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"Georgia most repressive and uncivilized state. H"

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re: Georgia most repressive and uncivilized state - 4/11/2011
I must completely disagree with this post. I don't know what New Jersey is like, but I was born in GA & have lived in Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, as well as both Northern & Southern California. My husband would add Texas and Kansas City to that list. We have resided in Loganville for the last year & 1/2 & were one city away for the 3 years before that. There is nothing repressive or uncivilized about living in Georgia or Loganville in my opinion. There is a state income tax, which you don't have to deal with in some other states. Loganville is actually a quiet sleepy town that happens to have a busy road going thru the middle of it. If you like action & big city life, or want mountain or ocean living, Loganville will not be for you. But it is very nice for those who want a more peaceful, subdivision type existence. Crime in Atlanta is on par with any other major city in the US of it's size. You have to remember this is the largest industrial city in the entire south (Texas not included) & one of the largest in the country. Significantly larger than what you would experienced in Florida or New Jersey. But that is an hour & 1/2 away from Loganville. There are bad areas around Atlanta, but I have not found a single area of Loganville that I would feel nervous driving or even walking thru alone or even with my child. That cannot be said about any other city I have ever lived in! There is an ok amount of shopping in Loganville, it has all the basics & a little more. But you will find anything you could possibly need within 45 minutes either in Snellville or Buford. There is tons of culture to be enjoyed in nearby cities (opera, playhouses, etc) and lots of opportunities for sports & other such activities here. Gas prices are on par with the rest nation right now, gas is just high everywhere. Maybe the previous poster doesn't realize that. Having said all this, we are actually planning to move to central Florida, because Loganville just isn't for us. We want to live near the ocean & enjoy milder winters. But to say it is a horrible, expensive, repressive place to live is really ridiculous. Make sure to check government statics on income/poverty levels & the cost of living vs the national average instead of relying on opinions for stuff like that. One other thing, there are really beautiful places to get out & enjoy the nicer seasons such as vines botanical gardens, which has beautiful walking trails that can be enjoyed for free. Summers are quite harsh here, but very on par with what you lived with in Florida, hot, still humid just less "steamy" than Florida. Winters are colder than one might expect, we had snow several times the last few years, but they are a bit milder than North Carolina. Allergy season can be a bit rough on those who are sensitive to pollen, but this area was rated below Tennessee & NC in the pollen index this year. Side note about me so you know where this post is coming from; my husband & I are also college educated & we are well traveled & cultured, in our mid 30s with kids. My parents are near 60, successful mid-size business owners (currently retired from that) & have lived in this area & near-by for 25+ years very happily. Hope this helps & good luck on picking your retirement "stomping grounds". :)

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re: Georgia most repressive and uncivilized state - 3/22/2010
My husband and I are looking to retire in June and have found some beautiful homes in Loganville. Not too close to Atlanta, where I thought the crime rate was high - not Loganville. We are Central Florida (Disney & Beach area) natives and are looking to retire in a more centrally located area closer to mountain states (NC,Etc), although we are retiring - 50+ age- we are still very active. Please tell mre more about Loganville and why you do not like it - what is your age? are you in school? My husband and I are both college educated professionals, and we certainly do not want to live in an "uncivilized state!" Please tell me more before we make that big move. Thank you!

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Loganville, GA

Georgia most repressive and uncivilized state. H - 2/6/2010

Moved from the new jersey to Georgia 1 year ago. Life in Georgia is horrible deprsssing and will deplete your savings if you have one before you know it. The only positive thing is the Houses are nice,and the lanscape is beautiful. But its a very repressive state. Cost of living unbelieveable. crime shocking. Forget trying to find a good paying job. The drivers ridiculously stupid. Life is very hard in Georgia geting from one place to another. The distance takes a toll on you especially the mileage on your car, paying for gas. Just horrible.

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New York, NY


That's really sad to hear. I just got back from staying with a friend who is in mourning and needed the company. During the month I visited with her I fell inlove with Loganville. Compared to New York I would take Loganville a million times. You say Atlanta has crime, no visit Manhattan NY that's real crime. I think you just ventured where you weren't welcomed.

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Loganville, GA

suffer the traffic of a big city without having th - 3/27/2008

We live in Loganville, Georgia. I have only been here about 1 1/2 years, but don't like much about it. We live about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta but it never takes just 40 minutes to get to Atlanta. There is terrible traffic all the way out here with little or nothing to do out here. You have to either go to Atlanta and suffer the traffic or go to Athens, which again doesn't have much for families - just college kids. The crime rate in Loganville itself is very low, but in the metro Atlanta area it is bad, so if you leave your Loganville to actually go do something - you fight traffic and sometimes the fear of venturing too far into Atlanta, especially if you don't know enough about the areas and all. I know there are people, though who have lived here all their lives and are very happy with it, I just don't happen to be one of those people.

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Loganville, GA

Life in the 'ville - 8/17/2007

I am 29 and have lived in Loganville since birth. My mom also grew up here and then built her home in 1970. Things have really changed...I HATE the growth. It is too much, too fast. I am a proponent for change and growth if planning and community values are taken into account. The quality of life has radically declined in the last 5 years; which is why I am considering relocating to raise my children in a small town community like the one I grew up in and miss. I wish Gwinnett County wasn't anywhere near Loganville, but I understand the enormous growth there has just begun to spill over here. Pretty soon it won't be recognizable as the place I grew up loving. Apparently plenty of others find it appealing since everyone and their brother is moving in!

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Tucker, GA

like it here - 7/12/2006

i move from Atlanta into a suburb in the Loganville/Snellville area. Loganville used to be ridiculed. For some reason the area is progressing- homes are all quite reasonable. I enjoy being here. I don't have to go into ATL unless I want to because everything you need is right here good hospital, schools, shopping etc. I'm glad I'm not in ATL and enjoy being in Loganville/Snellville/Grayson (Gwinnett County). I guess you better get in while you can!

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