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"A good place to retire!"

A good place to retire! - 11/7/2010
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I moved here with my wife in 2005 after I retired! We rented in the Temple Terrace area for 7 months while a house we bought was being built! We didn't buy a 3,000, or 5,000 sq foot house for hundreds of thousands of dollars, We bought a $100,000 house, 1300 sq. ft.,3/2/2, 35 minutes north of Tampa in a newer neighborhood!
Our first year here was a little tough getting used to, it is hot in the summer, but I loved watching the blizzards up north on TV! And as you get older, the heat feels better then the cold!
We paid $3,000. a year that first year on homeowners tax, and insurance, still less then what we paid in Ct.! Today with the bad economy, we pay $1,400. a year because everything has gone down. Its tough on people who work, but great for retirees! Our house is worth $75,000. today, but we're not selling, so its all paper, and the lower net worth of our house makes our bills lower!
The lower prices make it good for the new people who want to come here to retire, there are some great deals!
Retiring here is good, but I wouldn't come here to work, the good paying jobs are few, and far apart! If you live on a budget, this is a very cheap place to live, but again, not if your younger, and still working!
I would say to those unhappy here on the Gulf coast of Florida, that life is so short to be unhappy about where you live, move to where you'll be happy, I did, and someday, if I choose, I'll move again! You'll get nowhere just complaining on a site like this!
To those looking for a place to retire, I've driven across the country 3 times in my life, been in every one of the lower 48 states, for me, this is the best area to retire! The housing is cheap, much cheaper then up north, living expences are less then up north, and you've got so much to do from all the sports-pro & college, theater, museums, beaches, boating, fishing, casinos, cruises, Disney, Bush Gardens, and others!!! Or you can do just nothing, and enjoy the weather while your friends and relatives are shoveling snow!!
The mistake I saw down here over the last 5 years is people living-buying over their means, I could have bought a house 3 times bigger, and 3 times more expensive, but we chose to buy only what we needed! There were lots of stories of people living in 3,000-5,000 sq ft. houses with almost no furniture in their houses, cause they couldn't afford it! The more house you buy, the more you'll pay in taxes, insurance, and electricity, so buy what you need, and can afford!
Is there anything better then seeing palm trees in peoples yards dressed up in Christmas lights?!!!

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re: A good place to retire! - 11/7/2010 - 2/26/2012
Hi like you I am retiring early, I live in Bullhead city, AZ and we have a dry hot heat, I miss the beaches of CA but can't afford to live there, I am bidding on a home in Port Richey, can you tell me about this town

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re: A good place to retire! - 11/7/2010 - 3/24/2013
Great decision. Here is another option for people moving to Florida. My wife and I have lived in Tampa all our lives and wanted to stay close to our family but still wanted something different than living in the middle of the city so after careful consideration and lots of looking our real estate agent lead us about 25 minutes south of Tampa to Apollo Beach. It is a rather small community that is made up of waterfront homes, convenient shopping, fishing, golfing, and several retirement communities. We chose the beautiful DEL WEBB " SOUTHSHORE FALLS". As all Dell Webb communities it is kept up immaculately with a clubhouse, pool area (Lap pool, Resistance pool, Jacuzzi,) coffee shop, internet cafe, Ballroom, and state of the art excursive facility. There is also a putting green by this pool. On the other side of the property is another pool and pickle ball court. Within 3 miles of the subdivision a Trauma 1 Hospital is being built. 13 mile away is also Tampa General Hospital (Trauma1) which rates #1 in many specialties. Southshore Falls is also close to I-75, I-4, and the Crosstown Expressway making it easy to reach most anywhere in the city and also St.Pete, Sarasota, and surrounding areas. You can find this community on the internet. A happy resident

