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"The City Is Growing Up"

The City Is Growing Up - 4/11/2008
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Inglewood, CA

Situated in the northwest corner of the state of Louisiana, Shreveport is a sort of hub city for the region, aptly called the ArkLaTex. It is so named because it is the largest city situated to draw commerce and visitors from several towns and communities in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.
Shreveport has grown steadily for the past 50 years. Its cultural diversity has increased since the 1980s and in the 2000s, the city has transformed from a predominant Caucasian to African-American population.
In 2004-2005, Shreveport elected its first ever African-American as mayor.

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Shreveport, LA

Love it....and have grown to appreciate it - 7/14/2013

I moved to Shreveport about 10 years ago. When I first arrived, I hated it. It seemed so backwards on all levels. From cuisine, culture, shopping, and just everyday life. I moved from the big city and thought there was no way I would survive. After one year, I realized the growth opportunities Shreveport had to offer. With Shreveport being so behind times, anyone who is looking to do a start up business, this is the place for you! The growth potential is off the chart. Even though the community might give off the impression there isn't a great deal of wealth, let me tell you people here have money. They haven't had the opportunity to spend it. There are a lot of families here with parents who want the best for their children. Since moving here, I have witnessed big changes. The movie industry films here on a regular basis. The only drawback is the hot, humid summers. Other than that, it really is a great place to live if you are either young looking to make money or, retired and want to spend money. The area will continue to grow so the opportunities are here.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

Retired Here and love it--Southeast Shreveport is - 3/20/2013

We retired here 3 yrs. ago. First we retired to San Diego suburb to be with family and it was supposed to be the best weather in entire country, but this is even better since in San Diego cold air from Pacific would come in at 3pm every day usu. making it too cold to sit outside! This is perfect climate, no flurries even this year. Northern Shreveport gets more ice than us in far southeast part. And we have the prettiest part by far. Go out Ellerbe Rd. then Norris Ferry Rd. I-49 is not far off of Norris Ferry Rd. and it takes to to any area north and south. There is an amazingly lot of class here, subscribe to SB Magazine to see (stands for Shreveport/Bossier). Bossier City is what's on the other side of Red River. There's walking trails along river and boat tours, casinos if you like them, and Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville with white sand and palm trees will open this spring or summer! Yes, palm trees do grow here--like San Diego, I'm so glad! Nice homes in 100's and 200's and much fancier at more. Ours is in 200's but I've never seen so much quality wood moulding/fancy cabinets and fireplaces--real quality! Crime is not around this part of town either. Streets are only problem, concrete cracked and slow to repair but they did a bond issue to fix them recently so that should get better.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

very little - 10/19/2012

I have lived in Louisiana for 15years & overall it is more of a place to retire. It is not a place to raise a family if you like to be active with your kids and expose your children to opportunities of greatness. The schools are behind, there is very little for the kids to do constructive and when it's hot it is ridiculous. The winter seemingly only last for a week or two & there are more community colleges then universities seemingly. There is a church on every corner, filled with politicians. It's great for culture if close down south near New Orleans, as well as for the food but if you're not big on hunting and fishing and museums or eating and going to the boats there is a lot more to see outside of Louisiana. [read more...]

Shreveport, LA

Shreveport is Cheap - 4/12/2011

One of the best things about Shreveport, and Louisiana in general, is how cheap it is. My older sister got a pretty nice 1400 sq ft house in a good neighborhood for about $125k, which is something you would simply not see in the Northeast, California, or Florida.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

Nice place to live - 4/7/2011

We have only been in Shreveport for a year, but really like it. Although it is not where we want to retire, we would not be unhappy if there's where we stayed. People are very friendly & helpful; lots to do no matter what you like to do. Don't know anything thing about the schools since we don't have small children. Old Broadmoore is a great neighborhood if you like older areas. Cost of living is good, with housing being very affordable. [read more...]

Dave C
Texarkana, TX

quality - 9/15/2010

The pay is insultingly low. The Caddo Parish Sheriffs are storm-troopers (this is a Republican saying this) they ticket for anything and if you are stopped they treat you like a criminal and you will ALWAYS be ticketed[read more...]

Crosby, TX

Schools - 10/2/2009

I am moving to Shreveport and joined this site to assist with helping me decide what area of the city i want to be located[read more...]

Keithville, LA

Nothing for children - 9/20/2009

There is nothing for children. Crime is high.[read more...]

Evergreen, LA

Shreveport: Crime - 6/14/2009

The only thing that concerns me about Shreveport is the crime rate. Shreveport retains its "small town" mentality but, when no one was looking, it grew into a big city and has never adjusted to the "bad things" that come with that kind of growth. This is a city where the elderly have to be taught how to go to their own mailbox without getting mugged and where gangs pretty much do as they please. The smaller towns around Shreveport are wonderful. It is just probably not a good idea to live too far inside the city itself. Shreveport's health care system can hold its own against any health care community in the world, so this is a huge plus for living and retiring in the Shreveport area.[read more...]

la tanya
Bossier City, LA

Where I live? - 10/14/2008

It's wonderful![read more...]

