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"The Worst LIttle Pit "

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re: The Worst LIttle Pit - 9/16/2009 - 12/26/2009
the worst little Pit is probably true. the only people who like these northeners is northeners and the northerners who OWN real estate companys. the like to spew about being tucked away in the lovely little place . not a lovely little place, no doctors no stores and no fun. Taxes are getting higher and things are less than pleasant in this tourist trap.

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re: The Worst LIttle Pit - 9/16/2009 - 11/24/2010
While you make some valid points about the lack of diversity and its unfortunate effects on some of the smaller-minded citizens of Mountain Home, calling everyone in that darling little town a bigoted, snobby, religious zealot is a sweeping generalization that I don't believe the city has earned nor does it deserve. I, too, grew up in Mtn. Home and, while I spent most of my teenage years frustrated by what I perceived as the same "terrible" conditions you describe, I realized as I got older that most people are just products of their environments and how they were parented. Mtn. Home doesn't have a monopoly on predjudice; one can find ignorance and bias in all their shapes and forms anywhere, from a small town like Mtn. Home to a huge city like Los Angeles, where I currently reside. Dumping your frustrations with your financial situation on the (mostly) good people of Baxter County is an unfair judgement in and of itself. If you're unhappy, you need to make some changes, rather than blame your surroundings for your troubles. Like I said, I'm from Mtn. Home originally and spent 19 years living and working there, and I find your criticisms unfair, baseless, and flat-out rude.

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Mountain Home, AR

Mountain Home Economy - 5/1/2016

The economy here is getting worse. In the 10+ years I have lived here, I have been seeing a degradation of employment opportunities, houses sitting on the market longer, and the degradation of the infrastructure (roads, park up keep, ect). New business has come in, but this offer, at best, minimum wage jobs, and mostly, from what I see and hear, part time so health benefits are not available. And the hospital where I work, is not investing into technology, the building itself, in my view, is in desperate need of renovation(s) all over. I am now looking to leave the city for better opportunities.

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Mountain Home, AR

Poor opportunities - 4/9/2016

I've lived her most of my life, have a BS degree, and had to go and get a certificate in CNA in order to get a paying job. VERY little employment opportunity here.

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Bend, OR

Looking for a fresh start - 11/6/2012

As a 21 year old single man with a personal training business and an extreme passion for the outdoors, do you think I would thrive in Mt Home? I heard about it from outdoor life magazine and would like to go somewhere to build my business and be surrounded with big trout and lots of hunting and good people.I have a fine dining serving, fishing guide background. I am from central Oregon which is thriving in the summer because of tourism, but not so much in the winter and have always wanted to see the true lifestyle of the southern states...

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Mountain Home, AR

A little bit of paradise - 2/13/2010

We live between 2 lakes, the Norfork, and Bull Shoals. There are 3 rivers in Baxter County, which are world renowned for trout fishing. A lot of retired people here. There is very little industry, so consequently very low paying jobs. A lot of low income. Property values are coming down, but still high. The weather is nice, we have beautiful springs and falls. It gets a little too cold in the winter for us, and a little too hot in July and August.

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Mountain Home, AR

Welcome to Mayberry ! - 1/9/2010

I am not a "retireee" we moved here 20 years ago from Chicago and continue to find Mountain Home a step back in time..I saw the negative review and everyone has a right to their own opinion. No matter where you live or where you go , it is up to YOU to enjoy your life..this town has little transportation, nightlife, shopping etc..the people however are WONDERFUL! As I watch the aweful news on TV, I feel soo lucky to have found this place so long ago..We raised 6 children here and never plan to move ever..dont move here if you dont think you could live in "Mayberry"'s a town where for a change, you do nothing........!!

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Mountain Home, AR

The Worst LIttle Pit - 9/16/2009

I regret having moved to Mountain Home more than any other thing I have done in my entire life. The people here, the tourists who came here and then never left, are the rudest people I have ever met. They are snobs, religious zealouts, racists and don't know how to interact with anyone who is not a white racist. I have been mistreated by these people from the moment I set foot on the soil. And because part of what they do here is oppress people who are not white and racist, people who move here find it hard to escape, because they find it impossible to find a job. As for the cost of living, it has gone up and up and up, to the point where I can't even afford to feed my kids. I don't know who put the "facts" on here, but the cost of living is horrible. My husband is from here originally, and it was a nice place a long time ago, but these northern invaders have completely ruined it. They moved here because they are racists, to get away from anyone different from themselves and brought their narrow-minded culture of hatred with them. They have destroyed this place.

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Mountain Home, AR

Affordable Retirement at its best - 7/4/2009

Some of the best catfish, bass, trout,fishing in the country and some of the best hunting for just about all types of hunters. Beautiful rivers, two great lakes. One of the top volunteer states in the country. Because this is my primary home, my property taxes are $100.00 a year. My vehicle registration is $25.00 each for my cars. Stop by for a mini-vacation if you wish. Abundant rolling hills covered with oaks, maple, pine, dogwood, redbud and others. Fall is briliant, the eagles spectacular. A real surprise for me and a real joy. 30 kinds of bird in our 3.5 acre home, white tail families, on and on.

