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"Tucson Really Sucks!"

Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011
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In 1992 I made the most grievous error of moving to Tucson. After living most of my life in New York City with a 7 year stint in Miami Florida, the move to Tucson was something I thought would be beneficial. Boy was I wrong.
It is impossible to plant ones roots and grow in this desert hell hole.
To begin with the people here are what really makes this place unlivable.
I have met some of the most unfriendly,so called human beings to ever exist, living in Tucson. The schools here are producing the next generation of Morons! The collective intelligence of the town shows an IQ of minus 10!
I come from New York City and I have heard it said that New Yorkers are rude.
Well let me tell you that here in Tucson you will find the rudest people on the planet! This town is still trying to preserve its place in history as the quintessential cowtown. All you have here are phony Redneck Cowboys with a huge sprinkling of Latinos. Since we are a border town Tucson experiences
a heavy influence from Mexico. Unlike Miami's progressive Cuban culture and New Yorks diverse culture, the Mexican sub culture has a Manana attitude. The constant flow of illegal bordercrossers, drugs and guns has turned this city into a video game of crime, low wages and despair.

As per the culture here in Tucson, There is more culture in a cup of Yogurt! Sure we have the symphony but the season stops with the hot weather.
The Opera is excellent, but only 5 performances a year! The Rodeo to me is one huge joke!!!

Tucson is the worlds capital of Mediocrity and Melaise! Nothing is ever
approached with any degree of panache and excellence. If you excell at any of lifes endeavors you are either put down or ignored! Witness the boondoogle of Rio Nuevo! What could have pulled the downtown area out of it's current state of demise has been mismanged and destroyed. Downtown Tucson will never happen because the local devlopers are too busy infilling the valley with ugly strip malls and cookie cutter communities. The only thing that could save this city would be handing the developing rights over to Donald Trump! We have lost Sports teams, a possible Aquarium that the voters approved and if we are not careful we will lose the prestigous Gem Show!
On top of this the economy has never been good, not even in the best of times!

Yes we have physical beauty due to the mountains surrounding the city but if you snap your fingers and make them disappear, you have an ugly
city! The extreme heat of the summer is anything but comfortable!

I should have thought a hundred times before moving to Tucson! 20 years of my life could have been spent elsewhere in a place that allows people to grow and achieve. If God wanted to create a place worse than Hell he could use Tucson as a model!

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 2/14/2012
I agree. I have been to over 30 states in this country. I can honestly say that Arizona, and especially Tucson has it's share of the RUDEST people you will ever run across. I have lived in Tucson now for a grueling 5 years and can tell you it's felt like 15. Driving is horrendous, people usually do 10-15 mph UNDER the speed limit or cut you off and nearly cause an accident basically anywhere. So not only taking 2 hours to get anywhere, you get behind these people who are basically catatonic behind the wheel. Then everywhere you go you have to deal with everyone's inflated egos in this city. I have never seen so many bald-headed, goatee wearing, tattooed, cut off sleeve, wannabe tough guys in my life. Everyone's running around like this is the wild-west and don't know how to be civil to another human being. Like I said, i've seen a good share of this country and the people are here...just have no clue how to treat other people. This place is good to vacation in no excess of a week. If you come from New England or another part of the world and want a change of scenery, it's good...for about a week. IF you're not here to be social..Because if you try to crack a joke or try to be friendly to somebody, they'll look at you like you're one-eyed and GREEN. I am desperately trying to get out of this state and furthest away from it as I can. I really cannot fathom how ANYONE can defend this place unless they were born here and never set a foot OUTSIDE of Tucson's city limits. Then you have some people who make the argument "they're from somewhere else". No they're NOT. The only NICE people i've met here actually are from other states.

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 10/23/2015
I completely disagree with you. Yes, Tucson may be a desert, but it is very nice here. I live in Tucson, and frankly, you don't see me going around, criticizing other states, do you? No. Because all of the states are their own, and they are all nice. Tucson is not that bad. You just don't like it because you're used to the cold climate. We are used to the warm climate because it is warm here, and humid. But we still have cold seasons, I.E Winter and fall.

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 10/11/2014
Tucson is beautiful!

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 10/11/2014
Ira,you should look at yourself in the mirror for the coward. Tucson is heaven.We need more people to leave.

