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Beachwood, OH

Education - 11/15/2015

Shaker Heights has superb options for education, in both the public or private schools. The city libraries are excellent.

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Beachwood, OH

Great place to raise a family - 5/31/2011

A very diverse place to be, it mixes the rich with the poor, the good with the bad, the have's with the have nots. I have lived in the area for more than 30 years, even after my children have grown up and left. The school district is rated as one of the tops in the nation, more than 98% of students complete college. You can't argue with the stats.

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Cleveland, OH

Getting Worse - 2/17/2011

Shaker Heights schools just aren't what they used to be. Parents could do much better elsewhere and save themselves a lot of money in the process since Shaker Heights has really high real estate taxes and local taxes. Plus there is so much hassle with all of the home inspections and side walk inspections. This community was great maybe 20 - 40 years ago but now it is definately not worth the money or hassle.

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Beachwood, OH

Neighborly Shaker - 5/31/2007

Shaker Heights is a very tight-knitted community just southeast of Cleveland. The community is very diverse, with many families from across the country and the world. With Cleveland close by, there is no shortage of cultural events to attend, although some dislike the lack of stable night life. High taxes make always place it low on many "best places" lists however.

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Cleveland, OH

Living in Shaker Heights - 8/24/2006

I have lived in the city of Shaker Heights the majority of my life. I choose to live in Shaker Heights as an adult because of the diverse culture, the varied shopping opportunities, and the fellowship of worship. In all of my travels, I have yet to find a city as well accomplished as Shaker Heights, Ohio.

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Cleveland, OH

Perks of this community - 10/9/2005

Shaker Heights is right next door to Cleveland. The citizens have the advantage of the arts in the "backyard" but the advantage of suburban living. These advantages include quality education, low crime rate, charming neighborhoods, highway access within 10-15 minutes, a fairly sophisticated and educated population, plus diversity. This is a very unique community. Housing costs are modest. Were it not for the winter weather, this area would be a hot pick.

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Chagrin Falls, OH

Housing - 8/14/2005

The housing appreciation value here is low. In fact, Shaker Heights has enjoyed significant appreciation in the price point above $300,000. There is good access to the downtown via the Rapid Transit. Property taxes are high, but the city services are unparalleled.

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