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Chandler, AZ - 5/3/2008
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Chandler, AZ

We have lived in Chandler, AZ for 20 years. We have raised 4 kids here. For the Phoenix area, it's a nice suburb of about 200,000 population. Lots of growth in the last 10 years. Some high tech (e.g., Intel) industry. Good access to freeways (I-10, 202, and 101), but like all big cities, the traffic is bad in the morning and afternoon during commute times. Close to Arizona State University (about 10 miles away in Tempe) and close enough to downtown Phoenix (about 25 minutes). Close to the airport (Phoenix Sky Harbor) - about 15 minutes. All-in-all, a good suburb to live in for the Phoenix area.

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Chandler, AZ

My Personal Opinion of Chandler - 8/11/2013

Going to try to be fair here for the benefit of people considering moving here. Something I love you may hate, and something I hate may be a plus for you. This is just one person's opinion! Some POSITIVES: Chandler is a reasonably priced place to live. Compared to other places it is a safe place to live. I can go walking around and night and not feel the slightest bit unsafe. And of course the weather never gets really cold here. In grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc. people have good manners and are, for the most part, polite. NEGATIVES: If you have a strong reaction to visuals please ask yourself if you like the colours orange, peach, and brown. I personally do not so most of Phoenix and Chandler is an absolute eyesore to me. What most people see as a posh looking home I see as a big ugly orange thing. Nor am I keen on desert landscape or anything bronze. (You guessed it, came to Chandler due to husband not by choice.) I have lived in London, Chicago, and a small town in north Georgia... London (and all of England) is my favourite place on the planet and I appreciated Chicago as well. Chandler, or perhaps I should say Phoenix and the area in general, could not be more unlike London or Chicago. While driving around much of it feels like a "nothing" place. Big wide roads with endless identical strip malls (all brownish or orange) and they're so far off the road. There's no character, nothing interesting to see except the occasionally hideous orange or brown building, and everything is landscaped to death with this annoying peach colour rock. THE PEOPLE: Most have been polite that I've met, but compared to other places there's a huge amount of "flakey" behavior. Workers have tried to scam, people don't show up when they say they will or extremely late... I know you could find some of this anywhere but it seems more prevalent here than anywhere else I've lived. Did I mention the heat? If you don't like heat better not come here. I won't complain about that though because anyone thinking of moving here should know in advance this is desert... it gets hot. Duh! There's a positive to the heat.... weather is good most of the year. Still, it's too bright for me and I wait til the sun sets to take a walk. Also if grass, greenery and trees are important to you might not be the best area. Chandler in a nutshell: Safe place to live that's not unaffordable for most but hideous if you don't like southwest style colours and new orange and peach cookie cutter homes. [read more...]

Phoenix, AZ

Unsafe for people.... - 8/3/2013

Chandler has a basically racist attitude towards anyone of color, whether you are Mexican-American, African-American, or any color American and/or immigrants. Law enforcement officers will arrest anyone of color regardless if they have done nothing wrong if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every friend/relative I know who are upstanding citizens in nearby cities have visited Chandler and either gotten a warning or been wrongly accused and arrested for some fake story or a rumored story that was done by a Caucasian-American. It is an unsafe city for anyone of color but it is okay for any Caucasian-Americans from the old days like our governor is.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Hot Summers - 4/26/2013

The summers in Chandler are more humid, hotter, and lasting longer.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Hi - 5/22/2012

Yes[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Phx AZ the Great Dissapointment in the West! - 12/5/2011

My wife and I moved her about 4 yrs ago. It has truely a struggle to cope with the backwards communities and the horrible State and local Gov. If you looking to be here please revisit that. Realitors are a joke around here and I have went thru a dozen looking for suitable house for rent. These folks say they are full service but they are truely not. They fail to realize by planting a few seeds to the weary traveler they just might get some to invest. But we are talking about lacklust West coasters. They think this is the place and everybody should by in. HOG WASH! Restaurants,malls and groceies store all practive poor service. What really strikes me is . These people jsut don not care and are here to collect a check! Everything is a pill. The State saying should be"You can do that its a against the city ordinace!" by the way you are out of compliiance and you will be accessed a fine. That is exactly how these people are! I you from the Mid West anf my beloved South East. do yourslf a flavor and do not move her. I have one year before we can transfer by to life that is less stressful.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Hell on Earth! - 2/12/2011

That's what this dump is![read more...]