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 5/12/2013
hMr New York... The population of Tucson has increased from 212,000 in 1960 to 980,000 in 2010. The growth is not from high birthrate, so where did they come from... People like you... from New York, and other places north. So why are they so impolite and dumb. The answer is obvious.

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 8/18/2013
I completely agree with you I started a blogsite to tell people what is going on down here I will continue to update it until I leave this godforsaken place next year. tucsonazsucks.blogspot

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 2/22/2011
You are right Ira about Tucson and it's pretty much all of Arizona , I have lived in az for 50 yrs so I know how it's changed and I'm finally moving this spring, I'm in flagstaff now and can't wait to leave, when you see the animals all lining up two by two then the boat is getting ready to sail, I sugest people do the same, Phoenix is now number one with the highest year round particulate pollution in the nation we beat bakersfield ca that's pretty bad, look up American lung association. So those on here defending Tucson are probably the rude ones you speak of, and it's just going to get worse, The Safeway shooting is proof of how dangerous it's getting, Noah warned people and they didn't listen and they all drowned in this case they all burn. Anyone who disses this is proving my point. Worse than new yorkers, I'd say ten times worse. Most of The true arizonians are gone :(

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 2/17/2011
There are at least two cities worse than Tucson - Phoenix and Detroit!

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 2/21/2011
wow!, and you've been living in Tucson for 20 years?, feeling that way, from The big apple, cultured and extravagant?, I smell poverty and wannabe.., in addition to old age. Tucson is the best place to live for world loving people who love the outdoors not an opera. You moved to the wrong place, no doubt about it, but see, miserable people who move here from other places are the ones that are making Tucson Sour, not the illegals, or rednecks or a growing african american community, is white conservative, hard ass old white people like you.

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 10/5/2014
I really disagree. It makes sense, you're from New York. I think East Coasters are 1000 times worse than the people here. I moved here last year from Virginia, and can I just say the East Coast is full of rich, snotty people who only care for themselves. The only reason you call them unfriendly is because they aren't exactly like you. On the East Coast you have to be a certain way or society will hate you. The heat is a lot better than humidity that makes you wet all over 24/7. You're exactly like all the others, making $100,000 a year by typing on a computer screen. The East Coast is a horrible place. The only reason the schools are " Horrible " is because, again, they aren't following the East Coasts ways. HA. You know what I say, GET OUT AND MAKE ROOM FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE IT. You're a racist bastard who is as American as any everyone else in this country. These are the most down to earth people in the US. Hope you have fun judging people and making a lot of money. Have a good life, hope youre arrogance is worth it when youre in the grave.

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re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011 - 11/13/2012
I was seriously planning on moving to Arizona based on a (albeit shallow) friends recommendation and realized from comments like yours that Arizona seems to be the worst American region. Exhaustive research has failed to find a single cluster of accolades or even "so-so" or "kinda OK" opinions about the place. The few recommendations to live there only come from the people do directly benefit such as realtors and mortgage lenders, but every other opinion is anchored in regret, warnings and a buyers remorse about moving there. The lack of opportunities except for those with Masters in Engineering who have better choices than working for Intel in the desert seems the common theme, a cultural toilet with a population that measures eachother by the quality of beer you drink, the height of your bumper off the ground and the stamina of your liver is the top differentiators. Thanks for saving me from a terrible relocation mistake.

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Tuckerton, NJ

Looking forward to making Tuscon my new home. - 6/29/2016

If anyone can answer my questions it be much appreciated. I welcome all negative and positive reviews of Tuscon, AZ. I'll be quick. I fell in love with Phoenix several years ago when I stayed here few weeks and was hired for law enforcement position post military....Still to this day I regretted my decision of not following through due to problems back home needing addressing with family. Here I am over 10 years later, I that time I'm able to afford a simple retirement at a young age of 35 with all things considered, I can live off a budget now till I die, but by no means am I able to be non frugal every day. Here is my scenario I from NJ. Yes most stereotypes is true here, but I was able to make most out of it, my time is done here.....I love sunny weather just puts me in great mood. Again is spent July in Phoenix ten hrs ago and I walked through city with Jeans and a football jersey without breaking a sweat, near impossible to do here in NJ the humity is crazy here June thru most of September....I can't stand the cold even more. Now my plan is to rent for two years, I'm sure that is how long it will take for me to get good idea if like a place I'm open minded and enjoy most things Tuscon has to offer as far weather and numerous activities I can engage in on daily basis. My only issue is finding a 2 bedroom apartment in a very good area, my budget is 1,000 per month for rent. If anybody can give me an idea of apartments that y'all experienced or heard about it be much appreciated. Area very important as I have my son through out summer and winter breaks. Having hard time deciding on it them. Right now I'm looking at overlook pusch ridge, which actually is under my budget. I've also contemplated Brittany apartments on speedway. Please I welcome any recommendations.