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Safety Harbor, FL

This city is amazing - 4/15/2016

I was born in and grew up in Fort Lauderdale and it was great, 1990s and all and the times were different, when teachers actually wore button up dresses and before cellphones, Internet, before all of that, the place was incredible, safe and family friendly I used to play outside every single day, bikes, scooters, playing with a tree you know before video games, Xbox, before all of that, when furbies were trendy remember that? I live there for nearly two decades and Ive lived all across the United States in nearly every major metro area in the US and I lived in Tampa for 3 years recently, moved back to south florida for a year and then moved back to Tampa. The quality of life is so much better in Tampa than South Florida, the people are still nice and still have manners, the drivers drive normal if you know what I mean and the place is just perfect. South Florida is only decent for people who have a lot of money or maybe if you're really, really attractive and really lucky you'll be a trophy wife or maybe you'll win the lottery but other than that the rest of the population is just barely getting by and it shows, they look miserable, it's written all across their faces and it was really noticeable after living in Tampa for 3 years. If youre not a trust fund kid from Palm Beach or a successful lawyer, doctor or golddigger youre probably working a minimum wage job at Target or stuck in a dead end job with a wife you dont even like and kids you regret barely scraping by with an average life and hating every moment of it but hey what can you do right? Thats how most people live in South Florida now, rat race, miserable and just getting by pretending to enjoy life but everyone looks miserable! Everyone I know from Fort Lauderdale who went to colleges in different areas of Florida and other states have not gone back to South Florida and have no plans of going back, some go back for a couple months and haul out of there as fast as they can because they notice after living somewhere else that South Florida is not livable anymore. There's no reason to live like that, with the rude people, crazy drivers and high crime rates, it's like a government experiment to see how they can drive you crazy down there, it wasn't always like that! But anyway this is a review for Tampa not south florida, the quality of life in Tampa is infinitely better in 2016 than South Florida, the people, oh my goodness the people are so nice and sweet and well mannered and respectful I feel like I'm living in a pretty perfect postcard like seriously I don't know why you'd love anywhere else in Florida, Orlando without Disney is um, well there's a reason Disney makes so much money, there's nothing in Orlando but Disney and UCF but Tampa is amazing it has everything you could want without feeling like you're in hell, actually quite the opposite it's beautiful, quaint, family friendly, safe you have USF and the military base, you have retirees and tourists from Canada, you have spring breakers but not the lunatics that go to Miami, actually nice, respectable and adorable people from up north. Sure there's only one Costco in clearwater and one in Brandon but I hear they're opening another one near west chase but don't quote me on it. I love it's so incredibly different and there's plenty of schools, restaurants, bars etc whatever you need and God did I mention how sweet the people are? I love Tampa and highly recommend the place to anyone looking for a medium sized metro area in Florida that is family first and yet has everything you need or want. Seriously I don't really want to leave!

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Riverview, FL

Making a little better - 1/17/2016

Tampa is a wonderful city to live but i think they have potential to turn this medium sized city into a roaring metropolis . I think they should make the rest of the Tampa bay are look like Ybor City ,you know like more apartment buildings and u know just city life instead of the quite medium town city thing , if anyones ever been to Los Angles then you know when i say make it look more like a city i mean like you know small or medium sized building's in every part of the bay area . I think by making it look more like Ybor City it will attract more people to live or visit , ik i'm probably about to get criticized by everyone but just think about it , Thank you.

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Philadelphia, PA

possible move from Philly to Tampa - 12/28/2015

I live in Philadelphia, Pa making about $25 an hour ($52000 annual income) supporting a family of 8 on that one income. Been offered a job in Tampa making just $15 an hour ($31200 annual income). I know it's a hell of a cut in income, but the wife REALLY wants to move to Florida. Would the cut be offset by the lower cost of living in Florida? Good move? Yay or Nay?

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New York, NY

Tampa Bay - 10/9/2015

We would like to go live in Tampa family 2 children. No comments about living in Tampa. Very sorry.

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Hernando, MS

Tampa a good place for someone who can't drive? Sp - 9/7/2015

Hi, we are thinking of relocating to Tampa and we a special needs son that can't drive but can walk and bike. Would Tampa and surrounding areas be a good place?

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Tampa, FL

Summer in Tampa, FL - 7/23/2015

Summer in Florida is hot and humid. If you're lucky, it rains and then it's bearable. When it doesn't rain.....

