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Hammond, IN

06-10 upda. Im 20 and a resident not an official o - 4/2/2010

I am a resident of the area, has been my entire life. Growing up there were parts where I was nearly ashamed to be part of this community especially in the early2000's. For a period crime unemployment and degredation of every sort prevailed and parts of my own town became increasingly unkind. But, since 06 things have really changed. Now it is again a growing city and the change can be seen and felt everywhere former vacant lots are now exploding with business, the streets are safe to walk ay night the school system is making great strides (and offering forty thousand dollar scholarships to its graduates, that's right 40,000, in great numbers) downtown has been completely revitalized (hohman ave) complete with fine dining cafe's art galleries cultural center (which offers craft and art courses at a huge discount) a performance theatre a university, bus and train line(fare to Chicago $4 on weekends) marina countless parks and perhaps most importantly beautiful architecture as well as quiet streets in the middle of it all If you have questions comments about moving here just. Visiting or simply just need a guide around town please feel free to contact me... seriously tebrown219@gmail.com

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Hammond, IN

Living in Hammond Indiana - 5/1/2008

Hammond Indiana is within easy commute to Chicago and the Downtown area either by car or train, offering you all the advantages of city living, but not at the city cost. The neighborhoods are structured like any city, with easy access to shopping and recreation, but unlike other Chicago suburbs, by residing in Indiana, the cost of living is more reasonable. Housing, utilities, and taxes are less, and the communities are all going through a revitalization. People finding themselves priced out of living in Chicago, are discovering that Hammond offers them a reasonable alternative to those mounting costs, without facing hours of commuting to their jobs. With the casinos giving a boost into the economy, and new businesses bringing their operations here, the job market has been on the rebound. Another bonus is that while we have all the good points of city life, we have the friendly people you normally only find in smaller towns. Our city officials actually spend time out in the communities listening to the people, and have made themselves accessible to the people. Most of the grammer schools are new or remodeled, with plans to build a new state of the art middle/high school in central Hammond. The educational system is very good, and we boast several excellent university/colleges. Another advantage to living in Hammond is the College Bound program that will provide funds to Hammond's college bound students to help cover up to 100% of their college tuition.

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Hammond, IN

my home town - 2/25/2006

I've never lived anywhere else, but have traveled to many U. S. cities. Hammond is an average (okay, maybe less than average city). Housing is affordable, although taxes recently haved just aboout tripled. Jobs are okay,the steel industry was the big employer in the 60's, 70's, early 80's, but that has changed considerably. I'm employed at a hospital where the pay is decent. One perk about Hammond is that we are next to Chicago. Also, we're on Lake Michigan. There are a good number of cultural activities.

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