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Tucson, AZ

climate - 3/3/2016

its hot

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Tucson, AZ

U of A - 3/1/2016

If you're looking for an awesome college town, U of A (and Tucson) is the place to go.

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Tucson, AZ

Tucson. - 3/1/2016

Tucson is beautiful and very cultured.

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Tucson, AZ

tucson - 3/1/2016

I like it

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Tucson, AZ

Thinking about moving to Tucson? - 12/29/2015

About a year ago I was given the opportunity to pack up my family and transfer from Michigan to Tucson, AZ. I had never even been to Arizona and thus had a lot of questions. The information I found was vague, shallow and/or disorganized. I kept coming back to, “I wish I just knew someone who lived there to talk to.” But I didn’t have that person, and the move turned into a bit of a leap of faith. There are a lot of things I wish I would have known. I wanted to share what I've learned over the past year so I wrote the book I wish I could have read before making the move. Moving is hard enough; you don’t need to bring a lot of unanswered questions with you. Check it out at www.livingintucson.org/

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Tucson, AZ

Lived in Arizona for 21 years now, 11 in Tucson, 1 - 12/16/2015

This southwestern climate is mostly pleasant year round in terms of temperatures. However, there are considerations that would make you think otherwise, or prefer to live in a colder climate. Things like, wind, humidity or lack of, bugs and other creatures, and sun of course. Tell me what you like to do and what lifestyle you are looking for and I will give objective feedback. FYI, I want to move for a variety of reasons, but am no longer frustrated and negative as I once was after first moving here in mid-adulthood. There is much more to living than just climate or temperatures. A lot of people from colder climates seem to think that's all you have to know about Tucson to make it desireable. (I guess harsh winters would get you thinking like that). I hope someone out there can help me figure out where to go next. I've got to have a change of scene or I'll never be happy. Thanks for reading.

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Los Gatos, CA

questions - 10/14/2015

With my 900,000 townhouse in Silicon Valley, I could afford to retire to Tuscon very easily. I am looking to perhaps own a small business or perhaps volunteer my time, as I am a teacher. I will easily be able to aford a nice townhouse or house. Is there a lot of places to volunteer? Would there be interested people in a book club? How is UOA in regards to being a returning student at 62? I grew up in the heat of Phoenix and I can manage that learning curve again? What are the creative options in Tuscon? Thank you

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Tucson, AZ

Arizona Revised Statute passed in 2005 - 8/23/2015

13-2912. Unlawful introduction of disease or parasite; classification A. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly introduce into this state a disease or parasite of animals or poultry that constitutes a threat to: 1. Livestock or poultry industry in this state. 2. Human health. 3. Human life. B. This section does not apply to research conducted by government or educational institutions. C. A violation of subsection A: 1. Paragraph 1 is a class 5 felony. 2. Paragraph 2 is a class 4 felony. 3. Paragraph 3 is a class 2 felony.

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Tucson, AZ

The end of the World-Tucson - 8/8/2015

Absolutely the worst place ever. The economy sucks unless you think $9.00/hour is great pay, like most Tucson natives. The phrase " low expectations" should be the city slogan. If you like people who wear the same smelly clothes 4-5 days without a change or a shower, Tucson is for you. The locals are the rudest, dumbest people on the planet and the " snow birds" are just a bunch of pissy geezers from someplace like Minnesota If you idea of a great meal is beans and tortillas, it's your spot. If you consider hiking the same dusty desert 50 times fun, or if you have fun riding a bike in 110 degree weather come on down. On the other hand, if your IQ is higher than your shoe size, you will hate this poverty stricken dump.

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Tucson, AZ

Hot hot hot - 3/31/2015

If you like hiking in the mountains its a good place. If you like really hot places its a good place.

