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"Fresh Air"

Fresh Air - 4/8/2012
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Grants Pass, OR

The place is still small enough you can be known by a lot of people. There lots of things to do. Booting, fishing, skying, hunting and a lot more. One thing, when you wake in the morning you will experience a fresh clean and crisp ready to go, feeling every day. Its the climate!

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Grants Pass, OR

Small Town - 7/17/2013

Grants Pass Oregon is a beautiful place, it is a small town and has some of the issues that you find in all small towns but overall it is a nice place to live[read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

Fresh Air - 4/8/2012

The place is still small enough you can be known by a lot of people. There lots of things to do. Booting, fishing, skying, hunting and a lot more. One thing, when you wake in the morning you will experience a fresh clean and crisp ready to go, feeling every day. Its the climate![read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

Abundance of culture for a small city - 10/8/2011

You will be surprised by the variety of cultural opportunities in Grants Pass. Last weekend (Oct 1) the annual Art Along the Rogue was held. This chalk art festival brings in professionals from the local area as well as the world. Incredible work. We have one of the oldest small theaters in Oregon as well as summer musical theater as well as several other theater groups. We have numerous private art galleries as well as an excellent art museum in the center of downtown. You can find something every weekend. [read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

gentle climate - 4/14/2011

grants pass, or. is more moderate climate compared to ashland ,or located 30 miles south.[read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

Its not your Great Little City anymore... - 8/14/2010

I have lived in Grants Pass for 30 yrs and have watched it grow in population rapidly. It used to be a quaint little town where people seemed happy and outgoing. Now people appear to be rude and aggressive. On the roads especially, they will cut you off and run you over! The town tries hard to keep up and maintain the beauty. But the drug addicts (METH)look like they are taking over. I have a 14 yr old son and just hope he stays in sports and keeps his nose clean of all the drugs around him.[read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

Tough place to be in this economy - 2/2/2010

I've lived in Grants Pass for many years and it has a lot of great points. The climate is moderate but you certainly get all four seasons. Lots of outdoor activities. Some cultural activites near by. But, the economy here is terrible. High un-employement and pay scales that have not kept pace with the cost of living make this a difficult place to raise a family. We have a large retired population here and this seems to be a good place for them, just difficult for the working families.[read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

pleasant place... - 7/8/2009

livable small town surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests with the ocean a pretty 2 hour drive from town and big city benefits only a half hour drive to medford..[read more...]

Medford, OR

An Amazing town - 4/2/2009

Grants Pass is a mid-sized town full of charm settled in a valley surrounded by beautiful hills on the banks of the Rogue River. I cannot say enough about this interesting, fun town filled with friendly people. They have worked very hard on the downtown, recreating it as it was long ago, even down to the street lights. The downtown has several fun antique shopes, and decorated fire hydrants, and for awhile each year, artists design and creatively paint life-sized bears that decorate the town. The town has a beautiful city park on the river, with a great play area, and room for sports. Don't miss Hellgate Jetboats, they are an exciting way to spend an afternoon! And Amazing May is a month filled with fun activities, from the hot air balloon festival, to the Native American Pow Wow, to an old car ralley, to the grand finale- Boatnik on Memorial Day week-end, where you will appreciate the beautiful ceremony in honor of out lost loved ones who fought for our country, and thrill to the fast and furious boat races. Grants Pass is a wonderful family town in a beautiful setting![read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

Two Zip Codes Mean Census Statistics are Al;ways W - 10/3/2008

Grants Pass Oregon is an historic town. Its downtown area is actually an official Historic Site. And most of the information you read herein is innaccurate, for one simple reason: "A River Runs Through Us!" Grants Pass is split down the middle by the legendary Rogue River, a designated "Wild and Scenic River". Because of the river, and for the convenience of the post office, everything north of the Rogue is ZIP 97526, everything south is ZIP 97527. Looking at statistics for one or the other, they seem to make sense. Put them together and nothing is really true. Which is fine with us; we'd rather have the river.[read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

Life in Grants Pass, OR - 8/29/2008

Grants Pass is a lovely place to live if you already have some money or are lucky enough to get a good paying job. We came here 2 years ago with no employment lined-up. After 2 years we are facing having to move away from a community that is wonderful in all ways except employment. I have struggled to find a job that pays a "living wage" in my skill set. If you are looking to move here, line up employment first. Otherwise, we have loved the community, the views and the climate. We will miss living here:([read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

We're a WalMart Society - 8/7/2007

With the I5 corridor curving above & to the east of most of us, we're confined to an "L" shape travel pattern. We travel south on 6th st. & north on 7th st., east or west on the alphabet streets, D, E, F, G, dependung if we got off the I5 at exit 55 or 58. Exit 55 drops you off in the heart of the commerical & industrial center of our universe. Exit 58 sends us down 6th st. We pass not only the Court House, City Hall and Post Office, but the many dining, clothing and thrift shops that make up the heart of the city. When we go up 7th st. there's a small theater, a Safeway and a few of banks along with the auto dealerships. The busiest places in town are the thrift shops, followed by the food establishents. There's easy parking, no meters, a great variety of Mom & Pop businesses and lot's of bears, as sidewalk decorations. The business owners have bught themselves a job and the employees work for minium wages or just above. Exit 55 drops you into the "Big Box" shopping centers. Lots of parking, eazy to walk to, plenty of restaurants, even an Applebee's. There's a multiplex theater, a Albertson's, Gottshanks, RV dealership, Fred Meyer with cheap gas, Dollar & Big Lot's. Also there is the busiest place in town, the dread of the mom & pop businesses - WALMART. This is where the prices & variety are. It may not be the best quality in town, but the price is right. There's always a line to get checked out, but the little sweet lady cashiers make you feel welcome. South of the Rogue River the are more small buinesses, medium shopping centers and the largest multiplex theater in town. Lot's of industrial businesses and the new & modern Wheeler Toyota dealership. Just look what the Prius did for that 60 year old business. Also the hosiptal is off Redwood highway. But all in all, the climate is good, as the arch over 6th st. says. While we work for substandard wages, the work is not that hard, the bosses not overbearing, and the people are of like disposition. If we leave the mom & pop businesses for the tourists and shop at WalMart we can survive very nicely here in paradise. [read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

Weather - 7/16/2007

Great mild winters! Not much rain and lot's of sun![read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

Grants Pass Climate - 8/24/2006

Grants Pass has a mild climate in the winter similar to Seattle but fewer rainy days. In the summer, especially in July and August, there are several days in the 100's and many in the 90's. Overall, I like the climate better than Seattle. Maybe this is because I like to play tennis and there are many more sunny days in Grants Pass than Seattle.[read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

A Great Place to Live - 7/1/2006

A wonderful place in southern Oregon.[read more...]

Grants Pass, OR

It's the Climate! - 2/26/2006

That's the "claim to fame" of Grants's the climate....and for the most part, I agree. We have four seasons.....three of which are pretty mild....spring, autumn and winter.....summer is hot.[read more...]