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"A great little town to live in"

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Brownville, NY

A great little town to live in - 3/19/2013

Brownville is a bedroom community just 3-4 miles west of Watertown overlooking the Black River. It consists of two papermills, three churches, fire dept.,a corner gas/grocery market, library, great school district and boasts of the home of General Jacob Brown-commander of the US forces during the War of 1812. It is a quiet community with both old and new homes where most people keep to themselves but stil posesses community spirit where everyone knows everyone else and helps out when someone needs assistance. It is hot and often dry in the summer and cold and often snows about 60 inches in the winter. The nearby city of Watertown has grown because of the Army post called Fort Drum, which is home of the 10th Mountain Division and so therefore the usual chain stores abound along with a small mall and numerous chain restaurants and Hotels. There is a nearby ski area that is always fun to ski even though it is not very big. You can go white water rafting on the nearby Black River, as well as fish. Snowmobiling and ice fishing is popular with numerous trails and lakes. There is a great community college called "JCC" where many of the local youth go on to persue Jr. college before transferring to othe great nearby colleges. The famous Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River is only 30 minutes North and the City of Syracuse is only 70 minutes to the South. Give Brownville a try the next time you are in the real "Ustate" New York.

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