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Bloomington, IN

Migraines - 3/10/2014

I get migraines from rapid shifts of barometric pressure tornado and severe storms in Indiana we can go from 60 to 30 with snow in 24 hours. How does Alexandria compare you get more sunshine as far as yearly weather maps show and more rain yet it seems you hit a stormy season mid summer and stay more temperate through the year feedback please?

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Beaverton, OR

anyone know the twins... - 10/17/2009

Lynette and Lynelle? I knew them when we were children and I'd love to talk with their Mom again. I only remember that they lived in Alexandria. Thanks.

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Wilmington, NC

City review - 9/1/2009

I live in a great city if you are seeking to raise children. Good schools with low crime rate.

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Evergreen, LA

Badly Divided City - 7/13/2009

Alexandria suffers from sitting at the crossroads of the northern and southern Louisiana cultures. It is badly divided along racial, religious, and political lines - to such a degree that there can be no compromise. Crime is a huge issue and has become even more of an issue since Katrina's refugees arrived. Live close enough to Alexandria to take advantage of world class medical care, but not close enough to get involved in the mess it is making of the quality of life there.

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Alexandria, LA

Good Place to Live - 4/16/2009

Generally decent climate, fair cost of living, crime is an issue and the job market outside of medical and legal is moderate to low.

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Alexandria, LA

nice place to live - 5/11/2007

Alexandria and the surrounding area have really grown over the past few years. New subdivisions seem to be popping up everywhere. The west side of town is especially booming. The economy is doing great. I don't see the growth slowing down any time soon. Many schools are in bad shape, but some schools are decent. Health care is excellent. Some areas are clean and safe, while others are dirty and crime-ridden. Some might struggle with the hot, humid climate. Many might find the area to be boring, but there is plenty of outdoor recreation nearby.

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Alexandria, LA

Economy good here - 5/16/2006

The economy is picking up here because of the opening of a large company that makes railroad oil tanker cars. We're also seeing a positive influx of New Orleans area residents displaced by Katrina

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