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"Living in Eureka~"

Living in Eureka~ - 7/20/2007
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Killeen, TX

Slum town, old town, fog, wind and city click. I grew up here. Lady lives downtown, one of the slums in Eureka since they put in the mall. So many changes have happened. Why homes are so high priced is beyond me. Part time jobs are always available. Professional jobs are few and far apart and usually you have to know someone. For a small town there is a lot of gang activity, druggies all over the place with hippie attitudes taking over from Arcata. Want your children taught by hippies? Good place to move from. I was away for awhile but spent the last thirteen years there and then moved. Get involved? Unless you kiss some tail, you'll always be an outsider. Suppressed area in every way except the people with money run the place and they'll tell you so!

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re: Living in Eureka~ - 7/20/2007 - 11/10/2011
My boyfriend, his 15 year old son, and myself were considering moving near Eureka, Kneeland or something. Currently we live in Lodi which is right next to Stockton. Is this a good move? My boyfriend works for DirecTV so he would transfer to the office in Eureka. He fishes, hunts, scuba dives, all of it and he's currently up there working for a couple of weeks and is in love with the scenery. I just want to get the opinion of some of the people that live there of what its like. We want to buy a house that is more than likely not directly in the town. What is the cost of an average home? How are the schools? Anything else that would be good information?

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Humboldt County is REALLY TERRIBLE. It's driving m - 6/1/2013

Nothing to do. Tons of drugs. Crappy economy. Time goes really slow. Rains most of the year. The mall is run down and ugly. Thieves. Prostitutes. Snobby self-important people. If you don't do drugs you won't have any friends or anything to do. Everyone has an alcoholic related and or smoking addiction. Terrible place. CRAP![read more...]


Humboldt County is REALLY TERRIBLE. It's driving m - 6/1/2013

Let me say that I am looking for a job currently in a city that has A 10% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE. National average is like 8%. No joke. Then the meth heads. Prostitutes. Today I ran into a schizoid who was having a debate with himself in the middle of the street on Broadway. Bayshore mall is both ugly and pathetic. We have like 20+ stores here and they are all TINY AND DILAPIDATED. No jobs, nothing to do, and TONS of drugs. Rains most of the year. I hate that the most. I hate Humboldt in general. The drug use is insane. If you don't do drugs you pretty much have no friends. Time goes SO SLOW in this place. Waiting 20 minutes for the bus seems like it takes hours. Being in this place for 10+ years as I have will drive you *insane.* DON'T COME HERE. Nobody does anything else except drugs. The real estate is overpriced. How can anyone afford this crap? Heck I have seen a tiny home with like 2 bedrooms sell for 400,000$ The Public education system is an embarrassment. The Redwoods aren't all the great. Heck going to the forest when it rains most of the year is pointless because you can't enjoy the scenery BECAUSE OF THAT RAIN. The Consumer service consists of the same strung out and uncaring meth heads in every store. A costco manager that talks down to me like I'm a dog. I talked to a bus driver that treated her job like a chore. Had the worst attitude I have ever seen. Nobody cares about their jobs or even waking up. Do they even try? The trains have been decommissioned. This place is slowly turning into a hermit crab nation. Eventually it will be closed off. No airports except in Arcata. Seriously there are only TWO ways out of this place. If we want people to come to Humboldt we need to at least open up the trains. Then the timber industry, once a prominent force in Humboldt, now dried up and outsourced to China. Nothing is left except dust, echos, and some random schizoid debating himself on Broadway. *I REPEAT DON'T COME HERE*[read more...]

Fortuna, CA

Eureka!...the city name that's meant to be ironic. - 3/31/2013

I grew up in the area and the best thing about it was leaving. I agree with the previous descriptions of residents that would enjoy this foggy version of HELL. 1) If you’re a drug dealer, you’ve just entered nirvana! This is the only place where the police are more corrupt than the drug dealers. I actually recommend BECOMING a drug addict in order to live here. Do NOT try and wrestle a job from one of the other 100 people begging to work for minimum wage at the Burly Wurly Pancake House, you will regret it. Take your welfare check, buy all the meth you can get your hands on and hide under the drift wood at Table Bluff. 2) If your family has lived there since the 1920’s, you’re IN! You have enough assets and political power to survive by making sure no other businesses come in to compete with you. You can even hire some desperate idiot with a Master’s degree to run your cash register because you’re probably too inbred to do it anyway, and they couldn’t get a different job if their life depended on it. 3) If you’re part of the Fat and Happy government largess community you can give everybody the finger while you take your 13 vacations to sunnier areas. Oh, AND you get to benefit from the overpriced real estate because you can sell your house when you retire to the only other people who can afford it, one of your government coworkers! 4) If you’re a vampire or an albino, you’ll enjoy the constant shadow of fog and rain that protects you from sun. If you’re like the other 99% of people who depend on vitamin D from the sun to keep you from putting a gun in your mouth, see #1 above and make sure you drop an envelope of cash at the south side of the Bayshore Mall, it’s for the corrupt cops so they don’t pull you over on the way out of town. 5) Finally, if you want to experience life in a third world country with absolutely ZERO chance to escape soul-crushing poverty, you’ve found the area for you…except for the fact that in most third world countries you have the benefit of sunlight or a chance at prostituting yourself to wealthier villagers for cash. Eureka!...the city name that’s meant to be ironic. [read more...]

