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John A
Oak Ridge, TN

general educational/business preparedness - 7/13/2014

Marginal, at best. Lack of social and business skills to perform anything but menial tasks. No clue about customer service, business etiquette or basic business communication. A"good enough " attitude permeates service sector, little desire to improve skills.

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Oak Ridge, TN

If you are active and under 30 ... - 2/3/2012

I would not recommend Oak Ridge to you. The city is okay, and a drive to the mountains is only a short drive. However, the crime rate in Oak Ridge is astronomical for a city this size. Just in the past year, the police force has hired 12+ new officers to handle the burglaries, assaults and B+E. Not encouraging for a city small enough you can drive to the other side in less than 10 minutes. If your aim is to start a small business, look elsewhere. The city is judgemental and unwelcoming to new ideas and don't get me started on "The Sign Nazi." When Oak Ridge was started in the 40's under the Manhattan Project as part of WW2, they hauled in Scientists and thousands of other people for various uses and gave them housing, and a lot of them are still around. Which means that there is a large aging population. In turn, alot of Oak Ridge is catered to those, which fortunately means, we have a stellar hospital, lots of physical therapy places. Lots of physicians in our area too. But, if you are under 30, there isn't much to do unless you love hiking and doing stuff outdoors. Knoxville is about 30 minutes away and doesn't offer much in terms of stuff to do on your days off. If all you do is eat out then you might be okay, but we lack in the form of a lot of the big box stores that similar cities have such as Macy's, etc. Housing is okay, as long as your on the outskirts. Obviously the closer to the center of town you get, the closer you are to the "inner city" aspect. Burglaries are commonplace, so if you have a little money and can afford a nicer house on the outskirts of town (still only 6-8 minute drive to town) then I would advise that. There are a couple of excellent small business restaurants to enjoy if you come here. The Other One Diner Deli and Dive is a personal favorite located in the Grove Center.

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Oak Ridge, TN

Oak Ridge is the best!!!!!! - 12/11/2009

Oak Ridge is a great town. I love it here. Be sure to check out the fine local cafes and bistros. The World's Famous Jefferson Tavern is a must visit for anyone passing through. It is a quaint little bistro off the beaten path with outstanding food and a diverse wine menu. Be sure to visit historic Gamble Valley for local color and flavor. The Alexander Motor Inn is a quiet little bed and breakfast sure to please any traveler with low prices and top of the line 5-star lodgings.

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Raleigh, NC

I Love Oak Ridge - 8/7/2007

I was born and raised in Oak Ridge and I loved every minute of it...even more that I do not live there now. It is an awesome place to raise a family and the school system is great. It is a small town and everybody knows everybody if you have been there for any amount of time but that it what makes it such a special place to me and I am glad that I can call such a wonderful place home.

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Knoxville, TN

It sucks!!!!!!! - 5/12/2006

I've lived in Oak Ridge since I was in 4th grade and now I'm 25. All can I tell you is it SUCKS!!!!!!!!! I joined the Navy just to get out of there. Thats all I have to say!!!!!!

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Dublin, OH

Star Bucks - 7/15/2005

There is one Star Bucks right next to the Staples store in Oak Ridge.

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