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Honolulu - 6/2/2009
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Honolulu, HI

High quality of life: very clean and beautiful environment and fantastic water sports.
Cost of Living however is very high, with expensive real estate, high state and local taxes, poor quality public schools.

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Honolulu, HI

Not so great for me - 4/11/2012

I have lived in Honolulu for about 8 months and have already made plans to get out (4months and counting). I don't regret moving here and experiencing this place, but I simply can't recommend anybody live here unless you have money to blow and really, really, love the ocean stuff. And if you like living everyday ghetto-ness. I have a PhD, my wife has a masters, and we make six figures, but even we feel poor here - though most people are much poorer. Don't underestimate the additional costs here to live, it is significant. The food is about double what I use to pay, and the rent is double. The grocery prices really are a farce though - it costs less to order pizza from papa john than to buy the ingredients and make your own pizza. Don't buy the shipping excuse for the costs - food is shipped all over the mainland as well. And pineapples grown here costs less in the mainland than at my local market. My theory with the high cost here is that the business owners here are making big mula so that they can live comfortably here. The tax system also just schemes off of tourists and residents with wage income while property owners enjoy low property taxes here. I also feel that it is morally wrong that native hawaiian groups and interests own a significant fraction of the land and get in perpetuity money off of the users of the land from leaseholds. The natives have their own schools, housing programs, and healthcare resources that are openly discriminatory based on blood race. They natives get these benefits as birth rights. I thought my poor feudal farming ancestors left central Europe 150 years ago to get away from birth rights and then lo and behold here they are again. I also feel that it is immoral that many establishments and activities offer local rates cheaper than the tourist rates. I hope that the mainland starts charging Hawaii residents an extra 10-20 percent when they are visiting the mainland just to even the score. The drivers are extremely bad here - someone dies in a car accident every other day here - oftentimes pedestrians and cyclists are victims. Overall though, I find myself a little bored of the free activities and don't have the budget despite my income level to enjoy the activities that cost money. Also, I think our bus system is terrible here. Da Bus goes all over the island, but da bus is packed, slower than walking, and never on schedule. Cycling is the only efficient way to get around, that is until a driver kills you off. [read more...]

Chicago, IL

You must be living in a trailer park - 3/6/2012

Whoever calculated the cost of living being 74% more than the USA lives at home with mom and dad or added up the percentage of everything being 20% higher. I am originally from the Chicagoland area and from what I saw during my research of the islands is that the rental properties run about 20% higher and that was looking at very nice accommodations. Food varies and in any area where it has to be shipped in, it's going to cost more. I can have my own food shipped for cheaper as it is a major shipping lane and if you make a deal with someone that ships cars to the island for $1000, I'm sure he can load a large box of the items you miss on the mainland every month for a flat fee. It's all about adapting. You can actually get by without a car (so bye bye gas & insurance or get a scooter), it's only an hour across the island of Oahu in a car if you do need one, and as for the temperature, it never breaks 100 and never gets really low making it for moderate temperatures without the need for a/c all day every day unless you're a fatty and need it on 24/7. I can see why someone living the normal fast lane life here would have trouble adapting but as for me and most of the population, I'm sure it'd be the life in a paradise.[read more...]

Toms River, NJ

Honolulu from a different perspective - 2/26/2012

I decided to visit the Island with my spouse back in 2010 with an eye toward moving there on a govt transfer. Everything you hear about the beauty of the island is true. We hiked, swam, and just enjoyed the natuarl. As for expenses, coming from new Jersey-New York area, I really wasn't shocked at all. I expected worse. They had a Walmart with prices not too terrible. We found plenty of reasonable places to eat. There was some ugliness mixed in..homeless communities on the beach, a few crazy people and drug users walking around. I have not decided to move there yet. The Island is great, it just that I don't have family there.[read more...]