Eureka, CA

this site is great - 10/4/2012

most of these reviews are on the money![read more...]

Eureka, CA

A bittersweet experience - 10/4/2012

I spent approx. 4 yr's living in Eureka, although I would not call myself a "authority" on town, I would say that I lived there long enough to get a decent grasp on the social dynamic. Basically your quality of life in Eureka will be determined by which of the following group(s) you fall into. 1. Local- Even though logging and fishing are dead, you lived here when property was still affordable, so you own a home, and it is valued 10x what you paid for it, so at least you have a valuable asset. 2. Retired- you will like it here, except of course for the lousy medical care, which of course is HUGE when you are of a retirement age. Otherwise, a nice place to retire. 3. Student- you LOVE it here! you are on a pot smoking sabbatical from your rich parents in So Cal, and with all your infinite life experience, your ideology dominates the entire region. 4. Rich transplant- like the students you will love it here as well. Your money keeps you far removed from all the drug addicts, criminals, and undesirables that you will tirelessly support. 5. Poor/Middle transplant-the worst scenario of all. No decent work, so will will have to live in the same neighborhood as the drug addicts and criminals who walk on water in Humboldt. 6. Disability/Welfare- every poor persons dream in Eureka. Highest pay outs in California, maybe the whole country. There will be no negative stigma attached to you...its actually encouraged! So that is my summary of Eureka. There are good people in this community with true grit and tenacity for life. It is a beautiful seaside community, filled with redwood's, and charming Victorian homes. However if you are not a person of means, the charm wears off quick. One could say my sentiment could describe America in general, but never in my life was the cold hearted, brutal ugliness of poverty, ignorance, and drug addiction more prominent than in Eureka, Ca. [read more...]

Eureka, CA

Small Version of Bigger City - Eureka! - 9/1/2012

Located on the far northern California coast, Eureka is out of the way from the metropolitan madness of big cities. It is coastal, and the weather is like San Francisco. Cool, rainy winters, and very mild summers. A hot day in Eureka in July is 65F. But when the sun is out, and the sky is brilliant, and the ocean air hits you, 65F feels warm. There's every kind of architecture you can imagine. That makes for a very interesting town. There are Victorians, craftsman, bungalow, tudor, Spanish, and many more styles scattered through out the town. There is a terrific Old Town - about 20 square blocks of the original port area with really nice Victorian architecture, shops, restaurants, and a nice waterfront. Cost of living is much lower here than in any of the metro areas of California. In 2012 you can still buy a 3BDR house for $200k. Humboldt county is the center of pot growing territory and that does bring some trouble up and down US 101 which runs down the middle of town, North to South. Yes, there are a fair number of street people along that strip, and crappy motels. But that is NOT Eureka - don't be fooled. People who just drive through on US 101 would not be impressed. The town lies to the east and west. Eureka has genuine character that isn't simply painted on to a town for tourists. It was a legit fishing and logging town until logging came to an end in the 1980s. The people are solid, hard working, resourceful, tough as nails. Incomes are rather low, and everyone seems to have 3 jobs. But they make it. It is also in the heart of the Redwoods and you can get into beautiful forests in 30 minutes from Old Town. There is no industry here to speak of, so jobs are all in the "miscellaneous" category. You gotta be resourceful. [read more...]

