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Mandeville, LA

Best Place to Live in Louisiana - 6/9/2011

I've lived in Mandeville for 11 years and truly believe it is the best place to live in Louisiana. I'm a LA native and have lived in other areas of South LA, but Mandeville beats them all hands down! People are friendly here and there's lots to do. Mandeville borders the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain and the Lakefront is a great place to jog or walk dogs, etc. There is also a boat launch. Old Mandeville is very nice with some really good restaurants and the Trailhead, which offers a community market every Saturday as well as free outdoor concerts in the spring, and water sprinklers for kids in the summer. It's a great place to access the Trace (biking trail that runs through Mandeville). In addition, there is an awesome playground for kids on Koop Drive in Mandeville near I-12 and I believe a children's museum is going to be built next to the playground soon. Mandeville also has two really awesome fitness clubs that you can pay to join. One is Francos Athletic Club, which has been featured on TV as one of the best fitness clubs in the U.S. (or maybe even the world). I belong to it and although it's not exactly perfect, they do offer A LOT...more than any other fitness club I've ever heard of. Four pools, big variety of exercise classes, and childcare just to name a few of the amenities! In Mandeville, the schools are excellent and it's a low-crime area where you can feel pretty safe. It's very family-oriented and if you get bored here, the surrounding areas offer even more entertainment. About 40 minutes away in Hammond, there is a great kids museum and the Columbia Theater. There is also a place called Global Wildlife, about 30 min. away in Robert, where you can go see zebras, giraffes, and a lot of other wildlife. They take you on a tram through their acres of lands and you can actually feed the animals if you want to. Ten minutes away, in Covington, you'll find lots more restaurants and shopping, not that Mandeville doesn't have enough restaurants and shopping! You'll find plenty of both. There are definitely some cons to living here...turns out our last mayor was a criminal; we're in an area prone to hurricanes; and the roads aren't great. But those are issues for any Southern Louisiana town. All in all, if you have to live in LA, especially the southern part, Mandeville is where you want to be!

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Mandeville, LA

A Gem - 6/12/2009

A great place to live and work. Interesting culture, nice weather year round, friendly people. The true South with a little extra special culture.

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Mandeville, LA

Research Mandeville before you move - 7/10/2008

It's basically swamp country, so if you think you might not enjoy oppressive heat and humidity, as well as frequent violent thunderstorms (and frequent flooding due to poor drainage), this might not be the place for you. Additionally, cost of living has escalated since Hurricane Katrina as people from New Orleans have moved in. Apartments that cost $400 per month before the storm are now, at the least, $800. Lots of people are selling their houses, so if you're looking to buy, you might find a good deal. Louisiana politics are legendary for corruption and ineptitude, and Mandeville is no exception. Search for Mandeville mayor DUI and you'll get a good idea of what to expect. On the positive side, crime is relatively low.

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Mandeville, LA

Northshore of Lake Ponchatrain - 2/21/2008

It's cooler in the summer and winter as well compared to New Orleans on the southshore because of the Lake. I like it, often it is 70 degrees in Feb etc and the next day it can be 35 degrees but I don't mind. Some dont like the humidity but I like it.

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Mandeville, LA

A hidden Treasure - 12/10/2007

Mandeville, a suburb of New Orleans, is a bedroom community that is growing with more and more commercial and housing. Although 33 miles from New Orleans, it has a slower paced life that focuses on family life and values. Its only detraction is being in the state of Louisiana. Although the richest state in culture, tradition, and people, the education system and political system make raising a family questionable if you want the absolute best for your children in education, job opportunities, and progressiveness. This is a wonderful place if you can see past, or get past the reputation of the political machine and the constant ranking of the state in last or near last in almost every educational and economical ranking.

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Lafayette, LA

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE "ITS" - 6/19/2007

Simply, Mandeville is one of THOSE suburbs that deserve to be rated the best in the nation. Georgeous lakefront, architecture (new and old), and more than you could imagine of outdoor recreation available (get those kids away from the TV). The property isn't cheap, neither are the taxes. BUT, you are 25 miles from New Orleans, 35 miles from beaches, and live in a suburban utopia.

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Mandeville, LA

St. Tammany Parish - 7/12/2006

Since Hurricane Katrina, we have seen a tremendous influx of Orleans & St. Bernard parish residents. This has driven up housing prices through short supply and high demand. Unfortunately, the parish is also feeling the boom of new residents in regards to increased traffic, greater demands on healthcare and increased enrollment in our public schools.

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Mandeville, LA

Mandeville, LA - 4/19/2006

Nice suburban New Orleans area. Climate is very warm and humid most of the year with mild winters. Public schools are the best Louisiana has to offer. Crime is low. Sales tax is high.

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