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"leaves a lot to be desired"

leaves a lot to be desired - 8/9/2006
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Lake Worth, FL

I have lived here my whole life. I was born in Broward and I'm probably one of the *3* people left down here who is a Florida Native. The congestion, crime and cost of living is out of control.

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Clementon, NJ

houses - 2/26/2013

love those little key west style houses there with the different colors and hope to buy one soon![read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

Love it here! - 10/20/2012

We moved here from Central Illinois and LOVE it! We live in Lakeview Estates and couldn't be happier with the home prices, and what you get for your money in real estate. Yes, the summers are hot, but they are hot and humid in the midwest too. We are very pleased with the schools, lack of state income tax, big city amenities and especially the shopping! We found paradise.[read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

Great small city - 8/22/2012

Lake Worth, which is lovated between West Palm Beach (10 miles north) and Boca Raton (20 miles south) is an oasis in thejungle. It is filled with friendly, warm, fun loving people who seem to come from out of the 60's. It is an artsy community, with lot's of restaurants and music. Well worth taking a look at.[read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

Lake Worth - 10/10/2010

Nice Place.. Good summers... excellent winters[read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

LW - 4/9/2010

it sucks[read more...]

K B 77
Lake Worth, FL

Unincorporated Lake Worth - 8/7/2008

Head west...just west of Jog Road you will find Lake Charleston. This is where you will find the safest, friendliest neighborhoods and best schools![read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

If you like hot weather, this is the place for you - 2/18/2008

I have lived here for 37 years and don't know why I haven't moved from this sauna steambath before now. The hot weather must have fried my brain and left me unable to make clear decisions. Also if you are retiring, you will be able to find many people of "retiring age" in this community.[read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

No snow - 2/20/2007

We were apprehensive about the hot steamy summer down here, but it was really no worse than Manhattan in July and August. It's 7 degrees in NY today and we are golfing here.[read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

leaves a lot to be desired - 8/9/2006

I have lived here my whole life. I was born in Broward and I'm probably one of the *3* people left down here who is a Florida Native. The congestion, crime and cost of living is out of control.[read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

Bought a place in Lake Worth in April, 2005.... - 6/2/2006

...not sure I'd do it again -- or to anywhere in Florida, until they get the situation with taxes and housing insurance costs stabilized. - Property tax rates are necessarily high, because there is no state income tax. Home prices in general have risen fast since 2002 -- almost regardless the age or condition of the home. Taxes are therefore fairly high for the quality of the house you get, generally running at 2% of the purchase price per year. - Property insurance rates in Palm Beach County seem to be doubling this year, and they were already sky-high last year; some large carriers are cancelling homeowner policies across the state. -A friend just sold a house (May, 2006) after a year because the insurance went up to $5,000 annually in 2005; the first two prospects were pre-qualified for a mortgage at the asking price, but could not afford the deal once taxes and insurance were taken into account. Also, the City of Lake Worth specifically has problems--especially with electricity; the city owns its own system and doesn't seem to manage it well--Hurrican Wilma really tore it up, and it took 17 days to get electricity back. My electricity bills (even before Wilma) are nearly double those for houses down the street that are on the Florida Power & Light system. But, the weather is nice in the winter.[read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

high utilities, property tax - 12/20/2005

city known for extraordinarily high utility and property taxes[read more...]

Lake Worth, FL

dangerous place - 9/12/2005

hurricanes, crime, low salaries and bad schools! Thank goodness for the beach and the Marlins![read more...]