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"How is it to live in San Diego?"

How is it to live in San Diego? - 4/12/2012
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Jersey City, NJ

I heard great things about this city and I know that it has its problems, but since me and my husband are trying to get out of the freezing New York for a while, I would like to move somewhere warm yet friendly.

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re: How is it to live in San Diego? - 4/12/2012 - 6/7/2012
I moved here 6 months ago and even though I am only 37 I want to retire and spend the rest of my life here.

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Andover, MN

Remember why I left - 3/14/2014

Southern CA Is lovely, I am a native and spent my youth there. So much to do but it is stressful and expensive. The job market and housing are really tough. People tend to be smug, on something, and empty. Weather is best by the coast and it is quickly becoming LA with lots of traffic. Too many people for the resources so it has changed but not for the better. Mexico is a threat as is the lack of fresh water. No place for my kids to get established and the schools are a mess as is the economy. It has always been liberal but now borders on true Communism. What a hassle everything tends to be. Feel great there tho due to sun and sea breezes, but unless you are wealthy forget peace. You will slave for a dirty old box, no middle class left, and believe it they can and will have an earthquake. Huge drug culture there wrecked my family and the weather is hotter and humid now. Absolutely the best Mexican food anywhere and it's great to have mountains/desert too. I have been visiting for a long time in short trips & haven't noticed the despair like I did after staying a few months. We will not be returning and it is hard to get images of the sunken Titanic with all the doomed passengers out of my mind. Not too big to fail and the infrastructure is collapsing, taxes cannot keep up with the volume of unemployed bailing the drought...[read more...]

San Diego, CA

72 and Sunny - 3/13/2014

San Diego is sunny most days with too much to do! Beaches, World Renowned Zoo, parks, museums, shopping, great airport.....[read more...]

Michael J.
San Diego, CA

Too high to be worth it... - 1/21/2014

San Diego has increased in traffic, population, and crime. Don't read the statistics as they're wrong! As far as white population, we are now the minority. You PAY for the beautiful sunny weather. However, you pay for it in other ways, besides a high cost of living - that is reflected in utility bills as well. Water is an issue since they won't pass desalinization laws here. Not only is it expensive, but it's just not local - hey, this IS a desert after all! The CA economy over all keeps pushing away business because they tax them to death. We are looking to move north and researching places now... I'd stay away from San Diego, and CA in general![read more...]

San Diego, CA

HORRIBLE. 1 bed apartment 1700.00 per month - 1/5/2014

In addition loaded with illegals and middle east. drugs and crime are rampead.stay in the south[read more...]

Santee, CA

America's Finest City . . . NOT!!!!!! - 7/26/2013

I've lived in San Diego since 1983 and I can tell you it SUCKS!!! It's hot, it's humid by the beach, it's dry inland, there's always a drought so water prices are outrageous, it's supposedly a "vacation destination" so gas prices are ridiculous, it's ALWAYS crowded with the rudest people on earth, and the traffic is INSANE!!! I've been trying to get out of here for over 15 years, but it's so expensive that you get upside down in house debt (and then the market takes a dive) so you can't even leave. And the housing prices . . . don't even get me started. The people (all 20-something twinkies) are vapid and vane -- no heart and definitely no soul. This is truly the devil's playground. The new Sodom and Gomorrah. (It makes Vegas look saintly.) There's NOTHING good about this place![read more...]

San Diego, CA

San Diego Weather - 6/30/2013

San Diego is a beautiful place with sunny and clement weather most of the year. It's a very good place for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.[read more...]


Short-timer in San Diego - 6/28/2013

San Diego is a far larger city than I have ever lived in & it's size is a negative for me (too much of: noise; light at night; people; cars; buildings; asphalt.). However, it has distinct neighborhoods (albeit too small properties that are too close together) which is nice for a city this size. The most negative: too costly, especially to buy a home, to retire here, or to live here (high gasoline & utility costs). The most positive: the weather (although you have to like above average humidity and warmer summer temps). If you have no money worries & don't mind the noise level & the low air quality, it's probably as nice a city this size as you'll find in the entire country.[read more...]

San Diego, CA

Your are definitely paying for the sunshine! - 5/25/2013

Though San Diego can be a fun and relaxed place to live, it's also prohibitively expensive. Unless you're making at least $50,000 with NO one else to support and without having ANY debt, don't expect to get ahead here. You have to really value sunshine and not care too much about traffic and the high cost of living here. For some it's worth it, for other's, not so much.[read more...]

La Mesa, CA

Family-Oriented Activities - 3/11/2013

In general, San Diego is a city which is more oriented toward the young professional. There is a great lack of activities which engage the entire family and are affordable. [read more...]

