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Federal Way, WA

we want to move need help we just have 2 months - 2/9/2014

I want to move my family to austin i havent bin there but we want some ware housing is affortable i have four boys age 6,3,2 and a baby of 2 months and ware theres jobs apportunity and good schools. And of course safe ware i can raise a family.

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Federal Way, WA

Cost of Living in Federal Way - 1/2/2013

I have lived in Brooklyn NY, West Palm Beach & Port St Lucie, FL and now Federal Way, WA. While the cost of living here is higher than Florida, it is definitely lower than NYC. Rentals can start anywhere from $900 up to approx. $2500 dependent on number of bedrooms, location, apartment complex or a private home. there are New Homes being built in this area and if you ask me,you get more for the money in the south than here. Also most rentals do not include utilities, so that would be an added expense.

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Federal Way, WA

Bicycling - 8/15/2011

I work and live in Federal Way. I start most of my days with a bicycle ride. There are good roads, a few paved trails. Plenty of secondary roads are available for daytime riding in town...stay off the main streets though.

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Federal Way, WA

schools - 11/2/2009

school board appears out of control. class sizes are too small, charges for extracuricular activities too high for most families and a MULTITUDE of days when school classes are cancelled for ridiculous reasons - sometimes with only several days notice.

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Tacoma, WA

Great place to live - 9/30/2009

I grew up in Federal way WA and will have ot say it's the best place to grow up. Nice climate, plenty to do, Seatac Mall, Close to Tacoma, Wild Wave and Enchanted village, Patterson's west roller skating rink, plus many more. Though some of the names might of change since I have moved away, but it's a great place to live. Not to far from Seattle and not to far from Seattle or Tacoma. Dash Point State Park plus more. Very good place and plan to move back there when I can.

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Rexburg, ID

Great place to live! - 8/19/2009

I grew up in Federal Way (from 6 years old to 20 years old) and there are a mountain of things to do there. From Enchanted Village/Wild Waves, which used to be owned by Six Flags and is being upgraded with new rides every year, to every type of restaurant you could think of, a huge mall and tons of shopping, including some very fun full-size Asian supermarkets. (Great if you love authentic Asian food. There are a lot of imported items there that you can't find anywhere else) There's a great mix of cultures there. It also has TWO large public libraries that are part of one of the best (if not THE best) county library systems in the US. Everywhere else I've lived, we've been lucky if we even had ONE tiny public library. Also, don't believe what you hear about the weather. Yes, it's gray and rainy a lot in the winter, but temperatures rarely dip below freezing and it's a million times better than all the snow I now get living here in the mountains. Plus, there are stretches during the winter that are sunny and pleasant. Summers are amazing, not too hot (around 85-90 degrees) and about 90% sunny weather. I'd move back there in a second if it weren't for personal and work-related reasons. I absolutely loved growing up there!

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Papa Steve
Federal Way, WA

Who can really afford to live here? - 6/17/2008

In the coming months my plans include a change of location away from Washington. To where, that is still up in the air as I continue to research where to relocate my family to. In the last few years we have seen the cost of living in the Seattle Metro area jump from a great place to live into a place that is financially spiralling out of control. The cost of a medium priced home has surged to over $595,000.00. Washington now has the highest gas tax of any state in the union and a legislature that is intent on striping every penny from the pockets of the people. Every attempt by the people to put a stop to the states revenue grab is challenged in court and the will of the people is thrown out as unconstutional. Most recently the states revenue grab increased the toll on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge by one dollar and further announced that the toll will increase by one dollar every year for the next ten years. The Department of Transportation has inplemented a trial toll road on WA-167. When the commute is light the toll is $.75 when traffic is heavier the toll can jump as much as $6.75 to travel on the same stretch of highway that is less than 6 miles long. So who can really afford to live here, Not Me any more.

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Federal Way, WA

It's Nice, BUT the Weather Sucks! - 10/20/2007

I have lived here 17 years and we are so ready to move. We will be moving to CA soon. I am so sick of the cold weather and the rain. If Federal Way had nicer weather year round I would stay, but it doesn't. Traffic in Federal Way is also bad. Federal Way is between Tacoma, WA and Seattle, WA. Both these cities have very bad traffic. Seattle tied with LA for the worst traffic and I think Tacoma was #5 on that list. I like the city, I just do not like the weather. If you like rain, cold, overcast weather, and more rain, then move here. lol :<)

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Davis, CA

My Hometown - 10/2/2007

Federal Way is located somewhere between Seattle and Tacoma. I grew up here and went through the schools including Olympic View Elementary, Illahee Jr. High and Decatur High School. The caliber of education is not good. The city has changed a lot over the years and not in a good way. The city has built housing developments and more schools to accommodate the growing population. There is little to do in town and traffic is horrible. I lived here for twenty three years and I would never move back to Federal Way.

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Federal Way, WA

Its not rainy ALL the time.. just most of the time - 4/23/2007

... which is why I'm going to the desert.

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Great location for recreation - 7/8/2006

I've spent over 20 years in the area and have never run out of stuff to do. If you like outdoor activities this is the place to be. Lots of hiking, camping and biking trails. Yes it rains a bit but not near as much as rumored. But be warned there are grey winters. But beautiful mountains year round.

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Tacoma, WA

Weather and family things to do - 3/6/2006

Weather today is Sunny, windy, temps in the mid-50's, and no rain. Rain in Western Washington typically consists of heavy mist. You will rarely encounter heavy rains as experienced in the South or Midwest. Want to be outside during the winter, then wear micro fleece clothing and get after it. You don't have to be bundled up like the Michelin Man to enjoy being outside. We live through the winter and early spring so that we can have nearly rain-free June - Sept/Oct. Not many places can say that. Federal Way has numerous parks, baseball and soccer fields with organized sports for both children/teens and family. With a major renovated mall with a majority of moderately priced stores (Macy's, Sears, Target) and a wide array of food establishments in town, there are things to do for most every family member. There are numerous bicycle trails in the city and nearby area as the metro Seattle area has been voted one of the best bicycling areas in the nation. The mountains are an hour car ride away with the ocean beaches being 3 hours.

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Auburn, WA

Weather in the Great Northwet - 2/27/2006

It's overcast, raining, and cold today. And that about describe's the weather for the rest of the week and last week, too. We never have to worry about the Groundhog seeing his shadow in February as we never see the sun until at least May!

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