Eureka, CA

Beautiful region, but the city is meh. - 4/22/2012

I've lived in Eureka for six years now. The prices on housing are totally out of control. Good paying jobs are few and far between and the pittance wage paid by the chain stores doesn't even begin to cover actual cost of living here. Tweekers abound. This town is completely full of them. It's full of potheads too, but you don't have to worry about one of THEM robbing you the way you do with tweekers. The main strip going through town, the 101, aka, Broadway, is drug and gross motel central. Druggies walking the streets all day and night. Not a place to let kids run and play outside. The weather is pretty lousy. It's always cold and overcast, foggy and windy. Eureka stays under a cloud while surrounding towns are sunny. The summers are anemic, with high temps around 70 if you're lucky. It rains ALL winter and spring, and it gets old fast. Everything is always wet and moldy. By the time this place dries out in the summer, it's raining again. Crime is pretty high, as it seems to be all over America's dying small towns. The only plus in this place aside from the remnants of Victorian architecture that pocket the town, is the redwoods region it's self. You can drive 10 minutes out of town and be in the forest. If you want to move to this region, and you have the cash, I suggest places like Freshwater, McKinleyville, Ferndale, Fieldbrook, Hydesville, and Trinidad. Those are super cute places that are close to Eureka and are lovely to live in. The trouble is, you'll need to basically be a millionaire to live there. If you're a working class person, you're stuck here in crappy Eureka. After six years of this place, and no hope of being able to afford ANYTHING else here in super expensive Humboldt County, we're ready to leave. The exodus away from this place of high crime, drugs, no jobs, and crazy living expenses continues unabated.[read more...]

Eureka, CA

Beautiful to visit - 12/17/2010

Beautiful redwood and beaches! You are five hours drive to any big metro-area to any direction. Target and Costco are the big retails in town. There are not a lot of jobs here. Homeless people are part of downtown Eureka and Arcata. Don't move here if you want to raise a normal family with young children. It takes more than a year to get a popular dentist appointment. The wait to see a reputable pediatrician is more than six month and they direct you to the ER if you haven't established a doctor-and-patient relationship. Don't be fooled by the non-profit label, they are out to get your last penny. See my review for Health care. [read more...]

Eureka, CA

Beware of your Health cost - 12/17/2010

It's a remote part of CA, beautiful and quiet. If you are young and healthy, have no fear. But if you are ready and looking for a retirement home, beware of the limited heath provider choices. A normal chest X-ray would cost $500+, not including physician's fees. If you have advanced cancer or other serious illness, be prepared to be bankrupt and donate your life savings to the local hospital if you don't die prematurely by surgery or radiation. Ultimately profit must be made somewhere and the local hospital is probably the greatest industry in town not counting marijuana related economy.[read more...]

Traverse City, MI

dont move here - 12/7/2010

this place is the biggest craphole i have ever lived in my life it is never above 60 rarely 55 it is windy foggy and cloudy almost everyday litterally there are hotels lining the down town street that you could never imagine staying in unless you were homeless or a hardore drug addict it would honestly be cleaner to sleep outside the streets and parking lots are full of trashe there are tweekers junkies and homeless everywere the state supplies them with foodstamps and other homeless checks monthley not caring at all about that there using the states money to buy drugs this place sucks all i do is smoke weed and i could not stand it in thsi shithole it is by far the worst part of humboldt county u can drive 8 miles inland tho and the weather is wonderful eureka sucks though i honestly have been to almost everytown in humboldt county and there are sum that arent really towns but there all ok but when you enter eureka for your first second you get a wierd gloomy dark wierd vibe that is not good at all fuck this palce[read more...]

Eureka, CA

Cool, Damp and Foggy 95% of the Year - 9/28/2010

The Redwood Coast of Northern California stays between 45 and 55 degrees teh vast majority of the year. Extended periods of sun and warmth are few and far between. There is alot of fog. [read more...]

Modesto, CA


I too used to live there. Every since the day I left I cannon wait to go back. The environment, the people, the things to do. Like walking out your from door to the beautiful redwoods. If you are looking for a "city evironment" then this is not for you. When I lived there, there were so many people who were from there that moved away for whatever reason and sure enough they came back. Their words" no place is like here, this is where you want to raise a family" Maybe it is not for you, but I am counting down the days to my return behind the Redwood Curtain. GO HIPPIES!!!![read more...]

Brookings, SD

Hey Now be nice - 2/5/2010

i think you all are being unfair i lived in eureka for 7 years and i loved it, yeah the housing cost suck but eurekas beaches and redwood forest more than make up for that. The people are cool too like my friend Bob White.[read more...]

Eureka, CA

Town full of Idiots - 8/10/2009

Do not come here. I only live because I have to for my job. I will leave as soon as I can transfer out. The people are ignorant. They voted to keep out a Wal-Mart. I guess they didn't want the unemployment rate to go down here, but no matter what major store you walk into like Staples, Target or Kmart the people cannot help you anyway because they are all stupid. You cannot even get a good cable company here in banjo pickin country. I guess not taking a shower is a requirement. The hippies make me sick.[read more...]