Chandler, AZ

all american city - 11/19/2010

all around very nice community with many amenities and close to Arizona State University,Phoenix.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

i miss it very much :'//// - 5/11/2010

i lived there since i was born. moved in the '09. to north carolina. what i miss the most are my besties!!! jorge && sophia && corina && the one i married chole aha. well i loved it the best time of my life was spent there![read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Hot, hot, hot summers - 9/26/2009

June - mid/late September are just awful in my opinion. You go from AC house to AC car to AC work. However, the other 8 months are glorious. Winters are beautiful temperature wise. Air quality can get pretty bad at times though.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

It's hot!!! - 8/9/2009

Okay, it is really, really hot here, but it's a great place to live if you are active and like to be outdoors. You can hike, bike, run, etc. outdoors year-round (summertime most activity has to be confined to early morning, but you can do it).[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Chandler/Phoenix - 6/22/2009

The summers can be a little rough - it is hot here. The winters are relatively mild. Spring and fall are beautiful![read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Arizona is great BUT - 6/17/2009

I loved Arizona when we moved her eleven years ago. Now it has changed for the worse. Traffic is awful. Chandler is a tale of two worlds. In the affluent, gated communities the homes are great for the money, there are excellent dining choices, but the crime is becoming a problem.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Chandler - A Great Place to Live - 6/13/2009

Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix is a great place to live. We have great shopping, schools, easy access to freeways, and enjoy many fine communities to choose from when purchasing a new home.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

The next Scottsdale! - 6/13/2009

The Chandler city council does a great job keeping the city clean, and is always keeping things up to date and unique. Check out their current downtown remodel that's taking place.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

Close enough to Phoenix, beautiful weather, but a - 5/16/2009

I moved out here a year ago after living over 50 years in Boston and the suburbs of Boston. I absolutely HATED the cold and snow in Boston. You can't count on any plans there because at least 50% of the time the weather ruins them. I couldn't care less about the night life but if you do, this is not the place for you. The good - The weather is ALWAYS beautiful here, and I mean always. I love thunder storms, and the rare rain we get here is always a thunderstorm. Weather has never ruined my outdoor activities. On the whole, much cleaner and more modern here than Boston. Incredibly cheap housing, and I mean dirt-cheap. The roads are well laid out. Main roads are wide, and all run north, south, east and west in a grid pattern and it's almost impossible to get lost if you have a good sense of direction (I don't. I use a GPS). As for jobs, well not bad, but not good. Plenty of minimum wage jobs because there's fast food EVERYWHERE! Lots of strip malls too. On the average, higher paying jobs here pay $10,000 less than the Boston area. A city like Phoenix should be bending over backwards trying to attract high tech companies, but apparently, the politicians seem to have only one purpose here, and that's to move on. The bad - VERY HOT! The summers are very long, and it has reached 118 degrees several times while I've been here. It's over 100 degrees for weeks at a time. I can't complain though, because I love the heat. VERY dusty! Car washes everywhere because you need to wash your car at least every 2 weeks. The drivers here absolutely SUCK!! I can't emphasize that enough! The traffic reports on the radio every morning go on and on describing accidents. I swear to God it seems like every third driver I see is on the cellphone while driving, and almost NO ONE uses signals, and the police don't seem to care, or are completely clueless, I'm not sure which. This is BY FAR my biggest complaint. As I mentioned, I use a GPS. It's useful, but only if I put in direct addresses, and NOT the names of companies, buildings, etc. I guess the GPS companies are too lazy to update it with 10-year-old buildings. If you look for a McDonald's for example, it may tell you that the nearest one is 2 miles away when you're actually right around the corner from another one. You get used to keeping your eyes open and not trusting the GPS after a while. It seems there are apartment buildings on practically every street where I live in Chandler. This was a bit depressing when I first moved here. You either rent from them or rent a home for much more. Those are your only choices. If bugs bother you, then this isn't the place for you. Cockroaches are common in homes here, but most people have someone come out and spray. I've seen one tarantula in the past year, and that was 180 miles from my apartment. No scorpions yet, so it's really not as bad as some people say, aside from the cockroaches. Another big problem is the illegal immigrants. There are so many that you have to be very careful with your personal information. They steal Social Security numbers in order to get work, and they can destroy your credit. They also drive without insurance, steal vehicles, and fill emergency rooms. There are also Mexican gangs here involved in drug dealing and kidnapping, although I haven't come across any yet. I got myself a gun and Concealed Carry permit. As far as housing, the hardest thing for me is trying to figure out good and bad areas of any city. I'm used to driving through bad neighborhoods and seeing run-down 3-family homes with junk cars in the driveways in Boston. Here, you can drive through what appears to be a nice neighborhood, and is really not. You have to speak to the locals about that. Also, there don't seem to be "bad" or "good" cities to live in. It seems EVERY city has pockets of bad areas, and that makes it even harder to decide where to live. All in all, I'll take the bad with the good. I couldn't take another 6-month New England winter. [read more...]

