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"Please tell me about Enid."

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re: Please tell me about Enid. - 5/11/2006 - 3/28/2008
Enid has a low crime rate but recently rent has went up and wages are low unless you have a degree. Lots of fast food restaurants. not very many large employers and the ones that are here cant keep help because most people dont last, starting wages are $8-$9 hour for these two companies. Every where else wages are lower. Not much to do here except bars, a mall and movies.

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Enid, OK

Weather - 7/27/2015

Hot, little rain, and in Winter cold with howling winds.

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McLoud, OK

McLoud is a great place to live! - 3/21/2011

McLoud is a growing bedroom community east of the OKC metro area. There is a great lake in the center of the community, Wes Watkins Reservoir that is open free to everyone 24/7. There is a casino south of the city on HWY 102 south just north of I-40 and one north of town at HWY 102 and Hwy 62. The school district is great and homes are being built. If you like easy living and a low crime rate, check McLoud out!!

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Enid, OK

Move here if you like a stagnant town! - 8/8/2008

We moved here 3 years ago in 05. At first you look at the town and thing that it's a cute little town. Not so. The mall is HORRIBLE, there is one wal-mart on the far end of town. Many people here are trashy and whiny. They don't want to take care of their poperties and they whine and moan about the streets. But when a proposal comes to fix the streets and expand them they turn them down. If you are into ANYTHING outdoorsy, skiing, rock climbing, camping, hiking, you have to drive at least 5-8 hours to get anywhere good. We want to move ASAP!! And we will be out of here in about 4 months thank goodness. There's not a lot of younger crowds here. It's just not a great town for us. We are a couple married for 2 years, no kids. We just want something a littel more up and up. Not that we want New York city or even Dallas, but something with a little more entertainment or lakes or mountains or big hills or something. The lake is even 1.5 hours away. Stores close montly around here. They just closed Big Lots, and Hancocks, and Goodys. Now we're stuck with a mall that has six stores in it and the only place that shows any sign of the new millenium is Wal-Mart. Oh well, what are you goign to do. Granted...we've met many great people here but this is just not the place for us. Jobs are somewhat hard to come by. If you are looking for something specific, good luck. Unless you have some masters degree and 10 years experience, good luck. All I have is a bachelors degree and most people want experience. Ah well

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Dallas, TX

Entire Presentation - 4/9/2008

Having living in Enid and of course proud of the same (though since moved from there to Denver, Los Angeles, then to Texas) I have to advise you your facts and presentation are grossly distorted. Your data excludes HALF of Enid, i.e. all of zip code 73701. You need to return to the 2000 census and pull in all the 73701 census data then begin again with a new presentation. These comments are not applicable to only cost of living - I just had to choose a category I suppose to begin a comment.

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Enid, OK

Enid - 3/28/2008

I was born and raised in Enid. Enid is full of fast food restaurants and if you dont have a degree you wont get anywhere here. Rent has went up drastically and I dont see how people working for these low wages pay the high rent prices. I've heard a lot of new people that come here complain about the schools and the snobby people in the community. I personally dont like the schools, never have. Lots of people come to work for a meat company here and get told one thing for wages and get paid another, they are always hiring and most the work force that work for the company are hispanic because they dont mind the work but most others dont work there very long. Someone said the winters here are mild...They must be nuts! We have had ice storms here that have left people without electricity in the past and this past winter my heating bill was $200 a month! It is either real cold or extreme heat here.Never get much spring type weather except for a couple of weeks in the year.

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Enid, OK

If You Want to Move Here You Should Know - 5/1/2007

Enid has good people, but the economy leaves a lot to be desired. You can not make a decent living here. If you are not a professional,(doctor,lawyer etc.), you will only find miminum wage labor. Retail and resteraunts are overtaking the place, while industry is NOT being allowed in. If you are retired, great place to buy (low prices), compared to other parts of the country. If you are wanting to get ahead in life and you have dreams of making a great start, I'd look someplace where you would have the opportunities to do that.

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Enid, OK

Enid - 9/28/2006

Its a nice little town to raise your kids. Some people complain about the school system but mine turned out ok, and my grandchildren are doing alright in it. The crime rate is relatively low. While there are drugs here, as there are everywhere, it doesn't seem to be too bad. The police are on top of it. It has a nice, down home atmostphere with friendly people. Shopping isn't too bad. New stores moving in all the time but OKC is only 90 minutes away if you need a major shopping fix. Downside-pay is low. Most jobs are minimum wage with what seems to be a cap of about $12 an hour...unless you have a doctorate or masters degree in something.

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Bridgeport, CT

Re. Enid - 6/26/2006

Ok here you go Enid, Oklahoma is a town nice country one 65 miles northwest of ok city and 15 miles from the Kansas Border. if you like farming hunting beautiful views and a country town you will love this town. their is suprinsgly alot to do in Enid. Winters usually are mild and summers are hot. If i could find any cons about Enid is that its a good 90 minute commute from Ok City, Tulsa, and Wichita Kansas. Weather at times can change fast. Enid does have a tornado danger but usually all you will get is a loud blast of thunder on a may day and thats about it. So tornado wise its ok. People are very friendly so move right on in

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Columbus, IN

Please tell me about Enid. - 5/11/2006

We're thinking about relocating to Enid. Please tell me the pro's as well as the con's. Thank you.

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