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"Do Not Go to Baton Rouge"

Do Not Go to Baton Rouge - 4/11/2007
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Denver, CO

I am from New Orleans and I lived in Baton Rouge for 1 year after Hurricane Katrina and the experience was awful. I never want to see that miserable city again. The people are narrow-minded and rude. The food is a poor attempt to mimick New Orleans food. The weather is horrible. The jobs are terrible. The traffic is a nightmare. Quality of life is the worst. LSU is a shameful, ugly magnet for people looking to party, not to receive an education. In fact, I cannot say one good thing about Baton Rouge. Do not go there. Stay away. You can find a better place to live.

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Baton Rouge, LA

eryheryhaer - 3/31/2014

hgtrsjs[read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

Quality of roads, cleanliness - 7/30/2013

Louisiana is notorious for its appauling roads. The joke is that you don't have to see the state line to know your in Louisiana. While they have improved the interstate system that goes through the city the roads within the city are woefully bad. The quality of road work repairs are terrible and the city is just a patchwork of tarmac and slab. Its awful. The City's plan to expand the city out to the suburbs have the left the areas in between full of abandoned buildings and overgrown landscaping. Its creeping into the area near me at LSU. [read more...]

Denham Springs, LA

baton rouge - crime - 8/27/2012

someone got shot and robbed just outside my doorstep last week. baton rouge has one of the nations highest crime ratings and there's a good reason for it! we're planning on moving to another city and possibly another state right away.[read more...]

Louisville, KY

Baton Rouge - 7/26/2012

Great place to live and work, I moved from Birmingham Al and everything about is so much better, food, things to do... My daughter transferred from UA to LSU and stated that LSU provided a much better learning environment and the courses were more challenging. [read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

Rapid chage - 6/23/2012

Over the past 5 to 7 years the cultural and recreational activities in Baton Rouge have increased. The libraries are excellent, the city park system is well funded and the downtown area has developed around museums, theater and restaurants. It is a good city to raise a family and the universities (LSU and Southern)provide a good atmosphere and opportunity for young adults.[read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, Falling short - 3/7/2012

I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I have lived here for many years. At one time it was a clean, nice place to live however through the years the crime, traffic, and over crowding have really taken its toll on the whole city. Poverty and filth now can be seen in many parts of the city. The mayor spends lots of money on down town Baton Rouge but nobody goes down there. There are state offices but after 5O'clock it is empty except for a few gay bars and criminals. I have chosen to leave the state now that my children have all gone through college, which they all left for better paying jobs in other states as well. There are beautiful parts of the state and the food is good but how much can you really eat ? I truly feel bad for this whole state, the lack of real leadership and making of good choices for the people who live here has always been a problem, most have learned to live by just getting by which is sad but you live what you know.[read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

People here are rude! - 3/4/2012

The people of Baton Rouge here are rude. In the customer service businesses, the employees make it seem like you are a bother and on the other side the customers here are rude and want everything for free. They take advantage of big businesses because they know smaller mom and pop businesses would not give in as easy. The drivers of Baton Rouge is very aggressive and tailgate you sooo close, if they knew the law of physics then they would not follow as close because they if I slam my break they would have my tailpipe in their throat. Crime is very high. No southern hospitality here and it does not matter the race too. [read more...]

Cedar Rapids, IA

Is Baton Rouge a good place to live? - 1/5/2012

I got a job offer in Baton Rouge. I have a young family with a 3 year old. Is it advisable to move to Baton Rouge? I might not stay there for more than a few years though. I have read many negative comments in forums but wanted to know the present situation... Please advise. Thanks in advance. [read more...]

