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re: Could Agree With You More - Philly is Not a Go - 4/24/2012
I'm not sure where you lived in Brooklyn but I feel the same way you do about going to my supermarkets (all 3 of them have the rudest workers EVER) AND to my local CVS!? Maybe it's just a city thing? I/m with Kathy with her answer!

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re: Could Agree With You More - Philly is Not a Go - 7/6/2011
Awww Philly, I surely miss it. My whole family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and of course I followed. Philly will always have my heart! You have to be a part of it know understand it and to love it! It will always make me smile knowing I was a part of Philly and Philly will ALWAYS be a part of me! I am not rude nor am I stupid! Like my Mother always said you are judged by the company you keep....Maybe you just need to choose better friends!

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