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Mount Horeb, WI

Quality of life - 12/18/2012

Mount Horeb is a nice community located approximately fifteen miles south west of Madison. What I like is the downtown area that include a number of stores and great places to eat. The community has all the basics and yet Madison is only 20 minutes away.

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Black Earth, WI

Bicyling in and around Mount Horeb - 8/23/2009

This is one of the best areas for road and mountain biking for cyclists of all skill levels. The Military Ridge bike trail offers riders the opportunity to ride east to Verona and on to Madison, or West to Dodgeville. Mount Horeb embraces cyclists, and has free parking at the trail station where cyclists can pick up trail maps, passes, and information on the area. The trail station is located across the street from "The Grumpy Troll" restaurant, which is a must stop before, as a break while riding, or after your ride. Great Food and Friendly Staff! The troll theme can be seen throughout the city. The main street through Mount Horeb is called the Trollway, as it is lined with wooden trolls, carved by a local artisan, marking the entrance to local shops. The road biking in the Mount Horeb Area offers something for everyone. Just ask the local bike shop employees for their recommendation, and they will help you route your perfect ride. If you want a guided ride, they will take you on a ride that you will forever remember. From rolling hills to climbs that make you beg for mercy. And …what goes up... comes down fast! The fact that if Chicago gets the Olympics, the Road and Mountain Bike courses will be located in and around Mount Horeb should leave no question in your mind that there is a lot of challenging terrain in this area. The scenery cannot be beat. Ridges provide views for miles and miles, and valleys offer winding, tree-shaded roads. Words cannot describe the beauty. Mountain biking at Blue Mounds State Park is something everyone should experience. Challenging, but very rewarding. The park alone is worth visiting.

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