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Conyers, GA

It is a good place - 4/5/2009

I dont know why you people think lakeview is such a bad neighborhood? it really isnt. Lakeview is just like anyother neighborhood, just that its all mexicans. i think that you people make it sound that its a bad neighbor hood just cause alot of mexicans live their. Comment back

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Conyers, GA

Overall Conyers.................... - 2/18/2009

Ive been living in Conyers for over 6 years now. I moved here from NYC. I love the location how it is close to the city but then again it is not. When I first realized it did not have a bus system I was upset and wanted to know why. When I found out the reasons it made sense and it seems to work. It keeps the "riffraff" away. I noticed no one comes out here without a purpose. You rarely find or see homeless people or beggers on the side of the road like you do in the city. And the rare times you do see one your trying to figure out how did they get here? The schools are great and ALWAYS make AYP! In the middle and high schools you got to put in more effort but are just as family oriented and welcoming as the elementry schools. The average apartment will range from 499 to 750 for a 1 bedroom. Property tax is also lower in rockdale than the other metro counties. The downfall to that is rockdale doesnt have to many services to help you if your in need. For instance rental assistance if you fall behind on rent for whatever reason, bill assistance for the winter/summer weather, even grant money to purchase a home, rockdale dont have those benefits. All in all its a nice quiet place to live and I love it!

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Conyers, GA

climate - 11/14/2008

If you like hot humid weather, this is the place for you. It has hot humid weather from about April-Sept. Mild climate the rest of the time, it has just become too hot for me.

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Conyers, GA

Changes - 8/17/2008

Conyers has had some major changes take place over the past several years. Metro Atlanta people are moving to the subburs. The quality of the area is degrading. The schools are lacking and we are seeing a rise in crime because of this change in the area. Many of my friends are leaving the area due to these changes.

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Conyers, GA

Small City - 5/11/2008

The price of getting a home is very reasonably in Conyers,GA.

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