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"Great place to live...if you like tornadoes."

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Portsmouth, NH

bad drugs and crime problem - 12/23/2010

Really bad drug and crime problem.High unemployment,High rent.Water company/city decided to shaft the citizens by quadrupling water bill for new water plant instead of getting a grant,or looking for other ways to pay for it.It is being increased in phases,and in a few days the 2nd phase will begin.Very low intelligence citizens,an unusual amount of pit bulls.No mall,no regular shuttle to nearest large city(workers only).A sad crappy place overall.

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Winchester, KY

Winchester KY has great public transportation - 3/28/2010

Winchester has several different modes of public transportation. There is a local taxi service that is affordable and convenient. I have used it several times during this past month when my car was in the shop getting the transmission rebuilt. I also noticed a bus that runs all across town and costs less than a dollar to ride. For the disabled citizens, there is a wheel chair van that runs in Winchester. I dont know what more anyone could want in in city with a population of 16,000. This is Winchester, KY not NYC.

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Lexington, KY

winchester reality - 6/7/2009

Winchester is hurting with unemployment/businesses closing/moving,crumbling roads/sidewalks,plenty of crime,illegals,LOTS of alcohol/drug use,loose dogs,kids running around everywhere unsupervised.The local government spends tax dollars/funding on unnecessary projects that we don't need,when there is so much that we do need.The police are a joke/crooked good ol' boys.That really is a main problem with Winchester,too many good ol' boy networks.It is astounding how deeply ignorant the people are around here.Really astounding and sad.No mall,only a part-time taxi,no reasonably affordable way to get to Lexington(shopping,appointments).It is really a mess here.Beware!

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Winchester, KY

Great place to live...if you like tornadoes. - 5/13/2009

I moved to Kentucky almost 4 years ago and I have lived in the town of Winchester of over a year now. I have to say that it is pretty, very down home feel, great place to raise your kids/grandkids, and it is very affordable. Winchester now has a public transit to take you throughout the city and bypass. Jobs are on the low side meaning there aren't many, but it's not like no one could find a job if they had to. Very nice place to live if you like Tornado's. I've never been in one here, but they have gotten close enough.

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Berwick, ME

crime - 3/15/2007

The crime is bad for a place this size.If ya don't nail it down,it will be stolen.Vehicles and houses get broken into every day and night.This small city has an absolutely horrible drug problem.A lot of alcohol problems as well.Hey,it isn't every day you see a drive-thru liquor store!The cops basically look the other way for most of the crap that goes on.

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Berwick, ME

getting around - 3/15/2007

Transportation is a real problem here.Only a parttime taxi.No greyhound,no city bus, no shuttle to Lexington(that's where the mall,jobs, medical,etc are)No bike paths,hardly any sidewalks(the ones that exist are crumbly).Congested roads,horrible drivers.No consideration for the disabled.

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