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re: Living in Calais, Maine - 12/26/2008 - 2/6/2010
Agree 100% with Lorraine. Nepotism in City Governent seems welcomed and the jobless statistics seem based on open unemployment claims only. Leaving out those unemployed/ineligible and not collecting benefits. Water is often tea colored w/ chunks of iron in it and dirt making it unappealing to drink. I would however recommend the area for a retiree who would like a second home as the terrain is gorgeous and the price of homes is very appealing

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Calais, ME

Living in Calais, Maine - 12/26/2008

I moved to Calais, Maine approximately 5 years ago and am currently trying to sell the home I own and move from the area. I have never lived in a place with such a corrupt city government, an "old boy's network" that locals will tell you not to speak up about or they will "get you." Anyone that did not grow up here is called a "PFA" or person from away and is treated in a discriminatory manner. Property taxes are high and very few services are provided. Water and sewage has been privatized by the city and the cost is also very high. I hope this helps others to not make the mistake I made in moving here. There are many Maine cities and towns where residents feel connected and part of a larger community. That is definitely not the case here.

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Marmora, NJ

Cold, cold, cold - 3/25/2006

Snow from early October to late April

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