Chandler, AZ

The little town that grew up too quickly - 4/23/2009

I've lived in Chandler for 25 years. Initially I loved the small town atmosphere - the population then was 25K spread out of 50 square miles. People began flocking to Arizona and Chandler now has a population of about 250,000 and still growing. I enjoyed Chandler for that small town feel, the slower pace than Chicago where I came from. I enjoyed the agricultural atmosphere with cotton field, orange groves, dairy farms. Little by little the developers came in and bought up all that land, and now we are very urbanized. Hard to get to know others as all the builders install concrete block fences around each and every backyard. Houses are built backwards in my opinion. It's a rare house that has a big front picture window from which you can observe what is going on on your street. Primarily it's bedrooms that are put in the front of the house, whereas the living room or family room faces the back yard, possibly because so many people have in ground pools. People are not quite as friendly here until you make a concerted effort to get to know your neighbors. With May usually starting the 100+ temps lasting through Sept. nobody wants to leave their house and chat outside anyway. So we get into our garaged air conditioned cars, leave for work or whatever, where it is also air conditioned, only to return home, press the button for the garage door to open, pull in, close the garage door, and back you go into your air conditioned house, oftentimes never seeing another living soul on your block. I am fortunate to live in a secluded area where all the houses are on large square cul de sacs that have a little park like area in the center, and it is very quiet. You'd never dream that just 6 blocks away is the hustle and bustle of two of the busiest streets in town and with 3 major freeways no more than 2-3 miles away in each instance and one of the best Mall areas in the entire state. If you can't find what you're looking for there, it probably does not exist. All in all, I like Chandler, but I wholeheartedly miss what we used to have. When I moved here I never saw a mosquito, saw plenty of white flies from the cotton field, but they were no big deal, listened to the crop dusters as they zoomed back and forth over the farm field. People had to 'check their firearms' at the grocery store service desk before they started their shopping. And we did not yet have killer bees that have invaded us to now almost all of our bees are of that african descent. Running in to a bee can be hazardous to some peoples' health and several have died from the vicious attacks of these bees who attack in great numbers if they feel you even come anywhere near what they have claimed as 'their' space. I have no room to complain as I too, just like most others, am a transplant from somewhere I just else. I just wish we were still the little rural town that never grew up.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

chandler, arizona - 12/6/2008

well first off, chandler arizona is somewhat great place to live, the traffic and construction can be a pain in the neck but most people speed through it anyway so traffic gets moving, unless there is a accident which happens more then not. ive lived here 22 years now and am moving from chandler to illinois then to colorado. drugs are ever so popular here so basically anyone who knows the names of 10 kids age 14 or higher can get there hands on many illegal drugs. everything from Meth to Marijuanna. its not cool. i went to a middle school in chander and in 6th grade i knew of many kids who were doing drugs and drinking. then came corona del sol. wow is there alot of cocaine in that school, as well as every friday and saturday some sort of keg party, 9th - 12th, everyone was invited to get drunk and high. crime is basically low though none of my family or friends have ever had anything stolen inside or outside of the home or car, except for school-yard pranks of holloween and x-mas decorations, LAWN GNOMES dissapear quite often. but who doesnt love them? hope this helps. north arizona ( sedona flagstaff) all around beauty. i'll move there if i come back to arizona in 2 years when i'm done. [read more...]

Chandler, AZ

best place to live - 10/22/2008

compare some best place to live for family[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

A great city - 10/3/2008

Although I live in sun lakes, the office says chandler. We are a retirement community on the south end of chandler. Warm, friendly, and social community. Chandler has been recognized as one of the best cities to live in.[read more...]

Chandler, AZ

If-fy Environment - 8/7/2008

If you want to live in a city with a huge commercial experimental-drug testing facility, Chandler is the place for you! Opening 2009 this facility is hired by drug companies to test their experimental drugs on rodents and dogs (beagles). They will also be importing wild primates, testing the drugs on them and then killing them. They are also permitted to take animals from animal shelters. There is no public information about the disposal of the animal carcasses except they they will be incinerated. The City Council has no plan for testing our groundwater once these experimental drugs get into the water table. Before this company was brought here by our City Council, Chandler was the best city in the state. It's a great city except for the blatant disregard for public health by the Council. I'm not a animal-rights nut or anything, I just can't believe this has happened to the town I've lived in since 1974. I hope to be moved out of here before this facility opens in 2009. You can learn more at protectchandler(dot)org [read more...]

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