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re: Life in Sioux Falls - 7/7/2008 - 2/18/2013
Can I ask...what part of Florida did you move to SD from?

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Sioux Falls, SD

Nice town to live... - 6/27/2015

I moved here 9 1/2 years ago from Minneapolis. It's a nice town. Yes, it took me awhile to acclimate to a different environment. It is a little big city that is somewhat behind (in sophistication) compared to larger cities. (that can be a good thing at times) Sioux Falls is striving to become known as a up and coming city with much to offer. It has a nice historic downtown, that is constantly improving with new condos, river walking/biking path, restaurants etc. The cost of living is cheaper for housing, compared to Mpls. I don't see much of a difference in food, gas prices etc. The marked difference I have come to appreciate, is the genuine warmth of people here. I was surprised to read comments that said the opposite. Salt of the earth people here, for the most part. If you are not familiar with SD, don't assume it has very few trees, old historic homes etc. It's a classic Midwestern town in that sense too. When I drive through Sioux Falls older neighborhoods, I would think I was back in Minnesota. Impressive Healthcare system here. Sanford and Avera campus's/Specialty clinics. P.S. IF you yearn for lakes, this is NOT your place. (Unless you don't mind driving a few hours in either direction. I MISS water and Sioux Falls is basically "landlocked".

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Sioux Falls, SD

Stay away from Eastern Sioux Falls - 5/1/2014

I have lived on both the west and east sides of Sioux Falls, and while I have had no problems living on the west side, the east side of Sioux Falls is the worst. Parked outside my home, every two months my car was hit by a drunk driver who remains anonymous. I have had to pay for a new bumper, and then a new car altogether. The city doesn't ever help when you report a hit and run, either. Filing a police report doesn't do any good in this case. I have never had any luck with the police finding any criminals for any crimes reported. (I had my car broken into while I was at work and had some personal items stolen about a year ago, and the police just told me not to park where my managers made me. They made it out to be my fault that the window was smashed and the thief rummaged through my car and trashed it.) If you want to live here, the west side is better. Just make sure you work and live on the west side and ignore the east side.

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Lakeland, FL

what is sioux falls,sd like? - 11/22/2013

If anyone who lives in Sioux falls,sd could answer these questions, that would be great! :) My husband and I would like to move to Sioux Falls,sd in 2014 with our two kids and wanted to know if it's a family orientated city? I know it's starting to go fast, but does it seem crowded? We like to stay away from places with a lot of college students and definitely night life scenery. Just curious to know how it is in general. Thanks!

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Mojave, CA

Disabled and looking for a home for my family. - 7/14/2013

Hello My wife and I are disabled, and we are looking to move to South Dakota. We have three children and we are looking for a good town for our children to grow up in. our problem is we don't know anyone in South Dakota so if anyone out there could chat with me I would appreciate it. We need to find a cheep place to rent so we can start looking to buy a home for our family any help would make our would wonderful. Thank you for any one who reads this. Sincerly, Shawn Phillips....

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Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls Is Economically Diverse and Is a Great - 6/8/2012

Sioux Falls Is a wonderful place to live. I have lived here my entire life and the city really is something new every year. I have seen corn fields become bustling communities. The people are friendly and education is the best for the money. With Ellsworth AFB, it is a relatively safe place to live. We have a nice airport. Shopping is easy, with a large mall. Traffic is mild. If someone has a vision of a perfect life, this city is one to be able to unfold it. Real estate is cheaper than the national average and is constantly expanding. Jobs, large and small, are booming. Unemployment is half of the national average. The city is very active! Sioux Falls is beautiful with trees in every direction. It seems every year this city just keeps getting better. Sort of like an upgrade. And also it is proud to be racially diverse, and also religiously diverse. The political climate is mostly conservative, but there is a strong liberal side as well. Sioux Falls is a great place for anyone to live, young and old. Literally!

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L. Gene
Sioux Falls, SD

Great place to live, but - 8/8/2011

Sioux Falls is a wonderful small city. Business leaders are fairly progressive. Downtown night life. Great Symphony orchestra, colleges, college (DII) athletics, fine people, other cultural events. Great bike/running trail. However, the political climate and culture of the state lag far behind. The ruling political gang is very conservative, lacks vision, lags in education funding and teacher salaries, and doesn't do a lot to help the down and out. Otherwise, it's a great city in which to live.

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Sioux Falls, SD

heck yea - 11/8/2010

sioux falls is the bomb, idk what the heck everyone is talking about, i currently live in oklahoma city right now, but i grew up in sioux falls, for 16 years. i love sioux falls, maybe there a little bit rude at times, but honestly who isnt? and if your not from there then that isnt a place to migrate to anyway? why would you migrate to south dakota if your not from there. that makes no sense, the biggest city there is only 180-200,000 people. and downtown area is fairly small. but if you grew up there, and actually made real friends and girlfriends. then sioux falls is your home, some place you wanna always be. i wish i could go back but currently i cant afford it, dont talk smack on sioux falls, its awesome

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Sioux Falls, SD

A Rude Mayberry! - 5/5/2010

I have lived in Sufu ( as it is called by most) for 5 years now, is a place that is quite naive,clicky, and downright rude to persons not born here. If you ain't Dutch,you ain't much. If you ain't Norwegian, leave our region. Not Scandinavian, we ain't behavin'! Just a few of the 'sayings' that are very accurate to the mindset of people here. Great place for agoraphobics and persons who like boredom and don't want to be bothered. Passive/Aggressive or as I call it BIPOLAR personalities are very much prominent. People here stare!!!! Feels like a third world country! Thank GOD I am out of here when school is! The people are colder than the weather! HORRIBLE!

