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re: INSURANCE & HOA COSTS? - 3/1/2011 - 5/7/2011
5/5/11--Ron's comments on unsettled property taxes/hurricane insurance coverage unavailable--retirement property purchase on hold. Thanks. Bob

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Dunedin, FL

Flori-duh - 9/18/2013

I have been researching other places to live, particularly SC. Dunedin represents it self as quaint and livable and it is but something misses. I've been here 10 years and look to leave FL for many reasons. Fl is a place where people come to relax and let others do the work. The no income tax issue is a joke, Fl gets you in so many other ways. Bring your car?, Fl considers it a new car in FL so you will pay FL tax on it. etc! I am not totaling bashing my area, it is ok, I'm just looking for more.

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Knoxville, TN

Love It - 12/12/2011

As far as the town goes, I lived there for about four months-five yrs ago-and I loved it. I can't comment other than that. But I'd go back in a minute.

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Freeport, IL


I think Dunedin has a lot of potential for my retirement location. But before I come for a visit...can anyone give me an estimated annual cost for the following items: 1) Homeowners Ins. ($1,300. ?)_______ 2) Flood Ins. ($300. ?) _______ 3) HOA Fees (waterview midrise condo) _______ THANK YOU.

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Dunedin, FL

Great city to live in but......................... - 5/5/2007

Dunedin, Florida is a great city to live in but..........it is in the wrong state. Let me explain. The state of Florida is in a state of crisis. The real estate taxes are out of whack and the real estate insurance is in even a worst condition. The powers to be in Tallahassee (State Capital} are trying to solve the problem but without much luck. Because of hurricanes in recent years, private insurers are downsizing their exposure. We have had Allstate since we moved here 20 years ago and we just received notice that our policy will not be renewed. As for taxes on real estate, it is the most messed up in the nation. To find out more, if you know anybody that owns property in Florida, give them a call and they will explain it to you. Now as for Dunedin, it is the greatest city in Florida. Again, just ask anybody that lives here. Come for a visit and you will see for yourself.

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Dunedin, FL

Dunedin is a great place to live , but home owners - 12/21/2006

I was born and raised in the the Dunedin area. It is a wonderful place,with warm weather , beautiful beaches , and plenty to do. The recent hurricanes have caused home owners insurance to skyrocket. Also , property taxes are going up a bit.For example ,property tax for one year on my home with an assessed value of $105,700 - $25,000 homestead exemption was $1599.69. My home owners insurance was about $1200. for one year, and we hear it's going up again.Sorry to wine about this , but this issue has most of the locals quite concerned , and some, down right angry ! Dunedin is a great place to live ,and if you don't mind the recent cost of living increase , come on down , or up! Rick

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