Clinton Township, MI

Should I go home - 10/29/2011

I was raised in Hawaii, Kalihi valley. I left Hawaii at a very young age to live with my father in California I did not return to Hawaii until I was 26 years old, It was a bit of a shock as I believe it would be for anyone returning home after many years things just change. I found that not only my siblings changed (of Course) I had not seen them in years or had any communication with them, the biggest change for me was that my island was no longer the paradise I remembered. Most, if not all of my childhood friends were dead or in prison most because of drug addition and or drug related crimes. and the feeling of family was just gone! No one seemed to care about each other anymore. Needless to say my I was not home for long. Here I am 30 years later at a turning point in my life yearning for the peace of mind and soul one can only get from home the safest place in the world, and I am having the worst internal battle of my life. I fear I cant go home because I cant afford to live in Hawaii my home, the only home I have ever known! No jobs, housing cost are crazy high I cant afford to feed myself or family and our so called elected officials care more about the dollar then the people who elected them to care for them and the interest of the quality of life of the people of Hawaii. Don't believe the hype paradise is gone.[read more...]

Daly City, CA

Stupid people who move to Hawaii expecting... - 10/7/2011

As a teen growing up on Oahu, all I wanted to do was "get of the rock"!!! Now in my 30's all I want to do is go home whenever I can. Hawaii, like all states has many problems. Drugs, unemployment, racial tension...,but the good out shines the bad. What makes Oahu unbearable also is what makes it so wonderful... Deal with it or leave. Remember, Hawaii did not ask you to relocate, yet you expected Hawaii to kiss your ass!!! Don't expect to spend $30 a day, go to Africa for that, Hawaii is part of the USA, so expect high prices...even higher since EVERYTHING but mangos, and papaya have to be shipped. 650 square foot condo's start (START) at about $300,000. If you can't afford it, don't even bother. Some "white" people feel racial tension. Ummmm...Welcome to the USA. Sorry, your not the majority on Oahu, deal with it like all of the "non whites" do in the upper 48. [read more...]

Honolulu, HI

They call it Paradise.... - 6/30/2011

but then, they don't live here! Nice place for vacation...then head for the airport! We left Tacoma, WA 3 years ago for work - thought the sunny skies would be an improvement over grey sky and rain September to May. The novelty wears off soon, unless you're into hula, ukelele, canoeing, or surfing. After that, you realize that you're living on a huge rock in the middle of the Pacific that gets more and more crowded by the day. "Drive with Aloha," says the bumper sticker - Ha! They don't know how to drive and seem to relish driving 45 mph on the freeway or sitting in an hour-long traffic jam to go 2 miles! Now, about the "average" $400,000 home... this is a total joke! Try closer to $500-600,000. And be prepared to shell out 2-3 times more for food on the mainland, unless you eat poi 3 times a day! It's cheaper to pour gasoline over your kids' cereal than milk. So, even though cost of living is unreal, we enjoy beautiful sunsets, daily rainbows, and picturesque landscape at every turn. Worth moving here? H*ll no! Just come visit...then get on home![read more...]

Honolulu, HI

Honolulu Weather - 3/25/2011

The weather is the closest to perfection that I can think of. Most days it's warm with trade winds. If the trade winds aren't blowing, the kona winds keep things a little too hot, but that's not the norm. Most folks don't have air-conditioning. And the coldest it gets at night in winter may have you putting on jammies, maybe socks, and an extra blanket; and that's it! Every day can be an outdoor day.[read more...]

Honolulu, HI

Fantastic climate - 1/18/2011

Honolulu area boasts a great climate. It is normally in the 70' to 80's all year. There is a great mix of outdoor activities and many cultural events. Plenty of beaches and water sports to enjoy. Though secluded on an island technology abounds here. Having lived on the mainland USA I have also been impressed with the quality of health care here. There are also many social programs here to utilize or volunteer for. The trade off is that the cost of living is high and in many job categories the pay is low. Many families live together here. The bus system is good and many people here get along without a vehicle. The drawback is if you want to visit off island then you have to fly, which can get expensive. All in all it is a nice place to live with fantastic weather, if you can adjust to the trade offs.[read more...]

Honolulu, HI

Great place to visit but.... - 9/23/2010

don't move here! Unless you like high prices, unreasonable traffic, monotonous weather and are absolute nuts about sports and more sports. No cultural life beyond ukulele concerts, hula and surf competitions; sand and sea get to be a drag after a while. Don't think about buying a place - who can afford the down payment - and even then, it's half the size of what you'll find on the mainland. Public schools are pretty bad and the cheapest private will set you back over $10,000 per year. Need your car fixed or that sofa you really want - you either wait 10 days + for them to ship it, or it's "not available in Hawaii." Come on over...just be sure it's a round-trip ticket![read more...]