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Sioux Falls, SD

Beautiful City - 11/2/2009

There is so much to do since moving here. The people are so nice and theres always something going on. We go to the Pavilion and state theatre often. The downtown sculpture walk is great on a Saturday afternoon. I am so thankful for free stuff like Falls Park and Community Concerts downtown! It is a blessing for me and my family!

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Sioux Falls, SD

This place is the end of the world - 9/17/2009

Sioux Falls is typical of South Dakota in general: no culture, no integrity, no civility, and no hope. Most of the residents are very cliquish and seem confused about simply courtesy. They are set in their ways to the point where the most common saying you will hear is: "That's the way we've always done it". The schools are a DISASTER! This state would rather incarcerate people at better than twice the national average than educate a child. It's been said this is because the locals are better suited to be prison guards than teachers. Intentionally placing a child in a South Dakota school is tantamount to child abuse. Driving is an adventure. While traffic is minimal, the quality of the drivers is scary. Look for the dumbest things they can do and you'll probably see it two or three times in a five mile trip. The best way I describe South Dakota is: I have never seen a collective group of people more arrogant about their right to be ignorant.

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Sioux Falls, SD

Moving to Sioux Falls would be a mistake - 3/23/2009

Living anyplace in South Dakota would be a miserable experience for anyone that cares about: A quality education for their children Honest government Open minded people Culture Even in Sioux Falls, the largest community in the state, the term "hick" or "redneck" is too often appropriate when describing a local. I have been often told that the best way to describe a native South Dakotan is: Never have so many been so arrogant about their right to be ignorant. That might explain why, when you ask a South Dakotan why they do something that seems to lack any form of common sense, they will tell you "That's the way we've always done it".

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Hornick, IA

Healthcare in Sioux Falls,SD - 1/31/2009

In response to the writer asking about healthcare for the child with CP.I lived in Sioux Falls for 20years and worked in this field. They have "Childrens Care Hospital and School" for the needs of pediatric thru 18 yrs of age for develpmentally disabled kids or handicaps. Also an organization called "Acheive", for the adults with disabilitys. You couldn't find a better place more suited to your special needs.

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Lincoln, NE

relocation - 12/19/2008

We currently live in Lincoln, NE & I love for its city amenities but small town feel. It sounds like Sioux Falls is very similar. What we don't like are the horrible tax rates here & it sounds like Sioux Falls is much better in that respect. What I am concerned about is the availability of services for special needs children. I haven't found much information on that. Our daughter has CP & is wheelcahir bound. We love her school & she receives great services here. I have heard that healthcare in general is great in Sioux Falls but I am wondering if anyone in a similar situation has any first hand knowledge to share.

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Sioux Falls, SD

To cold to live - 12/6/2008

It is cold

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Sioux Falls, SD

Night life - 9/4/2008

Not much of a night life.

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Artesia, NM

A Good place to live if you can stand the weather - 8/8/2008

I lived in Sioux Falls for 14 years - just moved away 5 months ago. Other than the weather, the town has everything anyone could want. It's not New York, but there is plenty of culture and things to do (I miss that). Great hospitals and schools. Housing costs and insurance are reasonable. Crime is not too high for a town its size and the people are very trusting. With all that said, it has some of the worst weather of all the places I have ever lived. The winters are harsh, lasting for months. Sunshine is rare. The summers are hot and humid, with lots of mosquitoes. If you take it one season at a time, it's not so bad; taken as a whole, the constant extremes will do you in. Sioux Falls would be THE choice to live if it wasn't for the weather.

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Sioux Falls, SD

Life in Sioux Falls - 7/7/2008

We moved to South Dakota from Florida 6 years ago. Life is slower paced, people are honest, low racial tension, good schools. Winters can be brutal, but worth it. Good arts and music scene, dining is excellent. There is more to do than any city of its size that I have ever seen. The cost of housing is fairly low and doesn't see the highs and lows as other parts of the country. The downtown area is immaculate with superior dining.

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Las Vegas, NV

Don't ever move here....ever! - 6/2/2008

Sioux Falls is an awful place. Winters in Sioux Falls are like hell froze over....I didn't even want to get out of bed the WHOLE time. Summers are hot and extremely humid. There is absolutely nothing to do and all anyone ever does is go the bars and get wasted and make fools of themselves. There is not culture or diversity so you get the same person in a different body. If you are a city person, then do not subject yourself to sioux falls. Though it is the biggest city in SD, it is the worst "city" i have ever lived in.

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Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls - 2/13/2008

Sioux Falls is a great place to raise children.

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San Diego, CA

Great Place to Live, Work and Raise a Family - 11/3/2007

I am 58 yrs. old and have worked cons. all over the western half of the USA. Born and raised in Vermillion, SD. If I had to pick a number one spot to live and raise my children, I would pick SFSD.!! It is a growing city, has great schools, job opportunities, great health-care, ( great VA Hosp.) great hunting and fishing.! Only thing bad is the hot, humid summer, cold winter and allergies !! If you can work around these, it is a great place to live !!

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