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Fayetteville, TN

have lived here my entire life - 6/14/2010

I have lived in Fayetteville Tennessee my entire life. I am now 21 years of age and have seen many positive and negative things about fayetteville. The first thing you should know about Fayetteville is our "saying" or motto is "where tradition meets tomorrow" and that is true,.. ish. We have some very "old families" here,.. people who's family has made a name for themselves here.I will not name names, but if you child is ever in a competition whether it be a spelling bee, beauty pagent, cattle judging or whatever, they will never have a chance against these people. We have a sherriff that has turned fayetteville police departmnet around and in a good way. I can say this because my father was an inmate there, I got his point of view and mine from inside and outside the facilites. If you are a young person and looking for the new "happening" place, do not come here, unless u just enjoy boredom, drinking, more drinking, redneck gangster wanna be drama. Everything in Fayetteville pretty much closes down by 7 pm except the walmart (where all the "youngens" hang out and ride around sonic), fast food places, and a little christian club ,.. which is about the only thing that will entertain u here. If you are planning on opening a restaurant here be warned,.. if it isnt buffett it will likely not surrvive. We have an exceptional amazing highschool principal. He has done so much positive things for the students here. Fayetteville has many beautitful places and scenery to gaze upon; winding dirt roads, old country homes, rolling hills, rivers and ponds full of fish, enormous farms, and much more. Like I said,many positive and negative things about good ol' Fayetteville.

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Fayetteville, TN


Having been born and raised in the sleepy town of Fayetteville, I would like to enlighten anyone considering relocation to this area. For years this city has had opportunity after opportunity to host corporations that would provide positive increases in revenue for Fayetteville and its residents. However, due to poor political decisions; our local economic situation is near hopeless. What the unemployment numbers for Fayetteville fail to bear out is that few residents work in Fayetteville and of those who do, many have to hold down a second job. Real wages earned in Fayetteville are often at the poverty line or just slightly above or below. Our elected officials seem to have no growth plan but have no shame in trying to raise taxes on a populus that is already struggling to make ends meet. Fayetteville is a beautiful and for most part peaceful town but it has been languishing for move than 5-6 decades. So, if you are looking for a place that is set in time and seems to be resistant to change - here's your place. Fayetteville, Tennessee - where visions of growth perish and time has stood still for decades!!!

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