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"Nice area, bad neighbors"

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Barton, VT

Nice area, bad neighbors - 12/20/2011

We used to live here and really liked southern FL. Unfortunately, we wanted to summer back home in New England, and once gone the neighbor on one side looted the place, while the other neighbor made trouble for us with the county until we agreed to pay him over $100 a week to mow our small lawn (20x30'). I eventually couldn't afford to keep doing that and sold it to this neighbor for a loss just to get him off my case. What goes around.... There are good and bad everywhere. This was in a run down area called Suncoast Estates, not a safe place - guns fired, brawls, incredible theft, vandalism, etc.!!! There are safer and nicer areas nearby, especially if you go further south towards Naples. Sanibel Island is wonderful, as are the beaches of Fort Myers Beach.

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