Michael J.
San Diego, CA

You'll pay dearly for the weather... - 3/4/2013

Sunshine most of the year, if it goes below 70, people complain and get jackets. I've been here over 30 years, coming from the east coast, and I admit that I love all the sunshine, but the cost of living is very high! We are now looking to move to the Pacific Northwest to get a change of scenery, and a better cost of living.[read more...]

San Diego, CA

San Diego - 1/12/2013

I am a San Diego native, lived here all my life, 37 years. I have a family now and in pursuit of a better place to live. I am a self employed artisan and cannot compete in this city of SUV, IKEA and over priced under built mini mansions. San Diego has great areas to live but lacks an art scene or appreciation. Time for a change.[read more...]

Brooklyn, NY

Weather Can Be Over Rated - 1/8/2013

After living in San Diego for a few years, I decided to head East to pursue an education. Here are my top rated neighborhoods to live if you so decide to call this metropolitan area home. 1. Del Mar 2. Encinitas 3. Cardiff by the Sea 4. Point Loma 5. Pacific Beach As you can tell, most of these places are close to the beach. Budget not being an issue, I suggest that you enjoy. I made up my mind not to return to San Diego. But heck! Granted a great career opportunity, it won't be so hard to choose. Life can be hectic if you work there and have terrible committed, but it beats LA anyday. Three more semesters in college in NYC, but San Diego is not my top rated destination. Good luck to you! If living close to the beach and eating an occasional burrito, mark up Encinitas for its laid back style.[read more...]

San Diego, CA

Transplant from the Midwest - 12/22/2012

During the first year of living in San Diego, I missed the fall and snow for the holidays. After that, I got used to the weather and now I don't care for seasonal change. Also, San Diego is always sunny inland, but on the coast it's usually cloudy in the morning or entire day.[read more...]

San Diego, CA

Great weather but not much else - 9/29/2012

If you live by the coast, theweather can't be beat. Also, we have the advantage of no mosquitoes, so being out in the evening is enjoyable. cons: boring...once you have been here a year, all the events are the same the next year! A lot of stoners! Everyone smokes pot. Guys in flip-flops. yup, even attorneys wear jeans and flip-flops to work. Salaries are sooooo much lower than anywhere in the US that I have lived. Moved from NYC and took a $25,000 pay cut. employers know that lots of people want to live here for the weather so they pay them crap. It's called the sunshine tax. Also, ten years ago the city was much nicer....less traffic, low crime, less people, more jobs. The city is broke, they pay their police poorly, and the city makes stupid decisions. Schools are horrible. [read more...]

Spring Valley, CA

San Diego - 9/28/2012

Is bankrupt[read more...]

San Diego, CA

San Diego - 9/21/2012

I am a New York/New Jersey grrrl not in San Diego by choice. I am here only because the military posted my husband here. In fact, back in my East Coast corporate life, I used to travel to SoCal frequently on business, and swore on my father's grave I would NEVER live here! Surprise, surprise; I LIKE San Diego. Which is a good thing, because this is the first Big City my husband the small-town Midwest boy has totally fallen in love the point where we're already developing a business plan to stay here when he retires from his 20. OF COURSE I'd prefer to retire and start up my next successful business back in the Princeton NJ area, but as retirement destinations go I'd FAR rather be HERE than in some godforsaken hamlet in Ohio! (Eh. Who knew? ;)) [read more...]

San Diego, CA

SD - 8/4/2012

It is beautiful here but not sure if it's a place I'd like to live long term[read more...]

Agoura Hills, CA

Stop moaning - 7/11/2012

Quit moaning about SD. California is gorgeous and so is the city. It rains for 300 days of the year where I live, thats Jarrow Tyneside. When I get that lottery win, California here I come.[read more...]

El Cajon, CA

America's finest City - 7/5/2012

SD is the town to live if you can afford it. The close proximity of good beaches, a vibrant downtown, good schools makes this a place to live.[read more...]

San Diego, CA

If you can afford to live here, it's the best plac - 6/7/2012

I am in might late 30s and decided Downtown San Diego is where I want to live so I got my finances together and bought myself a nice condo downtown for $260K. That was six months ago and since then I have never looked back and think it is the greatest place to live, especially if you are a wealthier retiree. First off even though it seems expensive, this is a first rate urban core that is only matched by more expensive urban cities like New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle. Those are the only cities in America that have urban cores worth moving to besides San Diego. But unlike any of those other cities you get the splendor of the best weather in the country without having to pay the outrageous urban prices those cities command. I love living here; I walk everywhere and drive my car once or at the most twice week. I walk to work, to the grocery store, restaurants, library, shopping, and any other places I need to go. I walk along the Marina, to beautiful manicured parks, and along the Gaslamp tourist area. I have always felt safe and the numbers prove it as Downtown San Diego is one of the safest urban areas in the nation. It is pretty much Paradise so if you can afford it, move to Downtown San Diego. [read more...]

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