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"Great plavce to live and raise a family"

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McDonough, GA

love my neighbors but the middle school is a diffe - 11/17/2015

I love where I live but the middle school is a different story

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W. & V.
McDonough, GA

Eagle's Landing Family Practice (ELFP) - 9/22/2014

We have been patients of ELFP for years. The Doctors', NP's and Staff care about their patients. There are several locations in the area, which is a plus.

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Lakeland, FL

Divided on opinions - 4/15/2013

I was once told years ago that the quality of life goes down after you pass the airport in Atlanta, while heading south. I moved to McDonough, GA and found the people for the most part pleasant. There are some very decent people here. BUT if for any reason you let the majority know anything about you that is hard like having a tough time in life, or a marriage etc...they will take full reign in doing their best to use that against you. This simply doesn't seem to matter how well you like the person or how great of friends you think you are. Most relationships are superficial, more so than what we know is part of life. That is rather distrubing. There are no decent malls and I missed that. There are however some decent private schools for lower education Hampton First Baptist is wonderful for K. It is a quaint town that has grown considerably and overall though I really enjoyed it. Love Noahs Ark. There are also a handfull of carnivals and fairs to take your children. People despite the above mentioned are friendly and children play together and people laugh and seem to enjoy life. Driving to Atlanta, to me is not a big deal so we did so regulary for musemums, orcherstras, malls etc. I would say if I had to live here again I could be happy but there is also a reason we moved. It's not all bad but does have that small town feel despite how big it really is.

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McDonough, GA

People's Baptist Academy - 1/30/2012

I love this school. My kids have thrived in the environment and academics. We are not part of the staff or the church. Everyone has been very good to us. Both of my kids SAT scores are through the roof. They are being taught correctly. I don't mind it being a bit more firm with the discipline, considering public schools that let you behave however you want it seems. We actually left the school for a year and both of the kids did poorly on their report cards and their testing. We are back and love it!

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McDonough, GA

Native of McDonough - 10/5/2010

As a native of Henry County for almost 30 years-I have watched McDonough grow from a very attractive small town into an even more attractive medium sized town. I like being far enough away from the hustle & bustle of both Atlanta & Macon yet, close enough anytime I want to kick off the cowboy boots and put on a pair of high heals. I grew up here and left a couple of times but, I always keep coming back to good ole' Henry County! I don't know of any other place that I would rather raise my child than McDonough, Ga.

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McDonough, GA

So very boring - 10/30/2008

We moved to McDonough in 2000 for my husband's new job. It is very boring. There is no decent Mall anywhere nearby. Is it me,or isn't that crazy for a fast growing city(more like a town) only 25 miles south of Atlanta?? I have lived in other cities in both the north and the south, but never have come across anything like this. We finally got a movie theater a couple of years ago. The nearest good malls are in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, which takes a good hour to drive to, and the traffic is pretty bad. I wish we could have moved to the northside suburbs of Atlanta. The quality of life up there is so much better. True, it is more expensive, but I would have settled for a smaller house up there, however, it was no where near my husband's job. It is a shame because the weather and the countyside is beautiful....just so boring.

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McDonough, GA

Great plavce to live and raise a family - 7/7/2008

We are only minutes from downtown Atlanta and the Atlanta Airport yet it feels like the country. We have beautiful subdivisions and parks. We do not have to leave our town for great shopping and resturants and the schools are great.

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McDonough, GA

Great climate for green thumbs - 3/2/2008

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons here. Spring comes early -- our daffodils and flowering trees started blooming last week (late February). We had freezing temperatures just a few days ago, but now it's sunny and in the 70's. We'll still have cold days off and on through spring, but for the most part, we should be finished with Winter. We'll be able to start our vegetable garden in early April and have fresh tomatoes, squash, and bell peppers all summer long and into the fall.

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McDonough, GA

Has Grown up alot - 7/17/2007

I have not lived in Georgia for over 10 yrs but I am amazed every time I go back to Mcdonough. Somewhere that use to be one red light is now a full community with every department store. So you can still be near everything and you can still get out to the country.

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