Eureka, CA

We Love Eureka! - 12/28/2008

We moved up here from Phoenix, AZ three years ago and have yet to regret anything! The value of the cost of housing is reasonable, jobs are plentiful, and the natural beauty of the area absolutely incredible! I've travelled many other parts of the country but find this area a cut above the rest. We love the culture and laid back feeling of the area. We are here to stay![read more...]

Killeen, TX

Living in Eureka~ - 7/20/2007

Slum town, old town, fog, wind and city click. I grew up here. Lady lives downtown, one of the slums in Eureka since they put in the mall. So many changes have happened. Why homes are so high priced is beyond me. Part time jobs are always available. Professional jobs are few and far apart and usually you have to know someone. For a small town there is a lot of gang activity, druggies all over the place with hippie attitudes taking over from Arcata. Want your children taught by hippies? Good place to move from. I was away for awhile but spent the last thirteen years there and then moved. Get involved? Unless you kiss some tail, you'll always be an outsider. Suppressed area in every way except the people with money run the place and they'll tell you so![read more...]

Rochester, NY

Nice Place, but housing is outrageous! - 5/8/2007

I lived in Eureka for 10 years. It's got a beautiful environment and nice people, but housing costs are insane. Another negative about that part of California in general is that there are many, many methamphetimine addicts. While I feel sorry for people with this addiction, it really degrades the quality of life in the area when such a large proportion of the population is addicted to such a horrible drug. Other negatives are the high gasoline prices, limited educational opportunities, and difficulty obtaining health insurance (five years ago, the State of California allowed the HMO's to "dump" all the rural areas -- so all that's available are generally poor quality PPO services.) If you have a bundle of money though and can afford it... it's still a great place to live. I remember hearing the surf off our deck, watching my dogs running in the yard, surrounded by redwoods.... very idyllic.[read more...]

McKinleyville, CA

Eureka is a great place for artists & eccentrics, - 4/24/2007

Eureka was the first capitol of California & was built in 1850 from the profits of gold & lumber. After the gold & lumber resources were exhausted, Eureka was pretty much forgotten about by anyone who needed to make a living. The last few decades have left many of the working age people who live in the city of Eureka in poverty & without economic opportunities. The other areas in Humboldt County are not quite the same as Eureka & in fact the towns north of Eureka (Arcata,Mckinleyville & Trinidad) are actually pretty expensive to get into. The entire Humboldt area attracts people who are interested in Art,Nature & Education ,therefore you will find alot of people here who either don't want to or don't need to work including students,artists,homeless,hippies and the retired. If you are an average joe who is interested in the average American lifestyle-this is NOT the area for you, if you are an artist or eccentric who's interested in the funny, odd or unique-you may like it.[read more...]

Sacramento, CA

What quality of life? - 4/19/2007

Living in Eureka was a five month nightmare. Seduced by the redwoods, my boyfriend and I moved up from Sacramento eager to live in a coastal climate, liberal environment and with low cost of living. What we found was dirty, depressing, drug ridden city and constant conflict between the loggers and the tree sitters. The house shortage is unreal, we lived in an apartment that was really awful and our landlords were nothing short of exploitive. The housing was almost as bad as the job market. The market is so competitive and there were so few jobs that people felt lucky just get minimum wage work working crazy hours. I finally found a job only to lose it one day later because the owner had already hired someone else when the manager hired me. Eureka is riddled with drug addicts, and not the kind you would associate normally with Humboldt. I would frequently find hypodermic needles in the gutters and city parks, also the white Supremicists like to hang out in Redwood Park. This is unfortunate because it is a beautiful place where people bring their children. The bottom line is, there isn't much that's good about Eureka. It is a very depressing and very economically depressed place. If you want to move to Humboldt County, choose Cutten, Arcata, Fortuna or one of the other lovely little cities along the coast (Ferndale is adorable). I still love Humboldt and its gorgeous redwood country, but Eureka was not good to us, and we moved back to Sacramento 5 months after we arrived.[read more...]

Eureka, CA

Nothing to offer and high prices - 3/3/2007

Yes, Eureka has the ocean and the redwood trees. But that is it. It is located in the middle of Humboldt County, which is the pot capital of the world. It has a high welfare population. The drug meth is starting to take over. I have lived here all my life and I am moving this summer. You CAN NOT afford to live here. The housing prices are crazy. Nothing is less than 300,000. You can not be a young family and make it in Eureka. The gas prices are the highest in the nation. why do we pay 3.10 a gallon. It may be a nice place to visit for a day, cause there is nothing to do here, but do not move here, you will be sorry.[read more...]

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