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"Crime, Racism, Poverty and Wadesboro"

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Wadesboro, NC

Crime, Racism, Poverty and Wadesboro - 11/13/2011

Wadesboro is the county seat for Anson County here in North Carolina. The land itself is beautiful; rolling hills and pine forests. The area is so attractive and old school that it was chosen as the main location for filming " The Color Purple. Unfortunately, Wadesboro today is about as backwards and racist as "The Color Purple" portrayed. With over half the population being black, racism is a constant problem. Combine that with a VERY high unemployment rate, high teen pregnancy rate and high drop out rate, the entire county is in serious trouble unless they make a 180 degree turn immediately . The entire area is very religious, and they use that as a tool for excluding any free thinkers that might consider the area. As a Wadesboro native, I truly wish they would be more creative and open to the possibilities, but as things stand now, the county is destined to remain backwards.

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