Scottsdale, AZ

great place - 9/14/2010

Beauiful weather, nice friendly people. A little expensive, hard to earn a living. Must come to the islands with money to survive. Housing is expensive and so is everything else. [read more...]

Honolulu, HI

crime - 2/27/2010

has a lot of drug users . about half of the people on Oahu use meth . Meth is destroying everything you love about Hawaii.[read more...]

Honolulu, HI

crime - 2/26/2010

its bad[read more...]

Honolulu, HI

meth is everywhere - 2/26/2010

I have never seen a drug problem like this. There is a guy who sells meth everday right in front of the international marketplace . He doesnt even try to hide it. No one cares . People are selling it everywhere . Its sad but Meth is going to destroy this place. Also , the homeless people just poop where ever . You can see them in the parks just drop there pants in broad dayight and let it go so watch where you step.[read more...]

Mary Ann
Honolulu, HI

Very expensive - 2/23/2010

Honolulu is one of those places you either love it or you hate it. It is very expensive and isolated. Probably a better place to vacation than to move to.[read more...]

New York, NY

Racial tensions in paradise... - 1/21/2010

The fantasy is that all the racial groups get along well here, but the truth is that there is a lot of hostility towards caucasians. Please do not put your children in the school system here, it is full of racial discrimination and bullying. Its more subtle, but also there for adults. Find your place in the sun where is it friendlier and more racially tolerant.[read more...]

New York, NY

There has always been racial tension in Hawaii, bu - 1/21/2010

I have lived in Honolulu for over 25 years. As a caucasian, I have experienced racial prejudice here over the years.but due to the recent influx of immigrants , and very little in the way of social progress here, the treatment of whites is becoming very unpleasant. I would especially caution against putting children into the schools. It is the fantasy of many mainlanders to retire to Hawaii, but again, I would caution that there will be no welcome mat, and a lot of customs and daily social interaction that excludes white people. Bottom line: there are much friendlier places to get some sun.[read more...]

Honolulu, HI

Stuck in Hawaii - 1/11/2010

It's not cheap to live in Hawaii but I love it here to much to move to the mainland.[read more...]

Honolulu, HI

The best place in the World! - 11/19/2009

Having lived on 4 countries in 3 continents (Vietnam, France, Canada & USA) Hawaii is in my opinion the Best Place in the World! Yes, the cost of living is higher than average, but by shifting priorities, I have learned to make do with less (smaller place to live, less clothes- thanks to the weather, less material possessions...) and just appreciate what is free: the beautiful scenery, outdoor sports, just doing nothing on the beach-my favorite! I have happily lived in Hawaii for 5 years now & just enjoy every minute of it. As a Realtor, I am also lucky to be able to help people who have made the same decision to find their Hawaiian "home".[read more...]

Honolulu, HI

Honolulu Cost of Living - 8/31/2009

Cost of Living in Honolulu is extremely high - as of Aug 09 expect to pay about $3.20/gallon for gas and ~$7/gallon for milk. Rent for a 3 bedroom/2 bath home in a decent neighborhood will start at $1800/month...and that's on the low end.[read more...]

Murfreesboro, TN

Life in Waikiki - 8/17/2009

My husband and I relocated in Waikiki in 05 and lived there until he "had to get off the damn rock" in 08, its a move I will forever regret. Since we choose to marry at Diamond Head, and after much time he got a job at a good hotel as the controller, yes its hard, but its worth it. He reliases noe all he needed was a vacation, we loved our live, since I did not work I did not experience the racism as he did, but with perserverience he came out the winner. His office staff all Hawaiian or Asian not only accepted him but loved him. If its in the cards we will go back and live until we die. The island is so lovely, the people laid back and accepting once they know you do not feel above them..The taxes are too high and I found the homeless and the not caring attitude hard to cope with, but we loved our lives there.[read more...]

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