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Tucson, AZ

Tucson - The Best place on earth - 3/16/2015

There are so many things to do here in the sunny Old Pueblo. First you can start the day with a hike in Sabino Canyon, enjoy the snow melt running through the canyons and see the changes in landscape from desert floor to soaring pines in the sky. Take a stroll on the University of Arizona campus, stroll Starr Pass resort in the volcanic Tucson Mountains. With 365 days of Sunshine the pools are always the place to be. There are so many great resort pools in Tucson like the Ritz Carlton in Marana, Ventana and La Paloma in the Catalina Foothills. The dude ranch at Tanque Verde Ranch. Take a horse into the Rincon mountain sunrise and sunset. Eat a cowboy steak under the stars around the fire. This place is beautiful. The school systems are getting better. As a TUSD student myself I can vouch first hand. They are not the best, but not the worst either. I had a great school experience here. Not to mention the Greatest university in the world is here. U of A!!! The golf, shopping, dining, and entertainment all work great. The cost of living is minimal. Real estate prices are great and very affordable. The housing market is on an upward pace right now. I am a local Real Estate Professional. For more info on the market and homes in Southern Arizona contact me at (520) 404-4135 or go to my website www.Justin-Bentley.com

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Tucson, AZ

Think again before you move here! - 2/14/2015

The schools are some of the worst in the country. I am a K-12 educator working in the Sunnyside District, so I know first hand how bad it is. Furthermore, the weather is wicked hot in the summer and all real activity dies. Everyone wants to get the heck out of here, and businesses either suffer or close up every summer because nobody with money stays. It's very hard to have gainful employment here and vandalism and theft are the top crimes. It's a very grungy city and the planning (if you could call it that) is inadequate. Roads are full of potholes and adequate drainage when we have monsoonal floods is absent! Parts of Speedway and Grant could destroy your car! What I do like about Tucson is the bike paths, but that's about it.People, unless you like being poor and having your things stolen and damaged, STAY AWAY! I'm looking for my way out!

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Anaheim, CA

Valley Fever - 2/13/2015

I once lived in Tucson for about 2 years back in the 60's. I've been living in California for the last 50 years but it is very expensive. I always liked Tucson and I would really like to move back for retirement. But I am very worried about Valley Fever. I'm 63 years old with asthma. How much of a risk would I be taking by moving back to Tucson? California is nice but I love the Sonoran Desert. And you just can't beat an Arizona sunset. Thank you.

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Tucson, AZ

Not for us. - 2/5/2015

Move here -if you like the mountains or want to live by the mountains, biking, warm weather, want to retire, Small town feel, want to wear shorts everywhere you go and I mean everywhere, potholes, lots of white trash trailer parks, can't get enough of the million saguaros and never wanting to visit the other side of city because lack of freeways. There are lots bars here and no nightclubs to get excited about. By the way if you have nonwhite friends like I do tell them they are not warmly welcomed. Don't move here if- you are expecting excitement, want classier malls, nightlife, nice restaurants, like to dress up or a more cosmopolitan feel, and easy freeway access. Don't make the same mistake I did. Before you move here write a list of expectations and visit for 1 week mon-fri and you will see what I mean. Been living here for 3 years time to go. The best about tucson is that you are 1.5 hours from Phoenix. Thanks

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Tucson, AZ

Tucson - 12/29/2014

Tucson seems like it is two different cities: one dirty and run-down, the other is upscale and beautiful. I have lived here for about 2.5 years and have a love hate relationship with Tucson. The weather for about 6-7 months of the year is great! but the summer of 100+ weather seems to never end (May-Sept). With little kids, it does really seem like you are stuck inside during this time. There are some places to go but it almost seems like the flip side of a winter somewhere in the midwest where you cant do much for the winter months. And the roads are horrible! Most are 20-30 years old without upkeep. And nobody has any grass. I miss the grass! If you have kids, you must avoid the TUSD like the plague. Thank goodness for the Vail, Catalina, and Oro Valley school districts (which are some of the best in the state; Vail is actually rated the best in AZ). Again, this goes back to my point of two different cities The foothills and the north are very nice and the Tucson has great food! Not just Mexican food but many different types of food with great restaurants, both local and chains. The amount of sunny days is great. I never look at the weather forecast here because it's always sunny and either hot or not hot, depending on the time of year. Overall, I'm kind of indifferent about staying here longterm. I could and would be okay with it. I could just as well leave and think I wouldn't want to move back here.