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Tampa, FL

Tampa Bay Area - 6/12/2015

I was born in Los Angeles, Lived in La Jolla, (San Diego) for 10 years of my Career. Loved it! Moved to Columbus, Ohio for a Promotion for 3 years. Hated it. Seriously it rained for 17 straight weekends and I got the weekends off. Lived in New York City for 10 Years, Loved it for work but after getting married and having our first child could not get out of there soon enough once she turned 2 years old. Worked from home and could really move anywhere and a studied Florida and Settled on Tampa. The youngest demongraphic in all of Florida at the time I believed the avg. age of a married couple was 33 years old. While Miami was NYC South and the same ole well you know, and Up north Jacksonville was much cooler temps in the fall and winter and Orlando while nice had no Beaches. And growing up in Cali the Beaches where important to us. Was concerned about Hurricanes but my studies showed that Tampa was very difficult to Hit being on the West Coast of Florida, yes it is still possible but far less likely than the Eastern Sea Board, Miami and the Panhandle of Tallahase and west of that. Long Story Short. I like this place. Cost of living is low, because the Job Market is soft. You get a Lot of Home or Condo for you Money. We have the NHL, The NFL, and MLB and you can see life coming from a mile a way here... People are cool, Nightlife is Decent, Weekends are Outstanding and Resturants are Hit and Miss but there are Enough good ones once you know your way around. Great Concerts and the Gulf of Mexico Beaches are White Sand not Bround Sand like the East Coast of Florida, if you like Golf this is Paradise. If you like Night Life we have that too. If you just want a great place to chill and raise your kids this place is Awesome for Kids. Need I say more? Hope this helps.

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Columbus, OH



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Tampa, FL

Governor and Attorney General dont believe in gay - 12/18/2014

I just don't like that they're doing everything they can to prevent me from marrying my soulmate. They should allow the courts' rulings to stand instead of spending all of the taxpayers' money into tying the courts up with appeals.

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Indiana, PA

Getting Around Tampa - 4/22/2014

I love the idea of a city feel that Tampa has to offer. Theatre, culture, etc. The only question I have is how large is the city? Is it medium or large? I have a horrible sense of direction and fear I'll always get lost. I would need a gps to get around if it's too big. Is it intimidatingly big?

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Indiana, PA

How Large is Tampa? - 4/20/2014

Is Tampa considered a large or medium city? I was thinking of retiring there. An extremely large city where I would get lost intimidates me, although I have a gps. I was thinking of a moderately large city but not too large. Is it easy to get around without getting lost?

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Indiana, PA

Quality of Life in Tampa - 3/12/2014

I'm planning on retiring in 8-9 years. Is Tampa a good place to retire? I want to live in a place that has a lot of theatre/arts, comedy clubs, etc. A lot of people say it's too hot. I love the warm weather and have a pretty good tolerence for it. Crime is also an important factor. I realize every city has a lot of crime, but just how high is it? Is the city very large? Easy to get around? Is the general area of housing nice or run down? Comments please!

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Doug Hart, Tampa Recruiter
Tampa, FL

Tampa FL - 2/26/2014

A moderate cost of living area, 12% below the national average, with gorgeous weather most of the year.

