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re: VERY BORING PLACE and PEOPLE! - 6/16/2007 - 2/22/2010
I agree. Richmond is beyond boring. I do not understand what is wrong with the majority of people here. I am from Richmond, and do not embrace the place at all. The people here are tight-minded, dry, and boring! the club hopping scene is the life to a lot of people here which is whack in my opinion. Whenever you think going to the club every weekend is the life, then a person hasn't lived much to know what the life really is. The jobs suck here, the places to go. There is nothing outside of the box for outside of the box kind of people like me; and it's hard to connect with people here. Going out to eat and going over people's houses got old a long time ago, and I'm tired of it. In order to deal with this place, you should have a lot of money to travel to hit the refresh button once you arrive back in this boring city. I can go on and on how boring Richmond is. You can either be rich from living here, or go broke in two way...Either you blow your money on shopping and going out to eat all the time because you are so freakin' bored out of your mind that it plays with your emotions; or you save a lot of your money, because you never have anywhere to go that you are interested in!

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re: VERY BORING PLACE and PEOPLE! - 6/16/2007 - 4/21/2008
Wow!!...Thank you!!! I agree with everything you just said. I lived in Richmond for 3 years and thought the city would be ok minus the PEOPLE!! There are many activities, museums and such, but no one to go to them with. I finally worked up the balls to move and have lived a few places and done tons of traveling. I had to get out of that town, everyone there is so depressing and they have hit dead ends and refuse to change. When I go back to visit everyone is still doing the same thing and hanging out with the same people. I did not meet one soul there that had any aspirations or goals. Yuck.

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