Shreveport, LA

Celebrities Born In Keithville - 6/25/2008

The singer and song writer Claude King was born in Keithville, Louisiana which is almost adjacent to the city of Shreveport. He was a regular fixture at the Louisiana Hayride and gained international attention with his top-ten hit "Wolverton Mountain" in 1962. King currently resides in nearby Shreveport and is the Great Uncle of actor Chris Aable who grew up in Louisiana and Texas and has lived Hollywood, California most of his adult life. Claude King also appeared in a number of movies and performed on Hee-Haw and many other television shows.[read more...]

Inglewood, CA

The City Is Growing Up - 4/11/2008

Situated in the northwest corner of the state of Louisiana, Shreveport is a sort of hub city for the region, aptly called the ArkLaTex. It is so named because it is the largest city situated to draw commerce and visitors from several towns and communities in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Shreveport has grown steadily for the past 50 years. Its cultural diversity has increased since the 1980s and in the 2000s, the city has transformed from a predominant Caucasian to African-American population. In 2004-2005, Shreveport elected its first ever African-American as mayor.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

Shreveport - Overall View - 9/30/2007

The weather here changes from week to week. The summers range from humid to extremely humid. It doesn't rain too much. Seems like it's raining when we don't need it. Or not raining when we do need it. People can't drive when it's raining. That's the way it seems. There are so many wrecks when any rain comes down - sprinkles to downpour. People can't drive well here anyway. God forbid the roads are wet. We don't have much of a winter anymore. It's gets cold - 30s and 40s mostly - for a few weeks. The summers are usually in the 90s every day. The only thing I don't like about living here - and I grew up here - is the heat/humidity. Shreveport is also very "high schoolish." Everybody knows everybody through somebody, usually. People love to gossip. Housing prices seem to be a little too high for the quality of house you get for the money you pay. The neighborhoods can go from upscale to ghetto. A lot of times, they're back to back. One street can be upscale. One street over, ghetto. Kind of weird. Crime isn't that bad, but it's definitely on the news every night. Lots of shootings in the "bad" neighborhoods. At least one every day or every other day, it seems. The roads need work. They've done some work recently, but there is still a lot to be done. Kings Highway, Southfield/Pierremont Road and Line Avenue are too narrow and full of bumps and potholes. Lots of traffic on Bert Kouns and Youree Drive during busy hours. Some of the entrance ramps on I-20 are an accident waiting to happen. The only reason I stay is because my family is here. And this is what I'm used to. Never had a real reason to leave. Most people are like that here. Definitely not diverse. Only white and black. Some Mexican. Few asian. Definitely lots of racial tension everywhere. White stays with white. Black stays with black. Not too bad, but many people were raised to "hate the other guy." I've heard the N-word one too many times, but many people don't put up with it - white or black. It's definitely getting better. They just passed a law - that's right, a law... - that says you can't sag your pants. If your underwear/butt is showing because your pants are sagging, you'll get a ticket. Crazy what laws they pass these days. It's highly debated among everyone. Also. It pays to know people around here. It boils down to a small town mentality in a growing city.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

A Hole Lotta Noting - 9/9/2007

Comming from Miami,FL. I felt like I was walking into the movie Deliverance.I have been living here two years now and have only one friend.If you look a little different and you are not closed minded people here treat you like you have two heads! No Art, No Museums.Just Gambling and Bars.[read more...]

Bossier City, LA

Shreveport is Horrible!!!! - 9/24/2006

There are alot of good honest people here, but the weather is hot and humid, the education stinks, and the crime is among the worst in the country. Anybody with any sense is looking to get out of Louisiana. Me, I am leaving as soon as I get out of college.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

Mark - 8/4/2006

Lynn, Shreveport has so much to offer if you would just open your eyes. There are so many different opportunities here for various lifestyles. If you are so unhappy here, I venture to say that you will not be happy anywhere. Go if you must, but we hope that you will return when you realize that the grass is not always greener. I've traveled to a lot of great cities which I really enjoyed, but I always look forward to returning home to Shreveport.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

find it somewhere else - 4/1/2006

If you looking for somewhere to go and have fun. do not look here. unless you want to just go to the boats to lose your money for the most part.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

Shreveport: A Place To Come Home To For Those Disp - 2/12/2006

Shreveport has become host to over 25,000 of our neighbors displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We welcome them here and hope the hospitality Shreveport is most noted for will entice them to stay. The stress and grief they may be experiencing is difficult at best, but we hope as we continue to demonstrate our concern for them and their loved ones - they will appreciate all we have to offer.[read more...]

Shreveport, LA

About Shreveport: Big Little country town - 1/18/2006

Like I have said above it is all about Shreveport being a big little country town; Near Dallas , Casinos, and country living all roll into one, could have more to do here other than ahunting and afishing and all of those other things that someone can do. People say Bossier is better, that is Shreveport sister city on the other side of the river, I guess? It is all about what you are looking for, Me I am looking to get the HELL out of here.[read more...]