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Joseph Joffo
Tampa, FL

About Tampa and Tampa Bay Florida - 2/9/2014

Tampa and Tampa Bay are home to some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, exciting theme parks and museums! Tampa International Airport is the 31st busiest airport in the United States and has flights coming in from all over the world. Tampa is a perfect destination, connecting you easily to beaches on the West coast of Florida Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Treasure Island are within a short one hour drive. You can easily drive to Orlando checking out the popular attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or Sea World. Renting a car is the most accommodating and logical way for sightseeing the action packed Central Florida tourist attraction. Using your rental car allows you to see some of the best kept secrets that the main stream tours do not offer. Such destinations like Anna Maria Island, Caledesi State Park, Fort de Soto State Park and the Gulf Coast are impossible to reach without a rent a car. You could travel south to the Everglades, Naples and Sanibel Islands to see some of nature’s best. You could also head north west from Tampa to Tarpon Springs, a Greek fishing village that’s known for its historic past as the sponge diving capitol. Maybe you’re more about thrills and adventures? Head east and visit the Richard Petty driving experience and see how it feels to be a NASCAR driver for a day. You could also visit Wonderworks, an upside down attraction for all ages. Orlando is also known for its many dinner show theaters to keep you entertained like Medieval Times, Pirates Dinner show or the Out of Control Magic Show. Families can find so many things to do and the options are practically unlimited. If you’re looking for a more romantic trip, head over to the East coast and see world famous Cocoa Beach or Daytona Beach, where you can shop at the Boardwalks, catch breath-taking sunsets and soak up the sun. If you want to travel a little further north on the East coast, the United States oldest city is St. Augustine. Here you can learn about the history of our country as well as take famous ghost tours in the Fort or stroll in a city tour. Back in Tampa, you can visit places like the Florida Aquarium, MOSI, Glazer Childrens Museum, Ybor City. Sports Fans can’t get enough of our town. There are numerous venues to catch a game at any time of the year. With The Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NY Yankees winter training headquarters, Tampa Bay Lightning or the Rowdies there’s always a game going on is shopping more of your guilty pleasure? You will love it here! We have major shopping malls, boutiques and lots of outlets inTampa. The different shopping options offer wide ranges of prices and interests. Another thing you can’t get enough of in Tampa is food! There are so many unique and multi-cultural options ranging anywhere from Cuban to Peruvian or French to Greek Cuisines. Unlike some other popular vacation spots, Tampa Bay has affordable parking prices. You won’t have to worry about so many extra surprise expenses when traveling here. Renting a car from Econo Car Rentals is one of the best vacation decisions you can make, allowing you freedom to make your own schedule. Frequent travelers can benefit from our Loyalty Rewards program to help save even more money !

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Tampa, FL

just moved to New Tampa from San Diego Ca - 1/11/2014

My husband is getting into the purchases of Tax Liens both liens and deeds and we were interested in different areasin Florida mainly mid to Northern Florida

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Tampa, FL

Tampa FL. - 12/31/2013

I know some love it here, but it is hot & humid. It is NOT as sunny as the advertisements would have you believe. Climate change has definitely affected this area. I grew up in this town, so I do know it has changed. So many overcast/cloudy days, sometimes I think it is London with heat! However, Tampa does not have the "Old South" feel that Fred of Orange Park talked about. I have lived in Jax, so I do know what he mean. Traffic is terrible here. If you want to enjoy "city like" activities, then stick to the south Tampa area. Golfers, go north Tampa. The nicer restaurants are in South Tampa, north Tampa is almost all chains (Chili's, etc.). Get a job before moving here! Pay rates in Florida are about half of what they are in the Northeast. You will use your AC from April thru October, continuously (you will be trading your northern heating bills for southern AC bills.) Tampa is a very sports oriented town, so if you like that, this is your place. There are no practical public transportation options. It is not a good town for biking, this is due to weather and drivers running over bicyclists. So just be aware of that. Plenty of doctors & hospitals here. Tampa is not a beach town, so you will have to drive a while to get to the beach. Generally that is about a 30 to 45 minute drive, not including time to look for parking. The beaches are very nice.

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Tampa, FL

Thinking of moving to Tampa? - 12/31/2013

It is hot & humid.

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Orange Park, FL

What is Tampa like (relocating) - 7/17/2013

I need some help! I relocated to Jax over a year ago. It is very "Old South" and slow. I am looking to move to Tampa. What is the difference? I heard that it is more progressive there and people are not as "south" and slow. Can you shed some light on this. I am not looking for a fast, Chicago lifestyle, or club life, just a progressive with it type of feel to the city. Jacksonville feels like a "big" little city. I am from the midwest and i feel that they were are much more forward thinking than Jax residents. Tell me Tampa is a much better place please. Details! Thanx

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Tampa, FL

Sunshine & Rain - 3/19/2013

Winters in Tampa are wonderfully mild and sunny. Daily thunderstorms in the summer become part of the rhythm of life, though the sweltering heat takes some adjustment.

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San Diego, CA

business - 1/29/2013

hello Im living in san diego right now looking to move to tampa because its around water and the price of living is very cheap, im a small business owner.. can anyone tell me is tampa small business friendly... thank...

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