Red Lion, PA

Don't count out BR yet - 9/23/2011

Baton Rouge has grown tremendously in the last 30 years, and a lot of that growth has taken place South of the city along the I-10 and I-12 corridors in terms of residential and retail development. Retailers that would have snubbed it's nose at Baton Rouge, let alone the area years ago have settled here, mainly in the Mall of Louisiana and the Perkins Rowe area. I spent a great part of my formative years between here and New Orleans. At one time, I despised Baton Rouge with a passion and dreaded coming here. Baton Rouge has always lived in the shadow of it's neighbor, New Orleans, but it is rapidly becoming a great place on it's own. When I visited BR about a year ago, I was beyond impressed at how the city has changed. To be quite frank, 10 years ago, I probably would have told you not to consider coming here. Additionally, the downtown area is undergoing a massive re-birth. At one time, Downtown BR was the epicenter for shopping and entertainment, but back in the 1970s, stores began to close up shop for good or move to malls on the city's outskirts such as Bon Marche and Cortana. In time, the DT area was more or less deserted after five, save for a few bars here and there. There are a few musuems, the La. Arts and Science Center, The Shaw center, the State Capital and the Old State Capital. In addition, there are some casinos along the river near downtown. These have caused quite a bit of controversy prior to their establishment, but IMO, they at least help to bring people back downtown. Plus, a lot of the new growth has also been fueled by New Orelans residents who left during Katrina and have decided to make Baton Rouge a permanent home. For those who blame the crime problem on NOLA residents, well you are wrong. Baton Rouge already had it's fair share of criminals long before Katrina. The area is also becoming more culturally diverse, but blacks and whites still make up the majority of the population, along with a small, but growing latino population. I have also noticed that, compared to 20-30 years ago, race relations have improved somewhat. There is more work to be done, but any improvement is something to celebrate. Of course, it would be sinful for me not to mention B.R. and not LSU , which is situated on the South end of town. it is definitely a huge part of the city's culture and heritage. LSU football is a religion here, that's for sure. The main "drag" is along Chimes St. and Highland Road near the campus with lots of bars, some coffeehouses and eateries. There is also Southern University at the North end of town, but there is not a whole lot outside of the campus. However, both schools have beautiful campuses situated along the Mississippi River and have definitely contributed to the city's history in a big way. BR has a long way to go, but has the potential to be a city and area that people will appreciate. [read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

Traffic and crime - 8/21/2011

Over the last 10 years,the leadership of BR has failed to keep up with the needs of the growth explosion. Why the economy is so good in spite of the lack of roads to move the increased population is a mystery. The violent crime increase throughout the area makes safety one of the biggest concerns. H [read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

schools - 7/31/2011

i love redemptorist high school its the best i used to go there. now i go to gables academy.[read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

you can do a LOT better than here - 6/14/2011

Baton Rouge is a joke I relocated here from Milwaukee about 18 monts ago and am seriously thinking about moving back. This place is NOTHING like it used to be. The traffic here is terrible for its size, crime is atrocious, and being an outsider(out of towner) the job market is a joke except for the locals. The people are meh, though some are friendly and will wave and blow at you, others are pretty rachet, as if I was back in Milwaukee. Outside of the corporated limits of Baton Rouge, it is o.k. but once you pass that sign it is like a warzone here. The entire city screams POVERTY and filthiness. People here a content with just getting by which is sad. I have attempted to find positives about here not having to shovel snow is one, and the cuisine is another outside of that and the Souths racial history(which is still here people are still stuck in slave mode by accepting any ol thing that comes their way)there is not much to harp on about this dreaded busted place. Milwaukee ain't all gravy but it definitely isnt as bad as it is here. [read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

Traffic, traffic , and more traffic - 8/30/2010

I wholeheartedly agree with the writer about how bad it is now since so many New Orleans people came here and never left after Katrina. The city has tried upgrading the streets and highways but it's too little too late. Traffic was always a problem but now it's a nightmare, and this is 5 years after Katrina. I do my grocery shopping late at night at the allnight stores. Less traffic and shorter checkout lines. I've got a new Honda motorcycle and the only time I get to ride is late and night when there's less traffic. This is not a motorcycle (or bike) -friendly place at all. On the subject of population, almost overnight-literally-my neighborhood of mostly rental properties became flooded with non-english speaking latinos. Now I've nothing against them personally, but now there are only 4 people in the whole neighborhood who I can actually talk to. The rest I can only wave at and they just wave back. They are friendly, courteous, quiet, and generally keep to themselves. But, if I moved to a non-english speaking country, say France, I would make every effort to learn the language. I wouldn't expect them to accomodate me. But these people don't seem to even be trying. Their kids only speak spanish too so I have to wonder how they manage attending school here. Most drive late model cars and trucks so they are employed somewhere, maybe self-employed I don't know. But they are not poor by any means. I have no problem with them other than feeling like I've moved to Mexico and that I'm the foreigner, lol.[read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

