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"not very safe."

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re: not very safe. - 2/6/2007 - 10/5/2008
I have been living in the area that "Meverick" has mentioned since 1996 and I would not say that is not very safe. What people fail to realize is that what has been mentioned in the comment posted by "Meverick" is these kind of things can happen any where. It is just that it may happen in some areas more than others. I thank God that nothing major has happened to me or my son since we have been living here. I would recommend this area to any one.

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Elkins Park, PA

not very safe. - 2/6/2007

the place I am living is close to washington lane and cheltenham ave. the neighborhood is not very safe. one of my friends got robbed twice on the street around 6 o'clock in the evening. another friend also got robbed by three guys with guns in the morning. Luckily, I was not getting into this kind of trouble.

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