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re: Love It - 3/23/2007 - 3/26/2009
Hello, My name is Sedale i currently reside in Detroit. I have 4 children two girls age 13 and 8 who enjoy bike riding, skating, dancing, and acting and i also have 2 boys ages 1 and 3. Me and my fiance are looking for great employment opps, he is a highlow driver and i'm a customer service rep for the utility company hows the employment rate there are there any jobs? And also is there any recreation or lots of outdoor activities for my chidren? Me and my fiancee also enjoy bowling and skating and some clubbing is there any of these activities there? We are looking for a good area not over crowded and not so country witha good school system is this area like what i'm looking for please help me anyone who can respond were outoftowners needing insight from people who stay in NC. Thanks.

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City girl

re: Love It - 3/23/2007 - 11/9/2009
I have a quick question I hope you can answer: If you live in Apex do you know which school your child will attend, or does this change every year like in Raleigh? Thank you

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Apex, NC

Be Careful what you wish for - 6/12/2016

We moved here from western NY last year. It was hard to leave a solid school system, a house almost paid for, with a yard, and NO HOA. However, jobs were just not there for us. Moving the kids was the hardest part. Now it's been one school year done and I am just not impressed. My kids were given material they already learned in NY. They were bored. So, we make up for it at home and try to get them into classes more appropriate, which is difficult. The teachers in our previous schools in NY were more than happy to offer enrichment opportunities. I know everyone is different. I'm not trying to rant. There is so much hype for this place. Some love it and that's great. We have family here who absolutely love it. I'm speaking for myself and our family. We prefer a small town feel, a strong school system that isn't so focused on it's appearance, and space to breathe! It is truly crowded here. Museums and other things to do are thirty minutes or so away, unless you want to go shopping. The grocery stores . . . Wegmans can't get here fast enough. Just really think about it first and visit. I'm realizing the grass isn't always greener, and maybe the snow isn't so bad.

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Apex, NC

My heart belongs to Apex - 6/10/2014

My introduction to Apex, NC came in July 2009 I was on my way to Florida. On the third day, plans changed due to friend's vehicle malfunction. I stayed in Apex for 9 days the duration of my vacation at my friends apartment. After a 12 hours car ride from NJ to Apex, we arrived after 11:30 pm. I awoke the next morning and felt "overwhelming" peace. I hadn't seen or known anything about Apex, we literally came in and went to sleep! Strange indeed my pets, friends, house, garden and possessions were somewhere else and it didn't seem to matter! I wanted to stay in Apex. During my 9 days I interviewed 27 people, visited the Chamber of Commerce, and on the cover, Apex voted #8 best place to live in United States, the hospitality, good will and friendliness of people noteworthy, the weather agreeable for me, lots to do, easy access, it had overwhelming appeal. I relocated last week to Apex alone. Looking forward to a fresh start and many exciting adventures..in an amazing location just right for me!

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Apex, NC

Quality of Life - 9/30/2011

Apex has a small town atmosphere, but is convenient to the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

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Cary, NC

No Jobs - 8/3/2011

Unfortunately like so many other cities and states the beautiful city in which I currently reside has no jobs. I am currently looking to relocate but would prefer a milder climate. The state of California has a high cost of living but the weather conditions for me are great. I did some research and discovered that living in small towns outside of Los Angeles is cheaper then living in the city itself but renting in a safe neighborhood is not easy. Texas and Arizona are also choices but I love to see green plants so they are in the middle of my list. I cannot afford to buy a home so living in an apartment is my best bet for now. In states like Florida and California it is cheaper to buy a home then it is to rent it seems. I open to any suggestions that one may have on where I could move in California that would be reasonable financially and safe. My salary range would be between $30-45000 a year,I now there has got to be a safe place somewhere.

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Apex, NC

Traffic is awful - 2/3/2011

Any time of day or night. There is obviously no recession here. Everybody here drives for ANY reason. Gotta eat - drive there! Gotta drink - drive there! Gotta calm the baby - drive there! Gotta not work? - drive there! It is bumper to bumper cars. I leave for work at 5:30AM to avoid the school bus crunch but it is still crowded and full of very angry people. By the time I leave work and drive home, it is crowded again. There is no rush hour here - it is rush hour ALL OF THE TIME.

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Apex, NC

Education - 2/9/2010

The triangle area is a great place for those seeking higher education. Three major universities and many other colleges are within the triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-hill).

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Apex, NC

Great area - 12/2/2009

Great quality of life

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Apex, NC

Apex NC - 9/2/2008

Wonderful place to live. Great climate. Lots to do, but with a small town atmosphere.

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Apex, NC

Apex - 7/8/2007

Apex is really nice. It's really close to Raleigh, Cary, Durham, RTP, and Chapel Hill. The crime is really low, although we have experienced a lot of deaths due to automobile accidents in the past recent years.

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NC For Me
Apex, NC

Love It - 3/23/2007

We have been in Apex for almost 3 years and we love it. Great place for a family, or anyone that wants to live close enough to a small city but likes a quieter home and a small town feeling.

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Apex, NC

Apex: nice weather, good jobs, terrible traffic - 3/20/2006

I've lived in Apex for about 7 years. Most people who live in Apex are from other parts of the country. The growth here is exploding. It is very conveinent to most places in the Triangle such as Raleigh and Research Triangle Park. I really like the mild weather and job opprotunities that are here. There are also plenty of places to further your education such as NC state and University of North Carolina . The only thing that makes this place undesirable is the traffic. Aggresive driving has gotten a lot worse since I moved here.

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