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"Safe, safe, safe."

Safe, safe, safe. - 3/16/2007
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Mandan, ND

Bismarck may lack alot of things entertainment wise, but you honestly couldn't feel safer living here.

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Bismarck, ND

Bismarck ND:Being Green? - 11/3/2012

Not really and no, as of now, there is no visible intent to be green here The landfill is a prime example, eastern location is barely out of newly built high end residential sites, piles of un sorted refuse,supposedly loaded with fluorescents,waste oil,paints that are supposed to be restricted. The area coal power generators are antiquated and primarily use fuels extraordinarily high in mercury, an ongoing battle that this state stubbornly refuses to acknowledge for fear of losing out on low cost energy status. Recycling program may start in Jan of 2013, but the intent is hazy,and could be prone once again to failure. Residents talk on one side of mouth about wildlife preservation,other side about "modern farming practices" which even their own Farmers Union opposes but because of groups supported by Monsanto,(which frequently strong arms our ND politicians) an unrestricted pesticide use,unlimited synthetic fertilizer dumping bill is now on ballot.This alone could affect and threaten every vital water way and air quality standard in existence. When the spreading of raw human waste on farm fields from oilfield man camps has no oversight, where do you go with this? There is the weak feel of change here, but strictly speaking,nothing on the books to make it stick. The last bill recognizing the right of religious choice in the dispensing of contraceptives burned down in defeat, by a surprising 3-1 On other hand a openly gay university student at of all places a sciences college was ejected from playing football for his team after coming out with being gay, and college omitted reasoning behind decision An animal right bill,which makes it a felony to mistreat most animals will likely pass this Nov.,( proviso for abandonment left out of bill) They have had a low end existence here for so long, low pay,low expectations, non descript way. ....its pretty much what observed from freeway,(capitol bldg is single block of gray) god help everyone if this oil boom suddenly leaves ND,they need this desperately to change, influx of workers has aleady changed voting patterns, who woulda thunk? ha ha[read more...]

Bismarck, ND

total lack of mental stimulation - 8/15/2010

One of the many sad facts about Bismarck is that it is a deeply boring place to live. There are no quality orchestras or music groups, no good museums, nothing that stimulates the mind or tugs at the soul's deep need for art and music. Bismarck is totally barren. If you are into culture, art, music then do not ever step foot in Bismarck.[read more...]

Bismarck, ND

Safe Place to Live - 9/7/2009

Bismarck is a stable and thriving very safe place to live. While the winter weather can be brutal at times the other 3 seasons are good, with the summer exceptional. There are lorts of outdor activities and the city is lrge enough to have just about all cultural activities available, although on a ocassional basis.[read more...]

Bismarck, ND

Bismarck is a comfortable small city - 6/4/2008

Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota. US Census estimates the 2007 Bismarck MSA population at 103,242 (up from 94,839 in 2000), making it the second largest in the state. The core of the metro, where you'll find the majority of the population, is made of the cities of Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln, among other smaller communities. A quickly growing city, you'll be surprised to find names common in larger cities, such as Kohl’s, Best Buy, Target, 2 Wal Marts Supercenters, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Old Navy, Starbucks, Olive Garden, Hooters and numerous others. I grew up in the Los Angeles area. My family moved to Bismarck in the mid 90's. I moved to Minneapolis a few years later, but found myself moving back because of the great quality of life enjoyed there. There are few night spots, so at times a trip to the "twin cities" is needed. Otherwise this is a great community. Local retail growth has been record breaking for the state of North Dakota, with over 2 million square feet of retail being built during 2005 & 2006. You'll also be surprised to find Bismarck isn't flat! It has beautiful rolling hills and valleys formed by the Missouri River, which separates the cities. The river also creates plentiful recreation from late spring through early fall. Shopping isn't Rodeo Drive by any means, but with the usual retail you would expect to find in most American cities this size (Sears, JC Penny’s, Herbergers, TJ Maxx, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Wet Seal, Coldwater Creek, Hot Topic, etc) you'll find what you need. A warning, Bismarck is an extreme city when it comes to weather. During the winter it's cold and harsh. Seasonal snow amounts can easily top 100 inches, with wind chills around the -30 mark. However during the summer it's a complete 180, with temperatures steadily in the upper 80's and 90's with a week or two in the 100's. Not to mention the humidity, causing some pretty spectacular storms producing hail, tornadoes and winds topping 80 mph. But these two extreme seasons leave you with some beautiful, colorful springs and falls.[read more...]

Bismarck, ND

Low Crime Rate - 4/7/2007

Bismarck has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. The city is growing quickly and has a great deal to offer.[read more...]

Mandan, ND

Safe, safe, safe. - 3/16/2007

Bismarck may lack alot of things entertainment wise, but you honestly couldn't feel safer living here.[read more...]

Palm Coast, FL

Glad I was raised in Bismarck. - 5/29/2006

What that makes this city great is the people who live there--they are humble optimists who find good in all things, especially each other, and they are mostly supportive people. Like many women who grew up there, I left Bismarck upon marrying when I was 21. I continue to visit family there on special occasions. The most valuable part of my growing up in Bismarck was the quality of life for my family despite a low income, harsh winters, and having to walk far to school. I'm pleased to see, for the sake of their children, that this major quality--good family life--is still valued by young parents now living there. Apparently, this good family life concept is still fostered or supported by the city's education systems. I knew I had a great education at St. Mary's, but not how great until I returned to complete a college degree after my children were grown. I received a degree from a big 10 university in two years, then a masters in another year, and shortly after that I was invited into a fully paid doctoral program to work as an editor for a professor! I thought, who? me? Humility through hard work is a major attribute learned and valued in family living in Bismarck, ND.[read more...]

Bismarck, ND

Love it - 5/26/2006

I've lived here for five years and have no plans of leaving. It is a great place to raise children. I love seeing stars everynight. Whenever we travel too big cities that is one thing we miss. Crime is low and the weather is not that bad. Last couple years the winters have been mild and the summers are great and you get use to it. They have wonderful parks and lakes for fishing and camping that are not far away. People are freindly and always love helping others. I love where we live, I love the people and I feel safe for myself and my children. I dreaded moving at first then I loved it.[read more...]

Bismarck, ND

The Temp - 5/8/2006

The temp here in Bismarck, ND isn't as bad as people tend to think. It does get colder than most places but it is an awesome place to raise kids.[read more...]