Having lived here all my life and finally retired, - 8/30/2010

I am ready to move elsewhere now that I have the freedom to do so. I have to laugh when people cry 'global warming' during the summers here. It's always been hot here, sometimes even during the winter. When I got my first bicycle Christmas of 1955 everyone was in shorts and T-shirts. That was the norm back then and about the same now. I remember only two very hard freeze winters in my lifetime where it got so cold parts of the LSU lakes iced over. The second time it happened it caused an explosion at the Exxon Refinery by the river. That was around 1990. During my college days at LSU, students who came from all over the country couldn't believe how hot it was during the fall and winter months. Those who came from northern states seem to like it at first but got tired of it soon enough when it was too hot to show off their new sweaters, coats, and jackets they got from the mall. To be fair, there are times when we have nice fall weather and people bundle up to go to Tiger Stadium for some great LSU football. (Major event here. This IS a college town). Some years are nice, other years....not so nice. So bottom line: It's hot and humid here. It's always been hot and humid here, and it's always going to be hot and humid here, with or without the news media blaiming everything on global warming. I was thinking of moving to Tennessee. I read someone complaining how much they hated it because of 'hot and humid summers.' Looks like I might have to air higher up the US map, lol.[read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

Cuisine - 7/13/2010

One of the great things about South Louisiana is the food. We have a rich history of Cajun/Creole cuisine that is a mixture of cultural influences from France, Italy, the Caribbean, and more. Eating is an event here and the food is unique to the area.[read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

Economy - 3/5/2010

Very diverse economy with a major university, petrochemical industry, health care, only lacking in good transportation.[read more...]

Williams, AZ

Bad and Good - 8/14/2009

I lived in LA. for 48 years, 20 of those years in Baton Rouge. There are good and bad things about Baton Rouge. It is very hot for 3 months of the year(April,Oct.&Nov.). It is broiling hot and unbearably humid for 5 months of the year(May thru Sept.) and it is cool for 4 mos(Dec thru Mar). Baton Rouge is a very pretty city, full of greenery and flowers for much of the year. There are many great restaurants-the food absolutely cannot be beat! There's lots to do(for adults and kids)year round if you can stand the heat and humidty. The water park is a very popular place in summer. It only snows about once every 10 years so kids won't have snow to play in, but winters are cool enough(but not cold) for lots of outdoor activities.[read more...]

Covington, LA

You People Are Wild... - 7/17/2009

Baton Rouge is actually a cool place to live. When you enter the city, you can almost feel the positive energy that comes from a college town atmosphere. I lived there for 5 years. Some of my best friends from Baton Rouge became my friends through random conversation at a local eatery or standing in line somewhere. Baton Rouge is a friendly town with lots to do. Their attractions boast a swamp tour, a water park, the USS Kidd, a doll museum that is super cool, thriving art galleries, and yes...LSU. Who can resist Mike the Tiger? He's gorgeous. But there's also Southern. You can visit movie theaters, the zoo, a casino, a mall, go skating, play putt putt golf, go bowling, or get a job. The nightlife is so fun. There are ample spots to listen to great live music. There are clubs and bars to fit every style. Baton Rouge has great margaritas, so I'm sold right away. :-) One of my personal favorite things to do in Baton Rouge was to sit at the Mississippi River and wonder what great men passed through that very way over the years. You won't find a more intersting place to study politics than Louisiana. And Baton Rouge is rich with history, culture, spirituality and diversity. I can't speak to the grade school situation because I don't have kids. But I attended LSU and loved it!!!! Crime? Hum, there is crime everywhere you go. Can't get away from that one. I personally love Baton Rouge.[read more...]

Marietta, GA

The New Southern Cosmo - 6/10/2009

Baton Rouge is finally blossoming into a cosmopolitian city. Downtown which was abandoned back in the day is alive and well. It used to strive on LSU, now it's holding it's own and surpassing New Orleans. The weather is very hot and humid in summer through mid fall but the winter and spring are nice and mild. Plenty of places to eat,shop and rest. The crime rate is going down and that is a good thing. While other parts of the coutnry have experienced a depression Baton Rouge is doing well on the economic front.[read more...]

Baton Rouge, LA

A shame - 12/13/2008

Baton Rouge was once a beautiful and friendly place. With a population of around 40,000 people and a present, but subdued crime rate. Now Baton Rouge has a population of nearly 230,000, mostly New Orleans folk that fled here, and the city is now filthy, crime infested, crowded and rude. My Baton Rouge has been stolen from me. I am not knowledgeable about the schooling, however, the economy seems to be going strong right now. There are many new businesses opening, and old jobs are still available. Unfortunately the cost of living has gone up drastically. The good is, even during this time of economic downturn in America, Baton Rouge is doing fine. The bad is, Baton Rouge is now just as bad as New Orleans with it's crime and low morals, due to the population increase.[read more...]

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