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Mountain Home, AR

Mountain Home Is A Great Place To Live - 12/31/2008

I moved to the Mountain Home area in 1979 from the Chicago area with my husband and my son. In the last 30 years I have started and sold a couple of businesses, and I'm now a real estate broker/co-owner of a real estate office. Life has been good in Mountain Home. My favorite thing about the area is the wonderful weather. We have truly 4 seasons, each lasting about 3 months. And winter is very mild compared to the Chicago area. If anyone has any questions about the area, it would be my pleasure to answer. Carolyn Ellis

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Mountain Home, AR

Housing values etc - 4/14/2008

As a Past President of the North Central Board of Realtors and a resident of Mountain Home AR for over 38 years I can attest to the values in the Real Estate Market and the quality of life found here. The median price of a home was quoted as $190,000 in the article. The actual median price in the local MLS reporting for 2007 was $123,000. Thank You for the opportunity for input. The Mountain Home area is a GREAT place to live! John Howard, Century 21 LeMac Realty

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Mountain Home, AR

A Beautiful Place to Live - 10/20/2007

Tucked away in the Ozark Hills between Norfork and Bull Shoals Lakes, Mountain Home is not an easy place to get to, but once you arrive you won't want to leave. Rolling green hills covered with hardwood forest, valley pastures sprinkled with cows, and deep blue lakes with water so clear that you can see the fish looking up at you are just a part of what Mountain Home has to offer. The White River and the Northfork River offer some of the best trout fishing in the country. Nearby national forests offer a tremendous variety of outdoor activities. The Buffalo National River is one of the last unspoiled stretches of pristine scenic river in the country. A lazy summer float will take you back in time. The weather here is great. Yes, the summers are hot, but that heat doesn't last too long. The fall and spring are marvelous and the short winter season dusts us with snow just enough to make us remember that it is winter. Brick homes on quiet tree lined streets are typical of neighborhoods here. Homes are affordable and the low real estate taxes are a surprise to many who come here from other parts of the country. There are lots of dining choices. We have all the usual fast food places, as well as some higher end franchises. There are a couple of great catfish restaurants and several places serving terrific chinese and mexican cuisine. There are a number of mom and pop cafe's that serve great home cooking. Ask around and people will tell you about them! This is a friendly place. It seems that even though the people who come here and settle in are from all over the country including the urban areas of the midwest and California, after a while they adjust to our slower life style. Pretty soon they are waving to the neighbors and striking up conversations in the grocery store. Those conversations usually start with "where are you from?" There are lots of clubs and organizations and although "culture" is limited the nearby town of Branson Missouri offers quite a bit of that just a couple of hours away. Shopping opportunities are improving at a furious pace. Lowes, Home Depo, and Walmart have huge stores here. Lots of shops throughout the area offer everything you need, with more under construction right now. We have one of the fastest growing commercial sectors in the state. Still, if shopping is your thing you may find it a bit lacking in variety. I think in a year or two I won't be able to say that anymore! Medical care is provided by Baxter Regional Hospital with Air transport available to the bigger city hospitals 25 hours a day. With a high portion of our population being retirees, good medical care is a must. You will find it here. Schools are great with lots of sports and science programs. One thing that is lacking is a good public transportations service. You can find additional info on any of these subjects with just a little bit of research. Come and check us out. I know you won't want to go home again.

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Mountain Home, AR

retirement town - 6/7/2007

Mtn Home is a town of about 12K folks who are mostly retirees from California and Chicago. Most people move here to enjoy the rivers, lakes, camping, fishing and hunting. There is a low crime rate and it is not crowded. However, there is very little culture or social diversity. The restaurants and entertainment available is very mainstream - chain restaurants, 2 movie theatres, etc. It does offer relatively mild climate and affordable housing. The lakes are very beatutuiful and are controlled by the government - so they are still very prinstine and undeveloped.

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Safford, AZ

Mountain Home - 3/16/2007

Mountain Home is one of the more unique places I have ever lived. A very large percentage of the population are transplants from Illinois looking for a warmer climate and a lower cost of living. The population is also heavily skewed toward the elderly, despite the fact that Mountain Home is not a "planned" retirement community like Horseshoe Bend or Bella Vista. Mountain Home is now actively seeking young families to move there in order to balance out the population. Because of the elderly population and geographical isolation, Mountain Home has excellent health care for a town its size, including a 268-bed hospital. Water sports are the big activity of the area, including fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, etc. Many record-sized fish(too many to mention) have been caught in the lakes and rivers that surround Mountain Home. Mountain Home is not exactly a shopper's paradise. It has the usual Wal-Mart and Home Depot, but not a mall within 2 hours. Things tend to be a little more expensive there because of the remoteness. On the brighter side, there is a diverse choice in restaurants, and rainbow trout is a well-known area delicacy.

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