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"stray cats"

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Pennsauken, NJ

stray cats - 7/6/2009

i am not sure on who i should be writing this to but i am now at my whits end. and trying to get someone to help get rid of the many straycats , that have invaded my property.I have clled animal control about this problem several times, to no avail. they informed me that i was on some type of list for them to pick them up. this has been going on since Nov. 2008, these cats are constantly multiplying. I do not know who own these animals . i am terrified of cats.I am being invaded. please help

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Merchantville, NJ

A lot of options in higher education - 9/18/2007

I look forward to going back to school when my kids are all in school full-time. As I've done research I've found many options in schools and programs. Philadelphia is right across the river and offers several great Universities. There are also a lot of programs that I can take at the community college. Both degree and transfer programs are available.

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