like it. Diversifying a neighborhood is like committing an original sin? The black neighborhoods tend to be louder, less safe (depending where you are) but the biggest issue is the schools if you have children. Housing is really expensive (go figure), and the majority of your neighbors are Hispanic. Notice they live in the black neighborhoods, not white. They are not allowed there. If you decide to move there anyway, your neighbors will make you feel so uncomfortable, that you would be willing to leave your home without even selling it. It’s truly sad that people are so rotten on the inside, and cannot be mature enough to understand that we all have to respect each other’s' differences. My apologies, I'm getting off topic. Basically, where I'm going with this is, Long Island is very segregated and hateful (as NY already is to begin with). So unless you are Hispanic or white, you are better off living in NYC or Connecticut maybe. As the opportunities for employment, cater greatly to those of white and Hispanic origin here. Reason being, the jobs are extremely scarce, everyone takes care of their own; so if you are not super cool with someone in a very good position, you can forget about it. You can be an MBA graduate with a ton of experience; if they don’t “like you”, forget it. That is why most non-whites in NY are either self-employed or seeking a way out of here.

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Highland Mills, NY

Hudson Valley Region - 3/2/2012

Some of the prettiest country you will ever see in the world.

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