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Lubbock, TX

Amazing place to live - 12/27/2014

Don't listen to a word about people who think Tucson sucks, it doesn't, I don't know what all the negative hype on the internet is all about, but I don't think anyone has really stayed in Tucson longer than a month. I lived here for a few years because I got a job offer. First of all, it's very spread out, Pima county is the same size as Maricopa County, which is the metropolitan area of Phoenix, but it's at least four times as small, though metropolitan Tucson is growing, there are over 1 million people living in the metropolitan area. Second is the scenery, Tucson is arguably just as beautiful as Denver, but is a way better place to stay, there are good views everywhere. The people in Tucson are also really friendly and nice, I have no idea what the other people are talking about when they say there are homeless and shady people everywhere in Tucson. Third is the weather, people say it's extremely hot and is 115 degrees, first of all I can tell you that is complete lie, the highest temperature ever recorded in Tucson was 115 degrees, second, even though it's literally in the desert the climate is actually a lot cooler than Phoenix because of the high elevation. The winters are cool but aren't freezing, averaging 64 to 75 degrees, the summer is the only time the temperature constantly exceeds 90 degrees, but you're in the desert, what do you expect? Tucson also has the conveniences of a big city, better transportation is one of them, there is a public bus system, which is useful if you don't have a car. Another plus is that Tucson has an amazing public school system, I wonder what the other people are talking about, all of the schools are ranked high, especially if you live in the Catalina Foothills area. The income taxes are also extremely low. There are also a lot of attractions and things to do in Tuscon than way more cities in the 500,000 population mark, there is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which has a zoo, museum, and aquarium combined, the Gardens which show various desert plants you can't see anywhere else, Pima Canyon, Old Tucson, which has a lot of culture and history about the city's early days, and the Pima Air and Space Museum, which ahs a large collection of aircraft. Tucson is a great place to live, I wouldn't have moved if I hadn't got a better job offer.

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Tucson, AZ

I lived in Tucson all my life - 11/18/2014

And I have no idea why someone would choose to live here. My parents were headed to California and stopped here in Tucson and decided they liked the parched and dusty desert instead. In Tucson there are only a few places to make money: Raytheon, the University of Arizona and in the medical field. I have been told in job interviews that they pay so little you can keep your food stamps and AHCCCS (which I don't have because I'm single with no children). Arizona also ranks 49 out of 50 for our public education. Great if you are retired but if you have kids, plan to home school.

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Tucson, AZ

Tucson is a great place to live - 11/2/2014

I can only reiterate what a previous reviewer said to those who can find nothing but bad things to say about Tucson: LEAVE!! Get out now! We don't need you. It's the people with bad attitudes who drag Tucson down. I am a long long shot from being a wealthy person yet I find Tucson to be a great place to live... and I live in what is considered "central" Tucson... in other words, not out in the suburbs. I'm not going to spend the time to list all the pros of Tucson, but there are many. Yes, Tucson has some problems too - what city doesn't?! But if one is interested in Tucson as a place to live, do the research yourself - come and visit us and make up your own mind. Moving to Tucson was the best decision of my life and I say that without exaggeration. It could be for you too, but you've got to make a little effort - both before you move here and when you move here. Your home is what you make of it and Tucson makes it very easy, in my opinion, to carve out a lovely, comfortable and safe little space for yourself in an absolutely beautiful part of the desert southwest. Best of luck everyone!

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Tucson, AZ

Proceed With Caution - 10/21/2014

If you can afford housing in the foothills or gated communities, you may have a better experience here as this shields you from the homeless at every corner and trash accumulating at the roadside throughout most of the city. Coming from the airport, shuttle vans move the resort and spa bound through ugly and worn south Tucson. The roads are of poor quality with multiple pot holes. The roadway system is outdated and unable to move traffic about efficiently which results in too many cases of road rage. Angry people. Many operating in survival mode. Disengaged and disconnected heavy spirits who reflect the surrounding of waste and hopelessness. A lack of pride is evident as there is no effort being made to make the city look more appealing. The agreeable weather most of the year and beauty of the desert do not make up for all the negatives, we sure have tried though. Not a good place to raise a family. Poor school systems and AZ spends little on students. Research and look elsewhere to have a positive prosperous future.

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